Monday, July 15, 2013

Town That Was Shaken By Jerry Sandusky Scandal Welcomes Ted Rollins And His Past As Child Abuser

Ted Rollins (right) with Copper Beech
founder Jack McWhirter at
Penn State 
You might think that residents of State College, Pennsylvania, would be hyper vigilant about anyone with a history as a child abuser entering their environs. After all, State College was the site of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, with the former Penn State assistant football coach at the heart of perhaps the most notorious child sexual abuse case in modern U.S. history.

So why are State College and the massive university in its midst throwing out the welcome mat for Ted Rollins, the CEO who has a documented history of being a child abuser? Rollins and his Charlotte-based company, Campus Crest Communities, are set to open The Grove at State College, which is one of about 40 such student-housing complexes the company has built around the country.

On top of that, Campus Crest announced earlier this year the purchase of Copper Beech Townhome Communities, which has been a major player in the student-housing sector for 20 years. Copper Beech just happens to be based in State College, PA, and its founders, John and Jeannette McWhirter, are among Penn State's largest donors in recent years.

It's likely that many residents of State College would not recognize the name Ted Rollins. And they almost certainly know little or nothing about his background. But the man--and his ugly history as a child abuser--now have a major presence in the town where Jerry Sandusky conducted his dirty work. We know him here in Alabama, of course, from his central role in the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case, which stands as the most grotesque example of judicial corruption we have encountered in the civil arena.

Ted Rollins' ties to State College, PA, came to mind when Penn State announced last Friday that it has reached tentative agreements to pay out millions of dollars to victims in the Sandusky case. From a report at

Penn State could soon be paying out millions of dollars to victims of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky after disclosing Friday it had tentative agreements with some of the young men who say he sexually abused them.
The school does not plan to comment on specifics until the deals are made final, which could happen in the coming weeks. University president Rodney Erickson called getting approval for settlement offers "another important step toward the resolution of claims from Sandusky's victims."

Penn State is working "toward the resolution" of the horrific Sandusky scandal, but at the same time, it is welcoming a student-housing company that is led by a man who is a proven child abuser. Last week's announcement about settlements in the Sandusky case came one month before The Grove at State College is to open in August for the start of the 2013-14 academic year. And it came roughly four months after Campus Crest announced its acquisition of Copper Beech.

Do residents of State College, and officials at Penn State, recognize the irony in this flurry of activity? It's possible that they simply are ignorant about Ted Rollins' background, but it is hardly a secret. We've written about it extensively here at Legal Schnauzer, and our reports have been picked up at a number of national Web sites.

Here are just a few of the posts we've written about Ted Rollins' record as a child abuser:

Campus Crest CEO Ted Rollins Once Beat His Stepson To A Bloody Pulp (April 17, 2012)

Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins Has A Conviction For Assault In His Background (May 2, 2012)

How Was Campus Crest CEO Ted Rollins Convicted Of "Simple Assault" In North Carolina? (May 10, 2012)

For the record, the Ted Rollins story does not end with the mere physical abuse of his stepson. He also was investigated for child sexual abuse, based on a report from an anonymous citizen. Here are some of our posts on that subject:

Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins Was Investigated For The Sexual Abuse Of His Stepson (September 12, 2012)

Towels Soiled With Feces Point To Child Sexual Abuse Involving CEO Ted Rollins (September 13, 2012)

The bottom line? A state investigation in North Carolina led to no action against Ted Rollins. No steps were taken to protect his apparent victim. 

Residents of State College, PA, and supporters of Penn State should be familiar with that kind of story. Jerry Sandusky first was investigated for inappropriate conduct with a child in 1998, but nothing came of it. More than 13 years passed, with an untold number of additional victims, before Sandusky finally was held accountable.

Some of the evidence against Ted Rollins can be viewed in black and white, as in the following court documents from Franklin County, North Carolina. Perhaps Penn State officials should become familiar with them.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

You do keep of course, a complete back-up of all your reporting.

And naturally, you keep this electronic data file elsewhere, not just on your computer at home.

Other people, friends, close associates you can trust, do indeed possess file copies of your investigative journalism?

There isn't much further into the abyss of corruption that the USA can drown in, well, now the two big pedophiles are really in bed together and call it Campus Crest.

