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Lawyer Who Filed Shelby County v. Holder Lawsuit Has Family Ties to Dixiecrats And Bull Connor

Bull Connor's fire hoses
The Alabama lawyer who filed the original complaint in a case that last week overturned a key section of the Voting Rights Act has family ties to the Dixiecrat movement that opposed racial integration in the mid 1900s. The lawyer also has roundabout ties to notorious Birmingham Commissioner of Public Safety Bull Connor, who is known for ordering fire hoses and police dogs turned on black demonstrators in 1963.

Frank C. "Butch" Ellis has been a municipal lawyer in central Alabama for more than 40 years, and in 2010, he joined with Bert Rein of Washington, D.C., to launch Shelby County v. Holder. The case concluded last week with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, penned by Chief Justice John Roberts, that found Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. (Key documents from throughout the case can be found here, at the Web site for the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.)

Roberts' opinion outraged many observers on the left, who consider the Voting Rights Act to be the primary legacy of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Some went so far as to suggest Roberts and his supporters in a 5-4 ruling engaged in criminal acts when overturning Section 4.

Here is how public-interest litigator Rob Hager expressed his contempt for "The Roberts 5" at the

Yet another ruling from the legislative workshop of the Roberts 5, has now surgically overturned the landmark Voting Rights Act that redeemed the national disgrace of the criminally depraved Jim Crow era. Their surgical strike in Shelby County effectively overturns the most significant legal outcome of the Civil War; violates separation of powers; invents a new rule of “state equality” for applying federal legislation that nowhere remotely suggested in the Constitution, that was rejected by the leading precedent, and is inherently preposterous; reverses numerous precedents; decides the case of parties that were not in court instead of focusing on the case before it -- as the Constitution, Article III, requires; and rejects the very idea of applying a known objective rule to adduced facts as defines the judicial process.

Hager makes a number of powerful arguments. But for now, we will focus on the man who gave birth to Shelby County v. Holder.

Butch Ellis is with the Wallace Ellis Fowler & Head law firm, which is right across the street from the Shelby County Courthouse in Columbiana. That courthouse is home to much of the corruption I've reported on this blog, including the unlawful sale of the full ownership rights to a house that my wife and I have owned for almost 25 years. Circuit Judge Hub Harrington presided over that fiasco, but no one is more embedded in Shelby County's corrupt culture than Butch Ellis. (We even have video that captures the sleaze in living color at a post titled "Showdown in Shelby County, Part II." This is Butch Ellis' kingdom, caught on tape.)

Ellis has contended in numerous published reports that Shelby County is a changed place, that black voter turnout is high and the county is solidly integrated. But a look at Ellis' personal history should raise eyebrows. That's because it has roots in an ugly effort to support segregation and throttle civil rights for black Americans.

Frank "Butch" Ellis
In a February 2013 piece at the Washington Spectator ("The Supreme Court v. Black Voters in Alabama"), journalist Lou Dubose spotlighted Ernest Montgomery, a black city councilman from Calera, Alabama, who retained his spot on the council only because of Justice Department intervention in 2009, via the Voting Rights Act. 

Roughly one year later, Butch Ellis filed the federal lawsuit that became Shelby County v. Holder. And Montgomery tells Dubose that Ellis' son, County Commissioner Corley Ellis, never told him the lawsuit was coming. Writes Dubose:

In 2010, Shelby County filed suit in federal court, describing Section 5 as a federal intrusion into state issues. It is this lawsuit that will be heard by the Supreme Court at the end of this month. Montgomery learned about the County Commission’s decision to sue the Justice Department when he read it in the Birmingham News. 
“As well as I know [County Commissioner] Corley Ellis—we have a friendship, not a close friendship but a friendship—I never got a heads up,” Montgomery said.

Maybe that has something to do with the Ellis family's background. Dubose explains:

Corley Ellis is the Shelby County Commissioner who neglected to inform Ernest Montgomery that the county had filed suit against the Justice Department. The Shelby County lawyer who filed the suit is Corley Ellis’s father, Butch Ellis. Butch Ellis’s father was Handy Ellis, a former lieutenant governor and the chairman of the Alabama delegation at the 1948 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. 
With Birmingham Commissioner of Safety Bull Connor, Ellis led the Dixiecrat walkout of the convention after declaring that Alabama delegates were instructed “never to cast their vote for any candidate associated with a civil rights program such as adopted by this convention.”

