Monday, January 20, 2014

Process Server May Have Violated Jail Policy and State Law By Serving Court Papers on Roger Shuler

This is Carol, Roger's wife. A process server might have violated jail policy and state law by serving court papers last week at the Shelby County Jail on Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler.

The guard called Shuler to the visitation area of the jail at about 3:15 p.m. last Friday for what was billed as a "attorney visit." Shuler arrived to be met by Debi Berger of Magic City Investigations who served him with papers in a lawsuit filed by Luther Strange campaign aide Jessica Medeiros Garrison.

At a hearing earlier that day, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Don Blankenship seemed to agree with Shuler that service in the Garrison case had been done unlawfully. Garrison lawyer Bill Baxley must have picked up on that because he apparently dispatched Berger to the Shelby County Jail in an attempt to serve Shuler again. It's not clear, however, that Berger acted lawfully on the second try

"In my research of the Shelby County Jail handbook, I could find no provision for a process server to visit an inmate here," Shuler said. "Visits appear to be limited to family and friends (on weekends), attorneys, and members of the clergy. Berger does not fit into any of those categories, so it's hard to see how she was allowed into the jail to visit me and serve papers. I have filed a grievance with the jail seeking all documentation regarding her visit. If she stated on the sign-in sheet that she is lawyer when she isn't that could violate Alabama law. A number of statutes in the code of Alabama relate to false statements to law enforcement departments and officials. It's unclear at this point that Berger violated any of those statutes, but it's a worthwhile question to ask and one that I intend to pursue."



Anonymous said...

Wow. You've got Bill Baxley on you, too. You must be doing something right.

Unknown said...

News is now the big bad blues for not just Roger.

The Alabama gangster TRIBE doesn't want to be caught.

Too late for the so-called 'lawyer' class. The lawyers in America can thank the Alabamy gangster tribe for outing the legal tribe in not having any right whatsoever to be licensed to a B.A.R. as agents of a foreign entity. So even should a 'lawyer' visit Roger and 'serve papers', now that ROVE'S ALABAMY is OUT OF THE CLOSET, so to speak ...

Come now all ye faithful Americans and demand the B.A.R. (British Accredited Registry) "Membership Dues Card/s" be in the court to prove LICENSING.

They violate their own RULES, REGULATIONS & certainly the LAW IS VITIATED in the practice of a "Membership Dues Card" acting as though a 'license to practice LAW'.

Too bad we can't go back to the days when the criminally insane occupiers of 'Merica didn't have standing drone armies.

Get a petition Carol, together for the Alabama people and U.S. ALL, to sign.

Should the need be, we all convene at that Jail and DEMAND:


Feels fleeing the Egyptian criminal insanity again, after all these years.

The Hounds and Devils from Hell are not exactly safe in the flames of true righteous rage.

Anonymous said...

Impersonating an "Officer" ? Impersonating an "Official" of the so called "system of courts/law"?

Gee Garrison should know better, but then her 'mentor' in pics is Pryor Bad Puppy who pretended to be a true punisher of 'homosexuality' !!

Sites are showing the dude nude that are homosexuals and they're mostly negative about how he displayed his tendency to then punish the 'act'.

Can't get good service in the U.S.A. now that the Federal Reserve System stole the digits and all we get is FRAUD-FRAUD-FRAUD. Garrison is ashamed and so are the entire gang of degenerate perverted 'lieyers tribe'.

Alabama should be in an investigation for the acts of high crimes against all humanity now that the globalization is the order of our 'color of law'.

Send the United Nations BAN MOON a DEMAND: PETITION?

ALL US, all, and then let us allow the new world order to decide how the Alabamy gang gets to get sanctioned as rogue 'states' do.

Anonymous said...

"The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar, Tom├ís Ojea Quintana, has called on the country’s authorities to investigate and clarify reports about violent clashes between security forces and Rohinyga Muslim residents in Du Chee Yar Tan village in Maungdaw, Rakhine State."

Call in the UN, supposedly this is our new 'GOV GLOBAL' so test the power that IT really has, the system of 'money' runs the entire operation of 'digital gulag'.

David Walters said...

In the matter Garrison vs. Shuler, This is the time and place for taking the deposition of Jessica Garrison..

Mr. Shuler: Ms. Garrison, can you tell time and place wherein you fornicated with Luther Strange? Ms. Garrison: On the advice of Mr. Baxley I decline to answer.
Mr. Shuler: Ms. Garrison this is a deposition in a
civil case and you can't assert 5th amendments claims.
MR. Shuler: Can you describe the time and place wherein you first fornicated with Mr. Strange?
Ms. Garrison: Well if you must know, it was in cheap motel in Jasper while we were out campaigning.
Mr. Shuler: How was it?
Ms: I have to tell you it was absolutely the hottest sex since high school!!

Note: The deposition was interrupted with the arrival of a court order that the Attorney General's office presented restraining Mr. Shuler from asking questions about Mr. Strange.

Anonymous said...

Hope this might be of help/interest in Roger's case - from Courthouse News Service:

Blogger's Speech Rights Championed in the 9th

Phenix City, AL

e.a.f. said...

