Friday, January 10, 2014

Legal Schnauzer Roger Shuler Victim of Police Brutality, No Warrant Mentioned in Oct. 23 Arrest

This is Carol, Roger's wife. An Alabama deputy arrested Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler by entering the Shulers' home before even stating that he had an arrest warrant.

Shuler has been incarcerated since Oct. 23 on civil contempt charges stemming from a lawsuit filed by Republican political figure Rob Riley. Shuler also faces a resisting arrest charge which is due to be heard at 1:30 p.m. on Jan. 14 in Courtroom A before District Judge Ron Jackson at the Shelby County Courthouse. Public documents, however, show that it is case of excessive force and police brutality with no evidence of resisting arrest.

Deputy Chris Blevins wrote a narrative in the incident report about the arrest and his own words raised multiple questions about the lawfulness of his actions. After describing how he observed Shuler traveling towards his home and then pulling into the driveway behind Shuler, Blevins writes the following:
"I used my vehicle's air horn to get Mr. Shuler's attention and he stopped his vehicle in front of his garage. Mr. Shuler saw me getting out of my clearly marked patrol vehicle before he opened the door and drove inside. I walked to the rear of his vehicle and tapped his trunk with my hand. Mr. Shuler got out of his vehicle and began yelling for me to get out of his house."
Based on Blevins' own words, he was inside the Shuler's house when he walked to the rear of their vehicle which was parked inside their garage. And at that point, Blevins had not even told Shuler that he had an arrest warrant. It's already established, as we reported in a post on Jan. 9, that Blevins never did show Shuler arrest warrants that the deputy alleges was in his vehicle.

"Deputy Blevins' own narrative shows him being in our house without even stating that he had an arrest warrant," Shuler said."I do not recall him telling me he had an arrest warrant at all and he clearly never showed me one. So even by Blevins own words, he had no business being in our property and I had every right to tell him to leave my house. Mr. Blevins acted surprised that he was told to leave my house, but he never gave me any lawful indication that he had business and grounds to be there."

"We also know from Chris Blevins' own words that he knocked me down to a concrete floor three times and maced me with no grounds for even being in my home. And all of this about his failure to either show or state about an arrest warrant makes me wonder if he even had arrest warrants and if he did, if they were properly documented and executed. I believe there are serious questions about this arrest from the get go. And once again, there are clear signs of excessive force and police brutality. I easily could have suffered a concussion or fractured skull or broken arm or any number of injuries in this case and because of an unlawful arrest, I've been incarcerated for almost three months."

Following is a transcription of Deputy Blevins' narrative from the incident report. After that is a video about information in the incident report.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol. Reading the arrest record doesn't make any sense. It's interesting to know how Rob Riley and crew turned this civil matter into a criminal case. Also, if Blevins had an arrest warrant why didn't he show it to Roger? And from what I gather, Blevins inappropriately entered the house without a search warrant which is required. Under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, most searches by the police require a search warrant based on probable cause, although there are exceptions. Any police entry of an individual's home always requires a warrant (for either search or arrest), absent exigent circumstances, or the free and voluntary consent of a person with reasonably apparent use of or control over the property. Roger wasn't shown either. Roger's First and Fourth Amendment rights may have been violated (my opinion).

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 6:57 AM - Thank you for your very well stated comment. I agree!

Unknown said...

The trained "robot" agents of the state always act the same way, at every level, are reflection of each other. The fish rots from the head down, and from the top of the American government there is complete unaccountability at this time, a fetid decay and perverted morality, without exception. This global agenda is being enforced against our Constitutional Republican government and State sovereignty.

The courts operate from the perspective that you are a commodity under corporate status, called "state property", an
"asset", and the judge has complete control over you and your life. He will find out what you fear, what you think you are, what image you're upholding, then the court will use that to strip from you everything you love and have worked for, unless you cooperate with their process, or if you dare to confront their abuse. This is the scene that you are confronting anytime you go into a court today, and any time your name has been entered into any state database for
any reason, even if you go to the state for some kind of assistance. The money is being made from your rendering in the system, and your children, and the whole "21st Community" goal is a society that does not rebel when told to give
up their sovereignty and not allowed to protect themselves or their families anymore. You have to be FEARLESS of anything the judge does to you when you know you are RIGHT - REFUSE to back down, and appeal anything they do.

Unknown said...

Nazi America that is what has been going on for a long time, since World War II. Slow was this darkness to cover our lights.

They, them, those that make up fraud and sell this commodity as though 'money'!

Why where is our MC BETH SHAKESPEARE? Prick our thumbs and what wicked this way comes!?

We are living in the time when witches got to decide because the 'royalty' needed their witches.

Rileys prove the truth about this stupid backwards thinking.

