Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Glimpse At Information On Ted Rollins' Cell Phone Raises Questions About Alabama Divorce Case

The overarching question in the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case might best be summed up this way: How does a woman who married into one of the wealthiest families in the United States wind up with a divorce judgment that is so viciously one sided that she and her daughters have to go on food stamps?

You apparently don't have to know any of the parties or the issues involved to have that question come to mind. I discovered that from my recent conversations with a man who claimed to have come into possession of Ted Rollins' iPhone during a renovation project at Campus Crest Communities' headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I've never been able to determine the man's identity--or if his story is 100 percent true. But from checking Ted Rollins' phone, and conducting Google searches that led to my posts about the divorce case, the man said he could tell Birmingham resident Sherry Carroll Rollins experienced an unusually cruel outcome in court. In fact, the man said, her phone number on the iPhone is listed as "Sherry 'Use Caution, Ex Wife' Rollins."

After I discussed Campus Crest's substantial support from Wall Street--which was in the neighborhood of $400 million and now exceeds $700 million--the man had an understandable response. "Here's my question," he said. "Why is the [ex] wife doing so badly, why has she been neglected? And what about the kids?" (See video below, starting at about the 3:30 mark.)

The only response I could come up with at the moment? "I guess he's just incredibly ruthless."

I went on to explain, however, that Ted and Sherry Rollins got married without a prenuptial agreement--something that apparently had never been done in the modern history of the Rollins family--and that meant Ted Rollins stood to lose major sums in an equitable distribution of marital assets. That, I told the man, probably is the best answer to your question.

We went on to discuss the ugliness in Ted Rollins' background--his conviction for assault on his stepson (then 16 years old), plus an investigation based on a citizen complaint about possible child sexual abuse of the same stepson. 

Why would someone with such ugly events in his background proceed to orchestrate a monstrous courtroom cheat job on his ex wife? Why not reach a reasonable divorce settlement that would help ensure such events stayed under wraps, especially if you someday plan to launch a public company on Wall Street?

Such arrogance must be beyond the grasp of everyday folks because neither I nor my anonymous caller could come up with ready answers to those questions.

(To be continued)

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Anonymous said...

Legal schnauzer, you need three more zeros on your monetary figures in the post this morning, as I assume you meant millions instead of thousands. Thanks

legalschnauzer said...

You are correct, sir. I've made the fix. Thanks for calling the error to my attention. Not sure how I made that one.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like this unknown guy is more concerned about Ted Rollins' children than Ted Rollins is.

Anonymous said...

Hey, LS, can I have that iPhone if it turns up?

Anonymous said...

I know you are a highly intelligent man.... This is a trap. Do not fall for it..

Anonymous said...

Advise him to take it to the authorities and meet you there..

legalschnauzer said...

Love your verse, PP. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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James Greek said...

Ted Rollins owns a lot of land. Bested only by Ted Turner but at least Ted Turner has a work ethic!

e.a.f. said...

They have terms for people like Ted Rollins. You can find them in books they use in Psychology and Psychiatry.

Ted Rollins is sending a message not only to his wife but others who "cross" him. We've heard the term, "too big to fail", when it comes to the American banks. Well for guys like Ted Rollins, its "too big to have the law apply to them".

No its not a zionist plot. From my reading it is not unreasonable to conclude most of the southerns we read about on this blog are some sort of southern protestant. Not that any of them could qualify as a religious or christian person. They flunked the tests.