It is easier to keep Mr. Shuler in jail so they can say he has "been served". As to the legality of it, it may well not be legal, but don't worry, they'll find a judge who rules it legal.

these people want to ensure that Mr. Shuler remains in jail and that in the end they own his home. They want to make an example of him so no one else tries to take a run at them.

It must be working because, if no one runs against Luther Strange, the state is stuck with him for another 4 yrs. The federal government has always been loath to interfere in state business until its on international t.v. and making them look realllllly bad.

Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Shuler have an attorney representing him or is he representing himself ?

Anonymous said...

A short documentary:STAILAND

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shuler indeed has the right to depose all his opposition.

In fact, he can use his own camera and video-audio record the depos.

The only way to cut to the chase of all this is to move for depositions immediately.

That is the reality.


Mega Default In China Scheduled For January 31

YEAR OF THE HORSE, and the SNAKE just passed which XI is a 'Water Snake' and the year he was in the Presidency coincides with the time of the snake.

Thus, for XI to fail his people in the currency wars is not good.

America defaulted on ITS' 'debt' and China is readying to default as a result.

Hold on to our A$$e$ and GET THE DEPOS ORDERED.

It is a simple form to depose and to serve the A$$Hole$ for depositions would be quite the ideal fact in the matter.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:02 a.m. 01/20/14

Baxley should be very very ashamed today that he chose not to exercise the same prosecutorial interest for solving while he was Alabama attorney general the assassination of a black police officer in his home town somewhere south Alabama. Baxley had also been the district attorney but his claim to fame, is only known for the prosecuting of one of the church bombers killing black girls in Birmingham without him ever getting involved in solving shotgunning of police officer at his home with wife and two children present. Why?

Attention K-Mart shoppers, Blue Light Special Alabama State House 3rd Floor Alabama Attorney General's Office: contact Luther and ask him why this police officer's case remains open after him being requested of repeatedly, whereby even his own investigators were silenced.
More unusual that he held a press conference claiming to want information that would assist Luther's AG's offices in unsolved cases.

Maybe Roger and Carol can in support of their case raise these issues before the judge, before their peers, enabling the resolving of their mistreatments.
After all Bill Pryor was a mentor while attorney general, before federal judge, Troy King, and Luther Strange.

The lawyer-blogger from Key West said it best paraphrasing, that if riley had just left it along it was due to come a mute topic; now more and more coffee house, church, grocery store, service station etc conversations becoming topics of the day.

Support Roger and Carol Shuler
Remember Baldwin County 2002

ross said...

Don't "visitors" have to be on your visitor list before they can "see" you?

Dale Jackson said...

Ms. Shuler,

How long are you people going to allow this to go on? Take the stupid website down, you can do this without deleting the posts, and get your husband back in the courtroom. Get an actual lawyer, Roger Shuler is not good at being one. This martyr act is insane and will get you absolutely nowhere.

Personally, I have not seen Roger Shuler back up a single claim against Riley, Pryor or Strange with a single shred of evidence. I doubt he has any and that creates a legal problem for him. BUT they are public figures and they would need to prove "malice" which seem evident and that you knew the statements were false, which seems almost impossible. Additionally, they need to show damages, and hate to burst your bubble there are none.

Get out of jail and fight. Stop being a martyr.

legalschnauzer said...

ross @ 8:44 AM -- There is no visitor list. All visitors such as family, friends, supporters, and even members of the media, etc HAVE TO VISIT WITHIN A 30 MINUTE WINDOW ON SUNDAYS--no other time allowed. Your own attorney, including an attorney interested in representing you, can come whenever they want within reason. Probably can't see you during designated meal times and after a certain cut-off time in evening. Not sure when that is. But they can come any day, not just during the 30 minute visitation slot on Sunday afternoon. That is why this chick committed fraud and broke a number of laws by impersonating an attorney. She obviously told jail officials that she was an attorney (Roger's attorney) and that is against jail policy and against the law!

legalschnauzer said...

Dale Jackson -- My husband is a professional journalist of 35+ years and is an honest, ethical man. He does not write things that are untrue and without proof. Just because he respects his sources' wishes to remain anonymous does not mean they do not exist nor does it mean he does not have other proof. You make some valid points about malice and public figures etc so I agree with you there. Also agree that we need a good attorney. My husband and I both very much want an attorney and I have been looking for one despite what the NYT article said. They got that wrong along with a few other things. I am open to any suggestions for a really good out-of-state attorney specifically in constitutional law. Please contact me if you know anyone good who is willing to take case pro bono or on contingency.

Dale Jackson said...
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Anonymous said...

Jackson @ 9:35 am 01/22/14

"you people"; stated, was to really be interpreted as "ya'll little people[s]" with low mental capacities. It doesn't require a constitutional practicing law genius of thirty years in Alabama to see what's going on here.
"Stupid is as Stupid does." From movie Forrest Gump; and this time it ain't Alabamian John Q. Public.
aka Roger Shuler.

Shuler now has become the standard bearer for many Alabamians, jailed or not is this court's decision, Amazing that not one Alabama attorney has came forward to offer to represent Shuler.

One is left to wonder, does there exist any conscious for the Alabama government?

legalschnauzer said...
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