Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Irregularities, Negligence Surround Recent Inmate Suicide at Shelby County Jail

This is Carol, Roger's wife. A recent inmate suicide at the Shelby County Jail could have resulted in multiple injuries or deaths, Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler says. The suicide happened in the cell block where Shuler has been incarcerated since Oct. 23 because of a bogus lawsuit filed by Alabama Republican political figure, Rob Riley.

“The man jumped some 27 feet to his death and landed about 10 feet on the concrete from where I was sitting,” Shuler said. “It’s one of the most highly trafficked areas in the cell block and had I or any other inmate been standing there and he had landed on us, it probably would have resulted in instant death for the man below. That’s just one example of many of the kinds of dangers and damages I’ve suffered from being in here for three months unlawfully because of Rob Riley and Circuit Judge Claud Neilson who have acted in absolute criminal fashion. In Neilson’s case, he has no jurisdiction over me whatsoever because I have not lawfully been served.” Shuler points to multiple irregularities in the death of Steven Ray Dismuke which indicate likely negligence on the part of Shelby County Jail. One of those involves the fact that Dismuke had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, but was in the general inmate population and had not been given his medication. Following are other irregularities that Shuler has learned from observations, taking part in the jail investigation and talking to inmates who witnessed the event:
  •       The cell block where the suicide occurred involves a stairwell which is attached to the cell block unit by three horizontal bars and Dismuke climbed the stairs, then climbed the three horizontal bars which directly to the top of a two-story cell unit and jumped off backwards. “The three horizontal bars basically provide a ladder with easy access to the top of the cells and it’s still there because it’s never been blocked off and nothing has been put there to keep it from happening again and certainly nothing was done to keep it from happening in the first place.”
  •       Multiple cameras are present in the cell block and inmates said that guards are supposed to be doing video monitoring 24 hours, seven days a week, but apparently no one was on duty or was asleep at the switch when Dismuke climbed the stairwells and then climbed up the three horizontal bars to the top of the cell units and jumped off. “One has to wonder why someone was not watching and allowed this tragedy to happen,” Shuler said. “There’s clearly video monitoring equipment in here and why someone wasn’t watching and stopped this is hard to figure."
  •       Dismuke told Shuler and other inmates that he was traveling from Georgia to a work site in Illinois when he was stopped in Shelby County by deputies who said he was driving erratically. Dismuke admitted that he was tired and probably was weaving in traffic and deputies took his license and registration, but then let him go. He drove north to an Econo Lodge and was going to check in, but he couldn’t do it because he realized that he didn’t have his license with him and that the deputies had kept it. “He was about to leave the hotel when deputies appeared,” Shuler said. “They had followed him there and they returned his license, but then they also decided to search his vehicle even though they had no probable cause to believe there was a crime connected to that vehicle. The search produced some drugs including Xanax and some other medication, but that’s what he was arrested on, but there’s clear signs that something was irregular about the traffic stop and also the fact that deputies were trying to confiscate $3,000 that Dismuke had that he said was a payroll check that he’d cashed from his work that was not connected to drugs, but they were trying to get him to forfeit it and he was deeply upset about that.” Shuler says a federal investigation should be done on the irregular, negligent and most likely unlawful circumstances surrounding the traffic stop, Dismuke’s arrest and ultimate tragic suicide. 


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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sev said...

I want to believe the post as to the innocence of the inmate in terms of why he was in jail, bad luck, unlawful arrest-whatever the case may be he didnt deserve to die but being in jail can change you.

Anonymous said...

Everything you said sure makes a lot of sense to me Coyote.

Unknown said...

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Dean Henderson


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Anonymous said...

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e.a.f. said...

The lack of treatment for people with mental health problems in the prison system is terrible.

The lack of attention the guards paid to the inmates should be cause for an internal investigation, as a mim. either the guards are so short staffed there is no one to watch the video cameras or they just don't care. It needs to be investigated. The other issue which springs to mind is, if someone could climb all of this and then commit suicide, what would happen if one or more prisoners became violent with another prisoner. from the report, it would lead someone to conclude there could be a full scale riot and a number of deaths before prison officials took notice. Of course we don't expect Luther Strange to investigate, but some one connected to prisoner rights might want to run against him as an independent in the upcoming elections. Who knows, they might win.

It would be interesting to know if the sheriff's dept. kept the $3K or returned it to the family.

We can only hope his family sues and forces an investigation. No one should have to live and die in these circumstances. You'd think they had enough people in American jails, without tossing in one working man trying to get to his job.