Bottom line? The lawyer who filed Shelby County v. Holder is the son of a Dixiecrat, the party that nominated Strom Thurmond for president at its 1948 convention--held at Birmingham's Boutwell Auditorium. And the lawyer's father was closely aligned with Bull Connor, the public official who ordered fire hoses turned on peaceful black demonstrators in 1963.

Perhaps we all should pay attention to the following words from Lou Dubose:

Faulkner’s—“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”—has been quoted so many times that it has become an exhausted cliché. 
Except in places where the New South seems incapable of escaping the Old South. 
In such places, those lines are as fresh as this morning’s news.


Anonymous said...

a sad day for Alamama and the nation....this action assures the republicans of their death grip on this state and on our society.

Anonymous said...

a sad day for Alamama and the nation....this action assures the republicans of their death grip on this state and on our society.

Anonymous said...

The so called Supreme Court of the USA is not just a disgrace, it is indeed a criminal RICO, global and therefore, internationally war criminals that legitimize killing whatever moves. Holder and Obama are the 'House' you know whats to do what they are told by the Whiteys.

Holder basically kissed ass in his statement about losing voting rights for 'blacks'. Look what Obama has done for 'blacks' and the others that gave him his second time in the WH.

'Animals are to be confined'.

War chest retirement portfolios beyond imagined, and what does it say in the US Constitution about 'war'?

But, they anointed Bush their war criminal GOD of earth so the mostly too old to be able to get on a computer effectively, can think the world is flat.

Certainly can't stand in your mastery of the modern tool to be the best lawyer in the world, it's international and the paradigm shift isn't but just begun in reality.

Gang of 'Roberts' Court' 'Roaches In Robes' are the country bumpkin cousins to join cult pedophile global gang of white supremest mass murderers of 'lesser skinned', and those that dissent with pigment challenged skin, on earth, like Michael Hastings, Aaron Swartz(sp?) and be careful, Legal Schnauzer.

Time has changed but the Supreme Court can't actually read what the global community has voted on, computer illiterates.'Roaches In Robes' want to be the "Courts as the envy of the World", global roaches that keep a primary host of 'flesh' 'home', forever too.

Bug brains. Time to get out the Orkin pest removers?

Anonymous said...

Butch Ellis has been part of the racist ruling class in Shelby County for eons. The guy just won't die, unfortunately.

Samuel said...

General life in Shelby County has changed, but the ruling class hasn't changed much at all. And they are the ones who will control how elections are conducted.

Anonymous said...

I hope this post will spread far and wide. The general public needs to know about the family history of the man who brought this lawsuit.

Milk Dud said...

This is from a Bloomberg article, and I think it pretty well sums things up:

"To Frank “Butch” Ellis, the racist culture that defined Alabama 50 years ago is gone. Integrated neighborhoods are common, and blacks are winning local elections with white support, he says.

“It’s not an issue anymore with us here,” the white lawyer said from his office across the street from the Shelby County courthouse in Columbiana.

To Harry Jones, a black minister, the racism has just moved underground. “Shelby County has modernized the ‘good ole boy’ syndrome,” he said at his church in Calera, 10 miles away."

legalschnauzer said...

Milk Dud:

Thanks for sharing. Notice that Butch Ellis' office is right across the street from the Shelby County Courthouse, site of the rampant corruption I've written about on this blog.

You can't get any more entrenched in a corrupt culture than Butch Ellis is in Shelby County.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Milk Dud pointed out the Bloomberg article. It's terrific. This is from another good piece, at NPR:

"Luther Strange, Alabama's Republican attorney general, calls the ruling historic.

"What I'm most pleased about [is] it's a recognition of the tremendous amount of progress that we've made in Alabama over the last 50 years," he says."

If we really had made all that much progress, we wouldn't be electing dunderheads like Luther Strange.

Here is URL to NPR story:

Gerry with a G said...

From Bull Connor to Butch Ellis.

From 1963 to 2013.

It all has a strange synchronicity.