In the minds of the criminally insane, the pain in their bodies they think is a wicked spirit. Thus, they must get rid of this FEELING and all their P HARM A ceuticals aren't doing the job of keeping the GHOSTS from haunting their lost souls.

Nazi America works for the ignorant that worship the death of due process rule of law.

ENLIGHTENMENT that was what the reality of due process rule of law was all about.

Do we trust the evil to let our light of America shine?


They-them-those or US are going to have to burn this plantation down or they-them-those are going to keep giving us the run-around?!

Please prepare for the worst. World War I, was when the 'royal' family of Spain was losing ITS' royal status in the world and World War II, was about England and the Sterling Pound losing power.

The USA wasn't an accidental CORPORATION GOLDEN ARMY to police the world as Nazi redux.

We the People tragically were farmed, and this isn't a new global concept in human capital.

BUT THE WORST trick pulled was on all the lawyers who went to school to learn law but didn't learn money sovereignty.

The real 'sheepskins' from Harvard, Yale, Et Al?

Dunce hats didn't get to cut the Constitutional Mustard. Col. Custard saw the murderers.

INDIVIDUAL POWER and absent this truth, we get what we got here in the cesspool of NO such IDEA Constitutional Muster, that can possibly begin to protect the truth.

June 28, 1914, World War I broke out and it was intentional.

Anniversary of a hundred years is coming.

WWII, was intentional too.

WAR is the business that gets to steal all the human capital and then the earth gets to belong to the most vile evil of our species.

Nazi America was and is the result of the American people not cooperating with YOU'RE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US.

Bush or Obama the Rothschild Family and Rockefellers, Warburgs, Loebs, and look at the Federal Reserve System and ITS' ilk of criminally insane.

She is a great American hero, all send her thanks.

Karen Hudes has been the President we thought we voted for.

Best in the hearing.

DOG LOVERS all and then the DAWG Roger gets to be our free true Great American Hero, as is the real true good law.

xo PP too

Unknown said...

2011: A journalist as a nationally known entity, sent me on the QT, copies of film that was the OREGON DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION aka 'CHILDREN SERVICES' and the child in the film was being made to do pornography directed by the STATE GOVERNMENT 'EMPLOYEES'.

Pamela and Wilbur Gaston were the parties that had been fighting the State of Oregon. The Nationally known Journalist thought he had also located Wilbur Gaston's long lost daughter that was at that time, 21 years of age.

I spoke with Wilbur and was supposed to meet with him personally, however, the State of Oregon decided to try and arrest me on false charges of threatening a federal judge.

Knew too much at that time, more than thirty (30) people in Oregon had filed with me to stop the State in ITS' vile Agenda 21, Green US Constitutional Treason.

Pam Gaston told off the current governor, KITZHABER way back then, in the late 1990s to early aughts.


Kitzhaber's GOV's third term.

Pam was killed, not long after the WIN against the Paedophilia cultists in the State of Oregon.

Probably one of the saddest stories I can say I've been a 'party' to in learning just how vile evil the American GOV really and truly is.

Sui Juris.

Remarkable how our rights' to go into the court and communicate and get the law to cooperate as the truth in justice proves to be our protective reality/ies:

Stolen via a paedophilia global cult called the 'FRS' (Federal Reserve System) and ITS' European and Asian and ? owners.

Count the number of so called 'licensed attorneys at law' in the US and we have Nazi America.


British Accredited Registry.

I do believe the US 'attorneys' need to sue the proper real parties in interest!

AND IT [B.A.R.] should not destroy the LEGAL SCHNAUZER MURPHY SPIRITS for the job getting done before we're in concentration camps ALL.

Shelby County ROBOTIC GOV are aborted Genetically Modified Organisms of blubbering gender bent Pryor wannbes.

We need a lot of healing centers. The jails need to be turned into places where all the BENT and other experimented on to the point of NAZI only dialed in, get to get what human is. And, do not get to leave until the healing process proves IT isn't an IT anymore.

Unknown said...

*This is how you bring the facts that they have to dispute into the Light of Public Exposure. The key to exercising our Sovereign Authority is to know what that feels like in the first place. As our Constitutionalist friend William Mayhar, who has personally paid a dear price for the knowledge we are sharing, says " KNOW RIGHTS OR NO RIGHTS" and "you have rights you never dreamed of"
once you understand and experience the full meaning of Sovereign Child of God standing on this Contract called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This spirit overcomes their might and power ...

*see Sui Juris Pam & Wilbur Gaston

Anonymous said...

The government plans to use stadiums and shopping malls as FEMA camps and I have written about this extensively. FEMA and DHS even practiced for this at Giants Stadium and in Denver where they took elementary kids, without parent permission to sports stadiums and then hired mock parents to beg for the release of the kids. This was clearly a desensitization exercise for the guards to not succumb to parental demands. It is one of three ways to draw parents into FEMA camps.

