Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Left Perspective in Alabama

Kudos to "Mooncat" at Left in Alabama for an excellent summary of yesterday's U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing on selective prosecution. The site also provided live blogging as the hearing progressed.

Some highlights from the summary:

* Questions from GOP committee members seemed to adhere to key points in an editorial from yesterday's edition of The Birmingham News.

* The Paul Minor case in Mississippi was introduced, highlighting the prosecution of an individual who was a major contributor to John Edwards' presidential campaign. "We may be seeing a new class of people investigated for political activities--Edwards donors," Mooncat writes.

* And most fascinating of all: On more than one occasion, a GOP committee member tried to make connections between the War on Terror and selective prosecution. What the *!@*% . I'd love to hear that part. Were they pretty much admitting that selective prosecution of political figures in Alabama, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin was going on--and somehow it was advancing the cause of national security? Oh, now I get it: Don Siegelman, Paul Minor & Co. are terror suspects. And Cyril Wecht? That name sounds Muslim doesn't it?

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