Thursday, July 25, 2013

Allegations of Bribery Are Flying In Alabama Case That Led To $25-Million Lawsuit Against Vance Jr.

Robert Vance Jr.
Public documents show that attempted bribery has been present in the Alabama case that led to a $25-million federal lawsuit against Jefferson County Circuit Judge Robert Vance Jr. Records also indicate that William B. Cashion, the octogenarian businessman at the heart of the controversy, has a history of bribing public officials.

Just when you think our "justice system" can't get any uglier, up pops a case like William B. Cashion and Western Steel Inc. v. Steven Mark Hayden, et al (Case No. CV-2012-209). After pondering some of the sordid details in this case, you might feel compelled to cleanse yourself with an industrial strength shower. (See key documents in Part 1 and Part 2 of a renewed motion for recusal, at the end of this post.)

Where to begin? Well, let's start with evidence of attempted bribery. From page 8 of Part 1 in the recusal motion:

At some point the office of Judge Robert Vance received cash from Western Steel and/or William Cashion. 
Defendant Steven Mark Hayden (“Hayden”) was asked about his knowledge of these funds. Hayden testified that he knew only what he was told by Defendant, Frankie Cashion (“Frankie”). . . . 
Hayden later filed a motion with the Court requesting disclosure regarding the bribe. . . . 
From the deposition it is clear that Plaintiffs’ counsel had information regarding the details of this bribe.

Vance admits in the record that cash came his way--and yet, he has resisted all requests for him to step down from the case. Exhibits 8-11 in Part 2 of the recusal motion provide key evidence. From the motion:

At a subsequent hearing Judge Vance was asked about the aforementioned cash. . . .  Judge Vance revealed that he had transmitted the funds to the Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) and that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was notified as well.

Now we know that the bribery issue is serious enough for the FBI to be on alert--and the funds apparently came from the plaintiffs--but defendants are supposed to feel good about their chances of fair treatment in the case?

More details about the apparent bribe can be found in Exhibit 12. (See pages 31-33 of Exhibit 12 in Part 2 of the recusal motion below.) Vance says he received $500--five $100 bills--in an envelope that was sent to his home, apparently from Western Steel Inc. Vance described the envelope as "suspicious" and turned it over to authorities, who apparently have opened no case on the matter.

Plaintiff William B. Cashion is co-founder of Bessemer-based Western Steel Inc., and the record suggests he has a history of bribing public officials. Evidence includes an e-mail from Malcolm "Sandy" Wadsworth, one of Cashion's business associates, who says Cashion never has intended to use legitimate legal process in court cases that grew from his questionable investments in an Alabama gold mine.

The Wadsworth e-mail can be found as Exhibit A in Part 1 of the recusal motion below, and it says in part:

The Cashion team was completely against any peace discussions, they are happy with war, they are eager to fight and bent on destroying Mark Hayden in a Jefferson County Circuit Court. . . . (It was suggested that the deck is strongly stacked in Mr. Cashion’s favor in the Jefferson County Circuit Court. Mr. Cashion has bragged to the Wadsworths about how he has influenced Judges to rule in his favor during two previous court battles. He also told the Wadsworths that this is what you have to do if you desire to win in an Alabama Court.)

The Wadswoth e-mail goes on to state:

“The Cashion team is not playing fair and [is] bent on destruction … Mr. Cashion believes in the divine right of money and he believes because he has it he can do whatever he wants, no matter the cost to others.”

Consider some of the disturbing language in the Wadsworth e-mail:

* "Mr. Cashion believes in the divine right of money . . . "

* "[Cashion] also told the Wadsworths that this is what you have to do if you desire to win in an Alabama court case."

Is William B. Cashion trying to "buy justice" in Judge Robert Vance Jr.'s court room? It sure looks that way, but that is not the most disturbing aspect of this case. Mr. Cashion is well into his 80s, he is a private citizen, and court documents suggest he might not be of sound mind.

But that is not the case with Robert Vance Jr. He is an elected official who appears to be Cashion's enabler. Vance is using public resources to subvert the 14th Amendment rights to due process and equal protection. 

William B. Cashion might be an old, mean-spirited, guy, but the public's main concern should be with the actions of Judge Robert Vance Jr.

(To be continued)

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Anonymous said...

Bribery in an Alabama courtroom? Surely you jest.

Anonymous said...

This might not be a key legal issue, but my No. 1 citizen's question is as follows:

Why does Vance want to hang onto this case so badly, especially when it wasn't assigned to him in the first place?

Anonymous said...

This all makes me think that Mr. Cashion and his lawyers from Maynard Cooper Gale don't have much of a case. Cherry-picking the judge and sending envelopes of cash should not be necessary if the facts and law are on your side.

Anonymous said...

So Robert Vance admits an envelope filled with cash arrived at his home? Now that's interesting.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest a more newsworthy headline:

"No bribery occurred in an Alabama courtroom today"

Film at 11.

Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauz the greatest Bow Wow

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It's an epidemic: lying, cheating, stealing, and of course then using the media military industrial to make news and wars to kill us all, for the insane profits for Goldman Sachs and all whom profit that manufactured this, our 'current reality'.

ALABAMA POSTER CHILD for the new order of no rights except to the criminals, ROACHES IN ROBES, and the bribers of even lesser 'form'.

Matthias Chang is an international lawyer for real. He blew the whistle on the FED.

A man after your own heart, LS, he is indeed changing the whole wide world in his writing, and so are you! TX! another bow wow

Anonymous said...

The "divine right of money." What a phrase. And Mr. Cashion is not the only one who believes in that. He has lots of company.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Robert Vance Jr. a Democrat? Wasn't he first appointed to the bench by Don Siegelman?

Anonymous said...

"I believe in the divine right of money."

That should become our new national motto. It could be stamped across the stars and stripes.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 1:36--

You are correct, sir, on both counts.

Anonymous said...

There are ways around immunity. These folks need to do a little digging. I'd bet Vance's reason for not recusing is a payoff.