Monday, October 15, 2007

A Donnybrook Coming to Alabama

A national watchdog group says a race for a spot on the Alabama Supreme Court is one of five nationwide that will merit close scrutiny in 2008.

Justice at Stake says the battle for Harold See's spot on the Alabama Supreme Court is expected to be both expensive and nasty. Weak campaign-finance laws, plus Alabama's standing as a key battleground in the fight between trial lawyers and business interests, will make the race particularly intriguing.

See won a spot on the court in 1996, in one of the early races that started the transformation of the Alabama Supreme Court from all-Democrat to all-Republican. (The court currently has one Democrat, Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb.)

In The Birmingham News version of this story, Alabama Republic Party chair Mike Hubbard says it is important to elect conservative judges who will not "legislate from the bench."

I've got news for Hubbard. Our conservative judges already legislate from the bench. In fact, they do worse than that. They flat out cheat people, and we will lay out a prime example here at Legal Schnauzer.

If anyone from the Alabama Democratic Party is paying attention, this blog will provide you with irrefutable evidence that our current conservative appeals courts are corrupt. This should lay the groundwork for major gains by Democrats on Alabama courts over the next few years. But so far, I've seen no evidence that any Democrat in a position of authority has the cojones needed to unmask our corrupt conservative judges.

If someone in authority in the state Democratic party does not grow a spine, I see a Republican winning See's seat in a runaway. Citizens will continue to buy into Mike Hubbard's BS until Democrats show them a reason not to. One of the best reasons will be found right here at Legal Schnauzer.

Will Alabama Democrats stand up and fight the forces that our corrupting our justice system? I've seen no evidence of it yet.

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Anonymous said...

I spent time in prison for another person. First time offender,never been in any trouble. Hired a lawyer and he signed me up for a greater crime than i knew i had. I was set up by a probationer, on the DA's payroll. This person is involved in all types of crimes, and robs drug dealers, with the power the DA has given him.Was a former employee of the mont. al. police dept. and got fired when he and others were caught selling cocaine. After that he was caught with a Krystal meth lab. And sentenced to 25 yrs probation, he then went about setting up a meth lab at my house and told the police it was mine, and i did prison time for his crime.In montgomery al. If you got money you can have anyone arrested. The DA is a crook and the circuit judges are very shady. In my opinion there's no way a judge or DA can sit back and let me plead guilty to something i didn't do, but they did, and i did time for it, and theres not a lawyer any where that will help me right this wrong. Why? because there's nothing to gain for a lawyer to oppose the DA. Right now there's a girl who was a nurse in the county jail for getting groceries for the woman she nursed. The woman told her to get the groceries and gave her a debit card to use, but when the woman asked her to come to church and she said "no". The woman had her jailed for using her debit card. And because this woman owns Russell Atheletics.....she has a full time lawyer who is exercising his authority, even though the woman told her to do it, on paper its a crime, and because she is so rich the judge put a 135,000.00 bond on the nurse and she hasn't gained anything, by using the debit card. Common sense tells us that the old woman has forgotten what she said.Now we have another non-violent criminal in jail, and the DA and the judge gets another new Lexus. This girl's name is Nancy Lauderdale and i wish someone could help her but, I know it's helpless. Because judges and DA's are not gonna stop taking bribes, they think they are doing the public a favor.I know for a fact that there would be 5 people in this city still alive if the DA would have put the criminal's in jail and leave poor folks alone.