Anonymous said...

A secret report spanning many years, which was seen by The Independent, reportedly shows a shocking level of corruption in the Metropolitan Police, the judicial system, the Crown Prosecution Service, HM Revenue & Customs, and the Prison Service.

In 2003, Operation Tiberius – an undercover Scotland Yard probe - found that organized crime gangs had compromised virtually all of the UK’s criminal justice system, The Independent reveals.

Tiberius, which was compiled from a number of covert intelligence sources including police informants, telephone intercepts, information from MI5 and MI6, as well as thousands of historical files, came to the appalling conclusion: “Quite how much more damage could be done is difficult to imagine.”

Tiberius, which according to the British daily, was ratified by the most senior management in London’s Metropolitan Police, found jurors being bought off, corrupt individuals working for Revenue and Customs and “get out of jail free cards” being bought for £50,000. The probe found infiltrated murder investigations and sensitive intelligence leaked to the criminals.

The report said that the Met suffered “endemic police corruption” and that organized crime syndicates were able to infiltrate New Scotland Yard “at will”.

One article in Tiberius concluded about the state of the Metropolitan Police: “Witnesses terrified into silence, dodgy jurors, bent lawyers, bent policemen and bent CPS clerks – all are part of the same cancer eating away at justice. A cure for the malady will not be easy to come by. Perhaps we should begin by acknowledging that the patient is sick.”

Some relationships between Met officers and the criminal underworld were reportedly so close that in one case Met detectives were identified as co-owning properties and racehorses with a man widely suspected of being one of Britain’s most hardened gangsters.

The probe also concluded that it became almost impossible for police and prosecutors to successfully pursue the organized gangs.

The Met is flagged up by Tiberius as being unable to successfully tackle the corruption of police officers by organized criminals. It said that the approach was to wait for the intelligence on corruption of individual officers to surface and react to it, rather than introduce a system to try and prevent corruption in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

by the way, during the time i was on the lamb from the courts in oregon, USDC doing its best to set me up as though 'threatening' a judge, what a crock,

anyway, Roger's blog posted my revolutionary ranting, and he knew intuitively something was radically wrong with the whole system.

Lots of trolls were at Roger's blog regularly telling him to NOT allow me to post. He always respected my FIRST AMENDMENT Right.

GET READY. The Drones are now on American soil and the Dept Of Defence with all the CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE and, and, and University of Alabama!?

Our real clue are the Universities and Chambers of Commerce,

and then with the weather weaponry HAARP, add the insane people chosen to be 'GOV' as BENT PRYOR and PRYOR wannabes, BIG NAZI USA cause NATO has our backs alright, just ask our owners.

At that hearing, DEMAND that the cop who should have had video, produce that great IT which was and is supposed to be our Twenty First Century claim to global police claim.

All my verve in the power of our Rights' FREE to Roger.

Porn Pom too xo

Anonymous said...

one more day until the morning of January 14th, your court date, Roger.

It's easy to speak giving advise proving information from outside of jail; but probably most that have written have never experienced the realization of your freedom being taken away from you, and there's nothing you can do about it; that is to say, unless like you being determined to make a public stand before your peers protecting your Constitutional Rights.

I wish were possible that I could be there January 14th, needless to say I have no reservation that Ms. Carol will be there with unknown the number of your friends, and yet to be known who representing the media.

Irregardless 14th's outcome, you always have at your disposal the appeal process,

Just don't let them beat you down emotionally and mentally; keep the faith, and when ever the msm goes with your stories; they'll become dam-busters, only to realize how farbehind these stories they are............


Anonymous said...

This blogger that's in jail sounds like a real tool. BUT, Judge Claud Neilson sounds like a degenerate scumbag, and that would go for the undoubtedly tiny - peckered law dog that unlawfully took your husband to jail. Here's the important difference - this blogger has no real power. He cannot come into your home and assault you, he can't deprive you of your liberty, he can't beat you and lace you. All of these things this moron masquerading as a judge, and his inbred lackey law dogs can do. So in the grand scheme of things, the really dangerous people here are not the blogger or his wife, but those who have raped our sacred legal system to bully a citizen. Sadly, positions of power are magnets for ignorant, bullying, bloated, corrupt punks. Hey law dogs, (we all know you're reading this) YOU are true traitors to the republic. Eat shit.

Eliseo Weinstein said...

How horrible! I can’t believe that this is even legal. It is unlawful to trespass unless one has a legal right to do so, such as the case with an arrest warrant. If the police never showed arrest warrant to your husband, then your husband did not do anything wrong. But why wouldn’t the police show the warrant?