Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Legal Schnauzer Roger Shuler Beaten, Threatened by Sheriff Deputies With Prior History of Police Brutality

This is Carol, Roger's wife. A deputy who assisted in the arrest of Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler can be heard on video threatening to break the journalist's arms. The primary officer in the arrest has admitted under oath in court that he has a history of citizen complaints about police brutality and excessive force.

What does this say about deputies Jason Valenti and Chris Blevins? It isn't pretty, to be sure.

Blevins and Valenti can be seen on video dragging Shuler out of his garage and placing him face first on the concrete driveway. Shuler's arms clearly are behind his back, but Valenti is apparently not pleased about something. He can be heard telling Shuler that if he doesn't let his arms go loose, "I'm going to break them."

At Shuler's recent resisting arrest trial, the journalist asked Blevins if he had ever been the subject of citizen complaints about police brutality and excessive force. Blevins answered yes, and when Shuler attempted to follow up on that questioning, District Judge Ron Jackson cut him off.

"Deputies Valenti and Blevins clearly have a history of thuggish behavior in their roles with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office," Shuler said. "The video in this case is extremely disturbing, particularly when you consider that there was no warrant in the case and the video clearly shows both deputies entering our house without showing a warrant because they didn't have one."



Anonymous said...

What does Roger's Attorney have to say about all of this ?

Unknown said...

Reptilian, Republican South and DC with the entire Puppetry as switch hitting the ducks in the roads as they quack crackers.

Name Calling Russia THUG and do not want Russia to stand in an equal power position in world Earth. But, the Administrations that decided to be WORLD SECURITY NATO POLICE aren't in charge anymore.

The corrections are going to be made and the US is going to learn to tolerate having civilized leaders now in the aughts.

DEMANDING, NO THUGGERY unless the full transparency clears the reason as to why in 2014, are such as those that get paid via a Constitutional Republic to serve the LAW and are CRIMINALS.

Criticize Russia for ITS' thuggery! Well what Shelby County Thugs do is far worse than what Russia. Should really shame America, but no, the thugs are hired by the deviants and the deviants are made that way so the top FRAUD Federal Reserve System can continue to cover up the destruction of USA.

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Unknown said...

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"... Obama’s State of the Union Address: An Empty and Reactionary Charade, By Joseph Kishore
Global Research, January 29, 2014,

US President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday was, perhaps even more than his previous addresses, a cynical and reactionary charade. Empty rhetoric was combined with a complete disconnect from the reality confronting millions of people and an assertion of executive power.

The thrust of the speech was a mixture of pro-business nostrums, militarist jingoism and a jumble of penny-ante proposals. The media’s attempt to promote the speech as a major address on inequality was a deliberate falsification aimed at drumming up interest among a generally indifferent and hostile population.

Instead it was a threadbare attempt to cover over the reality of the past year, a year in which the mask fell off a society riven by historically unprecedented levels of social inequality and mass poverty, overseen by a vast police-state spying apparatus, on the verge of another global war of incalculable consequences and presided over by the most right-wing administration in US history.

Obama himself spoke before the members of the US House of Representatives and the Senate, the majority of them millionaires, as a representative of the financial aristocracy and the military-intelligence apparatus.

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Anonymous said...

The tendency to blame the "Jewish" faction is automatic. That is because the south, when slavery was a boom business, was an industry run primarily by the 'Hebes / Jews". The saying goes, that the reason for the WAR was due to the Federal Reserve System (FRS) that was providing of course the 'money' to WAR.

Unfortunately, what that Civil War allowed was our country is run primarily by the Jewish 'Church'. But, according to the attorney Karen Hudes, the Jesuit Vatican runs the whole 'WILD WEST' world. The B.A.R. is the British Accredited Registry which is actually run by the Vatican 'Church'.

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The real tragedy is the food and the education, information.

These necessities have been made into a consumer commodity that has to be bought and paid for.

Have to buy a credit score to get credit. Now this is really a twist of insanity.

Credit then purchases 'life'.

Problem: Federal Reserve System is a privately owned corporation and sells Americans' debt FRAUD. The 'label' is 'credit'.

The Shelby County Jail is run on 'credit' manufactured by the FRS, or the people would not be there such as Bonnie Wyatt and Roger Shuler. Should THE COUNTY there, manufacture the credit necessary to run the operation, there would be no need to lock up innocent people. But, the food, such as GMOs, well the only reason the LEGALITY is at issue now is because the contamination began so long ago the cover-up can't happen anymore. Look at the Thugs in Shelby County, their brains are NOT exactly whole healthy cognitive thinking, and critical thought? No, not with GMOs for the past 30 plus years.

This is Roger's nemesis: He is a genius with high morals and his KEEPER THUGGERY that has netted him and wants to kill him, are agents that have been made truly contaminated in their whole body, mind, spirit.

Political Ponerology, Andrew M. Lobaczewski,

Unknown said...