Friday, October 19, 2007

Attacking Funding Sources for Democrats

The New York Times reports today on a disturbing trend that might be at the heart of the Paul Minor prosecution, a Mississippi case we have covered extensively here at Legal Schnauzer. Scott Horton, of Harper's, points out, though, that the Times might not grasp the broader importance of its own story.

The Times writes about Milberg Weiss, a New York-based law firm that long has been a source of support for Democratic candidates. The firm was indicted last year on federal charges of fraud and bribery.

Horton recently broke a story about a Bush Justice Department plan to raid the offices of attorneys who are known as sources of Democratic funds. We posted about Horton's work here.

As we noted earlier, one must wonder if Paul Minor and judges Wes Teel and John Whitfield were victims of the Bush DOJ scheme in Mississippi. After all, Minor was well known as a source of funding for Democratic candidates. And now it appears the Milberg Weiss case might have been based on the DOJ scheme.

Horton points out, in today's "War on Trial Lawyers" brief, that The Times' reporter missed the larger story. Federal courts in Michigan and Illinois have begun to ask tough questions about raids at the offices of trial lawyers. Someone might want to begin asking tough questions about what happened at Paul Minor's law office in Mississippi.

Speaking of Michigan, the Next Hurrah blog has an interesting post about that case, involving attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

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Nancy Swan said...

Roger. Paul Minor and judge Whitfield were found guilty by a jury that heard all the evidence. There is nothing your ignorant ranting a raving is going to change, except make you look more stupid than you are ready do. Go on to something that will benefit the people and make courts less corrupt. Minor and Whitfield were guilty of much more criminal conduct that you know about. Move on or move out of the lane.