Ivy League or the upper crust of the American 'leader elites' appear to teach higher ed in the department of predatory. Why are we surprised? The Tel Aviv model is totally open to the custom of preying upon 8 day old babies that are completely innocent, 'blood ritual' it is called and actually practiced as though 'religion'.

Forced it into the medical system, doctors think it's clean but, of course the money makes enough sense to not be curious enough. Began with a 'Jewish Dr.' saying women would get 'maybe' in the future, ovarian cancer. A pedophile he had to be. Christians got the practice as one from the Old Testament, unreal.

Practitioners of 'medicine' for real, must understand natural better as a genuine power.

Rollins is 100% unnatural. Call him a complete artificiality.

America in the learning how to, from bedroom to classes, prey upon the innocent and be 100% artificial, perfect zombies.

Mirror the worst state in earth, the USA is about as respected too, globally. Pedophiles rule and the rest of the world knows.

Thanks LS, sick can't get healed until understood the true level of how dangerous the dis-ease.

Anonymous said...

Good point that the residents of State College likely don't know this fellow. Have you thought of sending the information you have in black and white to the local newspaper and other media outlets?

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Ted Rollins standing by the Nittany Lion statue. That should be a wake up call for PSU supporters.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, I had no idea Ted Rollins was building one of his "fully loaded" apartment complexes at Penn State, of all places. This must be one arrogant dude.

Anonymous said...

I agree with @6:31. I don't think Penn State has actually welcomed Ted Rollins. They just don't know who he is.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 6:31--

Folks in and around Penn State will become aware of Mr. Rollins' background. In fact, some of them already are aware. Don't know whether mainstream press will pay attention, but I've been working on a series of interviews with public officials in the area (and PSU supporters), and will base a series of posts on that shortly.

Anonymous said...

I pray that Sandusky's victims come out of this with some sense of justice.

Anonymous said...

The founder of Copper Beech is a big Penn State donor? Hmmm, weren't there stories making the rounds that Sandusky helped arrange boys from Second Mile as sexual playmates for certain PSU donors.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 9:24--

Yes, PA sportswriter Mark Madden broke the story about the Penn State donors, and Sandusky "pimping out" young boys for them. Here is URL to one story on the subject:

Anonymous said...

Ted Rollins stupidly going into State College, PA, reminds me of Paula Deen stupidly letting that racial-discrimination case get out of control, costing her tens of millions (hundreds of millions?) of dollars. These people have no sense of public relations? They don't understand that issues like child abuse and racism can be deadly to business careers?

Barb said...

Newsflash for the people at Penn State: The Jerry Sandusky case is a long way from being resoloved. My guess is that it hasn't even been fully explored.

Deb said...

Speaking of Paula Deen, she has dumped her legal team. Might be too little, too late.

Anonymous said...

Talk about irony . . .

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the child sexual abuse investigation of Ted Rollins in the '90s, about the same time the first Jerry Sandusky investigation went nowhere?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 10:52--

Yes, they were in the same general time frame. The Rollins investigation actually was in the area of 1993-95, while Sandusky was around 1998. One was in North Carolina, the other in Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Penn State a state institution? If so, doesn't it benefit from state immunity? Isn't it protected from lawsuits? If that's the case, why is it paying out money in settlements?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 6:10--

You ask a profoundly important question, one that illustrates the absurdity of sovereign (sometimes called "state") immunity. I'm not certain of the answer to your question, but if the law in PA is like it is in AL (and I feel sure it is), you can't actually sue Penn State as an institution--you sue the board of trustees. And the board, as a whole, can invoke state immunity to cloak itself from lawsuits. My best guess is that, in a case as widely reported as this one, the board is not about to claim state immunity. There would be public outrage. But university boards do it all the time in lesser known cases. My understanding is that boards can waive immunity, and that might be what Penn State did in this case. Board members also can be sued in their individual capacities, and you can be assured the members do not want that. These payments are being made, but it's not because the trustees care about the victims or are trying to do the right thing. They are just trying to avoid a public flogging.

e.a.f. said...

What Sandusky did at penn state did not happen in a vacumn. Penn State won't mind Rollins at all. It has been and is all about the money.

Time to move your child out of Penn state.