David in S. Alabama said...

John Robert has set aside his position of Chief Justice of the SCROTUS to become Scrotum-in-Chief.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me the Voting Rights Act doesn't have much to do with whether a place is integrated or has high minority voter turnout or whether white people vote for black candidates. It's about the integrity of elections, equal voting rights under the law, and those things have to do with public officials and connected lawyers--people like Butch Ellis.

Unknown said...

Fucking Hosers

Yesterday, today,

holding on like no tomorrow,

but it's lost, USA's 'image'.

pretend non racism in the White House running around coo coo too

majority of South Africans against his family-him begging for HOPE?! While he drones all the 'darkies' to death!

Southern Crackers obviously now run the Supreme Court ..

Hmmmm maybe the Supreme Court isn't what it appears - spying is a security - safety - and of course 'banking' investment ..

Vanguard? Blackstone? So many umbrellas to be under SUPREMELY

Robby Scott Hill said...

My mom's family was Klan. They sent their most talented children to law school. My second cousin is a lawyer in Birmingham. Around 1980, the KGC directed the Klan to go underground & begin a period of co-existence as David Duke and others selected to attend law school to trade their white robes for black robes & trade the anonymity of the hood for the immunity of the bench. As my mother's son, they cared for me to some extent, but I knew I was never fully welcome. When I announced my intention to attend college & law school, I was received with "good luck & you'll do it at your own expense." Why don't you just get an ordinary job like all the other "worker bees."

In many Northern Alabama Counties, the Exalted Cyclops is now called Your Honor. The various Terrors are now called attorney (formerly Klokard), bailiff (formerly Klarogo), civil service deputy (formerly Klexter), the clerk (formerly Kladd). The Offices of General Counsel at the State Bar & Judicial Inquiry Commission resembles the old Klokan by its investigations of prospective members. The State & County Republican Party Committees are the old Night-Hawks, keeping the flame of the fiery cross & determining who will be allowed to run on the GOP ticket for Judge & DA if they can get past the Klokan.
In short, the Klan is now synonymous with the Judicial Branch of Government. They burned Fred Gray's offices & won't assassinate Barack Obama or Eric Holder because they want them alive to watch the newly re-gerrymandered Macon County & City of Tuskeegee elect White Officials who are against bingo & slot machines.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for a profound comment, Rob. It makes perfect sense. A corrupt court system is a terror organization, very much like the klan. And they both involve robes. Might as well put a hood on some of these judges. That John Roberts fell for the Shelby County con game just shows how thoroughly diseased our system is.

Unknown said...

wOw WoW WOW Robby, thank you.

In Portland, Oregon, the KKK is in government and proud to be partners with a NAZI Police Chief Kruger, like Freddie. Kruger did get finally outed, by a 'friend' that had conscience - Robert Seaver also a cop and a paralegal. Family all had to go into the witness protection program, that was in 2009-10, after he filed a BAR Complaint.

Martyr Barry and Eric!

No, there is not going to be another chance at the MLK honor.

I really have to wonder about John Roberts, something is really quite too weird.

Great uncover.

Robbed Klan are "Roaches" 'Tribal Legal' and how clever to only wear the hoods when doing ritual battle in the courts, in chambers before closed doors to get down the dance of how to retirement flush gamble.

Unknown said...


legalschnauzer said...


Thanks for sharing the URL to your post. I hope folks will check it out. Includes a much-deserved spotlight on Robby Scott Hill's insightful comment above. I see a number of similarities between the modern judiciary and the KKK, and it took Robby's keen eyes to point them out.

Unknown said...

Thank You Murphy Schnauzer Community, you are A LIGHT on my path in the darkness and I can't say words to describe the power that you have blessed the world with, LS.

Mark Knopfler, one of my favorites and says what I feel about how we all must keep the 'faith' in how real our USA is.

As I go blind from the pepper spray in my eyes, FUCKING COPS, I am taking up the keyboard again. Always the American Spirit is to know we can do what we dream, just gotta dream as big as we can and then share the dream of powerful liberty in the dream.

Happy Independence in our brain which is in every cell of our body, when you think about the reality of how power works wholly.

