Thursday, January 30, 2014

Investigative Article Published in Bloomberg Markets on Paul Bryant Jr. Reveals Massive Insurance Fraud

This is Carol, Roger's wife. No one should be surprised that Paul Bryant Jr.'s ventures into insurance have been riddled with fraud. An investigative article in the current issue of Bloomberg Markets shows that Bryant's company was not meant to provide products and services, but rather to deceive the public and industry insiders about troubled insurance firms. The article also shows that Alabama Reassurance was set up to hide profits from Bryant's dog track operations.
"The company made a business out of propping up troubled insurers with reinsurance that appeared to reduce liability, says W.O. Myrick, a retired Alabama state insurance examiner. The contracts carried little, if any, risk to Alabama Re, he says. One client, Inter-American Insurance Co. of Illinois, went into liquidation in 1991, according to Cook County court documents.
'Historically, Alabama Re has entered into contracts to assume liabilities from problem insurers to help them appear to be in better financial condition than they actually are,' Myrick says in a telephone interview."
Experts told Bloomberg that the whole point of Alabama Reassurance was to hide dog track profits.
"Mississippi also examined Alabama Re.
'They were propping up broke companies for a fee,' says Tom Gober, who was examiner-in-charge at the Mississippi Insurance Department in the early 1990s. 'Companies knew they could call on Alabama Re because Alabama Re had to offset dog track profits.'"
Paul Bryant Jr.
Photographer: Glenn Baeske/The Huntsville Times/Landov


Anonymous said...

So for all the extortionists, murderers, drug lords, pedophiles, tax evaders, thieves, frauds, and white collar criminals that walk free in America, journalist Roger Shuler remains in prison for telling the truth?

Welcome to America where laws are written to protect the rights of criminals, punish those who could expose them––and where tax paying citizens are forced to fund it.

Unknown said...

This magic show where dogs are used to make money, barbaric.

People? INSURANCE is a gigantic FRAUD.

Gambling was and a serious addiction wrought on Americans.

Don't pay attention to why all the people want to get 'money' and are programmed to gamble to get IT, and all that happens is the same ole story.

Roger and Carol lost their retirements and of course that was the result of losing their jobs?

No, the booty was seen via the robed gavel tyrants that have been carefully 'CHOSEN' after a fashion, to usher in like vampires, the blood of our nation and all the people. Who gets to drink our life source?

Think about all the 'systems' that are 'operating America', here and now. Dean Henderson has the story about where we really are in this country regarding 'GOVERNMENT'.

Roger is incarcerated and can be killed at any moment.

We The People are incarcerated and can be killed too, at any moment.

DHS has lots of places for WTP and those that are already in the pens, well we must not let this get too much further in NAZI U$A.

Our rights' -WTP- are Roger's and Carol's SAME-O, and not for one nano do we continue to fool ourselves that this situation isn't absolutely in a dire emergency. Criminals have stolen the country and have criminally insane running the operation as BIG GOV.

SEE, Dean Henderson is the author of four books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve & Stickin’ it to the Matrix. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @

These emirates are ruled by single family monarchies selected by British colonialists to carry out their plan for dominating Middle East oil and shipping lanes in the late 18th century. The six GCC ruling families are inter-related with one another, just as are the royal families of Europe.

What happened in Libya and now in Syria is a classic covert operation conjured by Western intelligence and funded by the GCC which attempts to seize oilfields belonging to the people of Libya and gas fields owned by Syrians and hand them over to the Rothschild/Rockefeller trillionaires. Don’t be fooled. This is the same old colonial bullshit. Viva Ghaddafi! Viva Assad!

OBAMA just said the EXECUTIVE in the State of the Union, is to be issuing ORDERS. These EOs are responsible for the Plain of Jars and that was and is considered truly a KILLING EXECUTIVE BRANCH of the American owned machine.

Anonymous said...

Tragically the truth told is that so many government employees that are hired for the current administrative power and past powers, too,

convicted for crimes as felons, and told either do what you're told or return to being a convicted felon behind bars.

This is real and has been outed quite often from the time that the Bush Family took over the control of so called 'government'.

No government has been controlling the service of simply government, since the 1950s.

Who knows whether even as late as the 50s we were continuing to be the so called USA.

Supposedly not 'America' since the first wars were used to be the real reason the USA is in existence.

Most of the government that does whatever told in breaking laws and destroying our basic rights' almost count on a rap felon sheet and are made to order thug-slaves.

Carefully the USA was made into a very powerful fascist nation and Roger Shuler is very scary proof of how bad this fascism is.

Anonymous said...

The story unfolds: Traveling by commercial airlines from Albuquerque, NM to LasVegas,NV, Harger was asked by TSA to show his credentials. Minutes later a man flashed a badge claiming to be a federal agent (agency unknown) also demanding to see Harger’s credentials.

Harger was told that he was a person of interest, and the federal agent wanted to know where he was going and why. Bear in mind, no one is required to provide this information under these circumstances.

Harger said that the federal agent told him that the he, the federal agent, was paid to be suspicious of everyone.

Harger informed the federal agent that he was traveling to attend the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention in LasVegas.

Harger was detained for thirty-five minutes – his detention was video recorded but not made available to Harger.

Link to Vincent Finelli’s radio broadcast of January 29, 2014 describing the event:

Anonymous said...

(So why isn't Karl Rove in jail? Because he lied?)

"......Rove invented a uniquely injurious fiction for his operatives to circulate via a phony poll. Voters were asked, "Would you be more or less likely to vote for John McCain...if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?" This was no random slur. McCain was at the time campaigning with his dark-skinned daughter, Bridget, adopted from Bangladesh.

It worked. Owing largely to the Rove-orchestrated whispering campaign, Bush prevailed in South Carolina and secured the Republican nomination.

Anonymous said...

Political prisoners may be a step ahead of the people. Some put aside their fear of a system which threatens everyone within it, to say and do what’s needed for human survival. Under oppression everyone becomes a political prisoner.

Unknown said...

Rove supports the agenda. The agenda is what we're living in, no due process law and "the new world order" as Bush Sr. said.

McCain does too. Anything goes in the 'tribe Political Ponerology', however, they are only loyal to the 'cause' I mean CURSE.

In order to be a politician in the USA, gotta lie, cheat, steal and kill, or be ready for this exact agenda because whatever happened here, is our reality.

Israel was and is the model for the world chaos.

Roger is being treated exactly as the whole earth was supposed to succumb to, Roger is a hero along with Vanunu ...

"A secret court convicted Vanunu on charges of treason and espionage and sentenced him to 18 years. He was released from prison, where he'd spent up to 10 years in solitary confinement, on April 21, 2004. Vanunu remains a thorn in Israel's side, continuing to attack the nuclear program as well as Israel's treatment of its Arab minority.

Roger exposed the agenda, the agenda is degradation, perversion, and any way to destroy the human boundary of 'healthy shame'.

We're human and subject to programming and other forms of deep rooted 'confusion'.

The confusion is used to manipulate, control and DIRECT like a Pavlovian dog salivating at a bell ringing, or chicken pecking at the grain bell.

We've got to get the inner strength to be more powerful than the NEWS that sells the 'mental imagery' to cause us cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Been busy figuring out how this agenda is going to be, and wondering about Roger!

Names on the list, IOLTA at the ABA, with lots of 'lawyers' in the various schools and guilds and and and lawyers galore for pro bono?!

Please, these days the credit has been frozen via the Zio Punch Crunch Change Zombie Criminally Insane 'Gov U$ No A in DC!!