Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Novationeering in Alabama

Folks who are interested in the Alabama justice system, and the way it is being undermined by the right wingers who run our state, should check out Novationeering, a blog by Alabamian Robby Scott Hill.

Hill lives in north Alabama (not far from Jill Simpson) and has an interesting background. He has a law degree and has worked in state government. He has seen the wily ways of Alabama neocons in an up-close and personal way. And he considers them to be dangerous folks--both literally and figuratively. He has coined the term "neocide" to describe the actions he believes neocons have taken against folks who threaten their hold on power.

Hill might not fit the total liberal profile; he is, for example, a proud gun owner--and evidently is quite handy with firearms (which might be a good skill for a Democrat in Alabama to possess). But progressives should find his take on justice-related issues most interesting.

* Here's a post about the Business Council of Alabama, the organization led by Bill Canary--he of the famous "my girls will take care of Don Siegelman" quote.

* Here's a post about the makeup of the Alabama Supreme Court. Hill notes that, with possibly one exception, the court consists of justices who have worked in large law firms and represented corporate interests. There is virtually no one with any history of looking after working-class Alabamians.

* And finally, here is an intriguing post about the possible implications of the allegations made in Jill Simpson's testimony before Congress. There are possible criminal issues, Hill writes, that The Birmingham News has not been telling us about. Maybe this shines some light on why the News has been so desperate to discredit Ms. Simpson. And you will want to check out the comments on this post. Some very interesting stuff.

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