Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Roger Shuler Convicted of Resisting Arrest Despite Police Brutality and No Evidence of Arrest Warrant

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler was convicted yesterday of resisting arrest in a trial where the prosecution failed to produce any evidence of an arrest warrant.

District Judge Ron Jackson made the guilty finding in a misdemeanor bench trial and issued a 90-day suspended sentence.

During the discovery phase of the trial, Shuler requested copies of any arrest warrants in the case and related documents. The prosecution produced three documents none of which appeared to be an arrest warrant. When Shuler pressed Jackson on the issue, the judge admitted that the prosecution had produced no warrants.

"Evidence in the trial shows I was arrested without a warrant," Shuler said. "It's either that or the prosecution withheld evidence. Either way it points to grave misconduct by either deputies, prosecutors, or both. It also points to the fact that my arrest and incarceration have been unlawful, grossly so, from the very get go.

How can Judge Jackson find that I was guilty of resisting arrest when there was no evidence of an arrest warrant at all? Well that's just another chapter in the story of grotesque corruption in Shelby County courts. Yesterday's trial produced much more shocking evidence and we'll be discussing those in upcoming posts."



Anonymous said...

So has he now been released or are there other charges pending ?

Anonymous said...

Is Roger out of jail?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Carol: There is not any better trail than a good paper trail. Witnessed, exposed prosecution, January 14 maybe first example of Mr. Shuler's opponent's orchestrating non-existing access availability to otherwise routine official documents; providing you
less when you pursue civil litigations.
These type of actions may be defined as obstructions of justice, tampering, chain-like-conspiracies to influence end result not favorable your case.


Unknown said...

Now you can appeal.

Do that immediately and to the SUPREME COURT.

Expect the worst.

Demand the BEST.

Challenge the ARREST NOW, it is obviously on main stream truth that the courts and the 'south' in IT, aren't other than RICO.

They don't have more than 24 hours in reality, when the turn turns and IT has, the twist of fate for 'them' isn't going to be other than 100 times what the 'cult' has cultivated as their 'reality/ies'.

Can't allow the corruption to surprise you. Must know that was what was to be, can't be otherwise or Roger and Carole & Murphy Schnauzer would set too true a standard to be held not harmless while the criminally insane get the medicine of their own poisons.

Don't feel downtrodden. Lift up the spirit, when an energy is spent and the RESIST ARREST now is a spent energy, then the energy to challenge this has to be the most powerful spiraling tour de force.


Read Sui Juris, Study Sui Juris, Write the Appeal & call the many references that have been sent who are suing the BAR and/or IRS and/or Gov BIG U$ & Global too.

Tragically Roger Shuler is the Pioneer with all the arrows and so we must get him to the medic before he is made worse than what they've done already.

Anonymous said...

Roger & Carol:
What a mess Shelby County has got themselves into. So apparently there is no arrest record. Well, according to the Code of Criminal Procedures Art. 14.05. RIGHTS OF OFFICER. In each case enumerated where arrests may be lawfully made without warrant, the officer or person making the arrest is justified in adopting all the measures which he might adopt in cases of arrest under warrant, except that an officer making an arrest without a warrant may not enter a residence to make the arrest unless:

(1) a person who resides in the residence consents to the entry; or

(2) exigent circumstances require that the officer making the arrest enter the residence without the consent of a resident or without a warrant.

I don't see where Roger's arrest was exigent circumstances. I hope when Roger does get out a lawyer will be there to take all those individuals involved to the cleaners.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Carol: The court from yesterday's trial is duty bound to provide Mr. Shuler with a typed written copy of COURT TRANSCRIPT from during entire court session. If has not, will not, file a written motion within 14 total days limited to the trial's transcript being withheld and/or denied.

Too, you and Mr. Shuler you many to review THE JENCKS ACT 18 U.S.C. 3500 [1976] result of 1957 Supreme Court decision ruling for Jencks vs. U.S. Excerpt paraphrasing, during his trial the government [prosecutor] refused to produce documents for discovery relied upon by prosecution witnesses.

Also whenever if possible you may want to consider reading through 42 U.S.C.} 1983 (1997-1998) Supreme Court, Introduction to Constitutional Torts, i.e. Malicious Prosecution[s].

As old Jerry Clower use to tell about his friend having climbed up in a tree thinking he was getting a already shot raccoon; but it had not been and they commenced to fighting everywhere up in that tree when Jerry's friend hollered out that he had to have some relief; Jerry shouted back that he couldn't, he may shoot him; but his friend hollered back to Jerry saying, well then just shoot up here amongst us, one of us needs help.

Thank you for rekindling my patriotic fires......

Remembering Murph

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 6:24 & 7:28 AM -- No, Roger is still in jail on the two alleged civil contempt of court charges which are NO BOND.

Anonymous said...

Riley got himself into the most desperate spot, and one can only imagine the terror now pumping in the exhausted adrenals. Death happens when the adrenals finally pump out, heart stops in the attack of a failure of the physical body, kidneys collapse and that's that.

Pryor has exposed the cult that has taken over, so it appears to be so, the so called courts. Roberts is in question now as to his authority and then, the horror of police, administrators, all the government employees literally paid to cause their own lives to be a heart attack.

Slow, but certainly sure.

Roger proves the country is definitely not fit for civilized folks to be living in the prison camp both in the incarcerated system traded in Wall Street and in the incarcerated system traded in Wall Street's Federal Reserve System Global Government.

e.a.f. said...

a suspended sentence? guess that is their way of saying not really guilty of anything but we can't say that either.

Of course they won't let Mr. Shuler out of jail. They have him there because of the blog issues. He won't be released on that until the keeping of him in jail becomes a bigger problem than letting him out of jail.

The New York times has covered the situation. The situation needs more coverage and more letters to politicians before they will release Mr. Shuler.