Heart and Spirit, must grow the courage and all the 'good virtues' of power within our selves and there are so many more of we the wee people than them, Roaches.

Anonymous said...

Alabama is very scary: Wikipedia,

Early life

Dees was born to a farming family in Alabama in 1936.[3] After graduation from the University of Alabama School of Law in 1960, he returned to Montgomery, Alabama and opened a law office.

Marketing career

He ran a book publishing business, Fuller & Dees Marketing Group. After what Dees described in his autobiography as "a night of soul searching at a snowed-in Cincinnati airport" in 1967, he sold the company in 1969 to Times Mirror, the parent company of the Los Angeles Times. He used the revenue generated by the sale to found the Southern Poverty Law Center in 1971.[5] Dees' former partner Millard Fuller used his share of the proceeds to found Habitat for Humanity International in 1976 and served in executive roles until 2005.


Redeye said...

What Anonymous said Alabama is very scary: Wikipedia,

Unknown said...

Roger & Robby, Redeye, e.a.f., ET AL

1. KKK info, question is, did American Bar Association, 'Section' The Standing Committee on Law and National Security, begin when 'law' was signed?

A. The 'Section': conducts studies, sponsors programs and conferences and coordinates working groups on law and national security-related issues, including the legal responses to terrorism, the restructuring of the intelligence community and its role in law enforcement, and operational international law in the conduct of the military.

2. The National Security Act of 1947 was signed by U.S. President Harry S. Truman, on July 26, 1947. It created the National Security Council, the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Joint Chiefs of
Staff in the aftermath of World War ll.


A. Visits from UFOs?

4. Hitler, Stalin, Truman, Roosevelt, Et Al are said to have known that there were 'visits' and the "knee-jerk" reaction was-IS to defend with the best weaponry and to get these made immediately.

A. Nukes. Weapons are used on one another that were to save the earth from being 'invaded'?

I'm just beginning my 'discovery' from your history, Robby.

It appears whites [KKK marching in Washington DC, 1928, huge open parades] feared getting 'mixed' with human skins of darker than the humans' with no pigment.

MIND-SET [brainwashing, programming, TERRORIZED] the aliens are coming, AND the Americans 'protect-defend', from the Chinese and Russians are coming as well. Children for generations are 'ready'.

Chinese are 'celestial power/s' long time 'readiness'.

LAW in the USA isn't in any stretch of an imagination as a system of contract resolution and negotiations of 'communication and cooperation' trade-exchange.

Clearly it's a system where the people who have the digital access to 'powerful credit' get to have the 'education' which in essence has a hierarchy that's based in the fear of being less powerful.

WHERE IS THE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION AND THE 'SECTION' FOR THE EQUAL COLORS, why hasn't the 'Black' President signed into 'law' a protection in the education where all are educated at the highest level in 'law'?

The Univ Davis School of Law had Charley Munger, Warren Buffet's 'lawyer' that was never schooled in law REPRESENT THE AMERICAN BILLIONAIRE CLASS, and indeed the same old story about a VERY VERY BIG WHITE FAT MAN, IGNORANT AND EXTOLLED, says to the white students there pushing his stupid book --note, how the 'Chinese' are 'overrunning' America.

Look at each system of lawyers in the USA, and there is NOT enough DIVERSITY in just the pigment not challenged alone.

A system of what once wore robes of white and now pretend that the balance of shade is a quota, black robbed % white MALE KKK?!! Agents for the real terrified whites at the top of the global pyramid - Rothschilds-Rockefellers ET AL

Thanks again Robby for the imagery, an artist's insatiable curiosity got me going.

JOURNALISTS - 'to journal' - are our color wheel so we can be actually in a state of 'measuring reality' via the artists' use of all the available 'art' in every way means and form, thanks LS OMG

I'm working on seeing (while I still can) this system of very clever ritualistic slaughtering of common sense and higher intellect.

Anonymous said...

In the early 1900s, Gustav Klimt was involved in perhaps the biggest controversies of his career. He had been commissioned to create three paintings for the ceiling of the Great Hall in the University of Vienna. When finished, his three paintings, Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence were criticised for their radical themes and material, which many termed "pornographic" at the time.

