Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Havoc in Hoover (Cont.)

We now know that Hoover High School will be conducting a search for a new football coach, with Rush Propst stepping down when the Bucs are finished with the 2007 playoffs.

The Hoover School Board has approved an agreement that states, after the playoffs, Propst will be transferred to an administrative assistant job until his resignation takes effect August 31, 2008. His pay will remain at $100,678, and the school board agreed to give Propst a $120,000 annuity by August 31 and pay $21,000 to transfer credit for one year of service from the Georgia to the Alabama retirement system.

In speaking at last night's meeting, Propst admitted to an affair that had produced a child, although he said, "I don't admit wrongdoing inside the halls of Hoover High School."

The Propst story has drawn a variety of interesting responses:

Birmingham News sports columnist Kevin Scarbinsky said the move to oust Propst was best for Hoover. But he noted that, privately, Propst has been saying for months that he would not go quietly, that he would not "leave the building without trying to burn it down behind him." That seems to imply that Propst is aware of widespread wrongdoing, the kind that goes way beyond him. Will that wrongdoing surface publicly in the weeks ahead? Is Hoover essentially buying Rush Propst's silence?

One letter writer to the News says: "We don't allow coaches to pay for players in college so why should it be legal in high school? Rush (Propst) has been bringing in recruits from everywhere to win state titles. The man would sell his own mama to win at football."

My take? I don't think Rush Propst and Hoover are the only ones who might stretch ethical boundaries in an effort to win football games. I've noted on this blog previously that it appears my legal woes grew largely from the desire to win high-school football games.

The school in question is Briarwood Christian, currently undefeated and ranked No. 1 in Class 5A in Alabama. Sources have told me that officials with Briarwood took steps to instigate a real-estate transaction in late 1998 that helped them secure a championship-winning coach. Ironically, that transaction came just as Hoover was conducting its last head-coaching search, the one that ended with Rush Propst getting the job.

Are there connections between the two? Do the fine Christians at Briarwood care one iota that their actions apparently have caused an innocent couple to suffer terribly?

We will return to that story of football intrigue in a bit.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled onto your blog today....interesting reading. I remember your writing from the BPH when I lived in B'ham.

What on earth are you talking about with all the vague references to legal problems....since I am new to the blog, I am struggling to gain familiarity and don't have any idea what this is about?

legalschnauzer said...

Glad you remember the PH.

Here's a short answer to your question: A neighbor filed a bogus lawsuit against me over a property-related matter, and judges in Alabama state courts repeatedly made unlawful rulings, causing the case to drag on for about five years.

I've had an up-close experience with judicial corruption, and my No. 1 goal is to let folks know about the abuse they can experience in our courts.

The blog is primarily about justice-related issues connected to my case, but I also delve into larger topics, particularly those connected to the ongoing investigation of the Bush Justice Department (Don Siegelman prosecution, etc.)

Hope you will stick around. The blog will soon pass its five-month birthday, and I plan to do a summary post or two about ground we've covered so far.

I'm interested in the Hoover High football situation because evidence suggests it might have some connections to my legal situation. I will be spelling that out soon.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting back to me. In two days, I have become a big fan and I am hooked.

Actually "stumbled" onto the blog when I did a google search about Bob Finley and Hoover football....your comments about him were right on the money.

Thanks again.