The criticism came from all quarters -- political, aesthetic, and religious. As a result, the three paintings were not displayed on the ceiling of the Great Hall. Upset at the furore caused by his work, that he saw as nothing but his artistic expression, Gustav Klimt vowed never to accept a public commission again.

Unfortunately, the three paintings were destroyed by retreating SS forces in May 1945.

Another controversial Gustav Klimt work from the time was Nuda Verita, which depicted a starkly naked red-headed woman holding the mirror of truth. Above the woman, was Schiller quotation - "If you cannot please everyone with your deeds and your art, please a few. To please many is bad."

Unknown said...

Hitler & Wilson: World War I.

Hitler went to Vienna to study, 1908, ART & 'Culture' but his work was so amateur he couldn't get into the academy.

Hitler said to be the 'bastard son' of Rothschild as Clinton 'Bill' is the bastard child of Winthrope Rockefeller.

The offspring of the top predators of earth get very interesting positions and they are typically a bit daft in the head.

THE PETTICOAT PRESIDENCY is what Wilson was eventually called, he had a 'nervous breakdown' and Mrs. Wilson ran the 'Presidency'.

Wilson sold America to the Federal Reserve Banking Cabal, entered into War when he won the Presidency on Peace President - sounding familiar?

HITLER NAZI, WHITE SUPREMEST KKK agenda, loathed multicultural Vienna - he was of course funded by the same families that are funding the GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR.

ESPIONAGE ACT, JUNE 1917, WILSON SIGNED THIS IN, for the Legal Schnauzer journalists to shut the F up, and in essence it was the dictatorial power that has been used to get us in the GWOT death spiral of losing our civil liberties - IE 'Bill of Rights' AND of course to stop Americans of spirit and conscience against the UNLAWFUL war/S, SIBEL EDMONDS, ET AL.

USA CAN'T - UNFORTUNATELY - stop the criminally insane European 'masters' of US 'money' PAID TO CORRUPT 'PRESIDENTS'.


Klimt, was the most famous living artist during that period of time and he joined with the radicals to usher in the 'freedom and liberty' finally experienced after the years of oppressed European 'life'. A first - where an actual artist made a living, while alive. He was of course soon rejected because he exposed the "naked truth" and so on.

Thanks again Robby, for the KKK spark to ignite the art history chronology.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Most Shocking Aspect of the Aaron Hernandez Case Isn't That He May Have Killed Someone
It's that a suspected murderer received better treatment than a nonviolent drug offender simply because of his wealth.

Mike Riggs | July 2, 2013

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. said...

Your article was timely, the day before 4 July.

Here in B.C., Canada we have a network called Knowledge. As it does from time to time, it runs a documentary on the Civil Right movement. It did so on 4 July. It covered the marches in Selma and actions in Miss. and Alabama. One of the moving parts of the documentary is LBJ speaking to a joint session regarding the Voting Rights Act.

As I looked back at the black and white tape of the marches and the young white men on the sidelines scream and threatening the marchers, I realized most of them are still alive today. That type of hatred doesn't go away. It just takes on another form.

With the Roberts decision regarding the Voting Rights Act, it is clear, to me at least, not much has changed. Those racists of the 1960s are still alive and well. They have just another method to attain their goals. They still want their "old south" back.

Some may refer to integrated neighbourhoods, all they want but the reality of it is, in some black neighbourhoods unemployment amongst young black men is 95%. that isn't progress.

What the establishment has done is "permitted" a few people of colour to enter through the front door, but the rest are still sitting at the back of the bus. Today that is the economic bus.

The American Supreme Court ought to be ashamed of themsleves. They undid a lot of work a lot of people died for. So much for democracy in the U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Please note that this more advanced essay is an integral part to the comprehension of my upcoming multi-part series on the founding of the United States and its Constitution – the Masonic origins of America – and why the fervent desire to build and support Israel (Zionsim) at all costs is so prevalent in our collective set of world leaders.

Today’s presentation includes photos, quotes, and my own commentary to help put the puzzle pieces of the past together in their proper historical perspective so as to understand the collective disposition of the unorganized masses of people of the world under this unified international foe.

kay said...

Would you like a new story for your board, how about Shelby county Dhr/ judges corruption at its peak. Contact me at