Thursday, July 18, 2013

Man Who Claims To Have CEO Ted Rollins' iPhone Describes Scheme Designed to Deceive Stockholders

Theresea Kilgore
Officials at Campus Crest Communities spent way more than expected on an office renovation at their Charlotte headquarters and intentionally spread the costs over multiple projects to deceive stockholders about excess spending.

Evidence of that can be found on CEO Ted Rollins' iPhone, according to an unknown caller to Legal Schnauzer. The man claimed the iPhone came into his possession when Campus Crest gave away office equipment to individuals working on the renovation.

"Our company had around $400,000 in charges that [Campus Crest] didn't plan on spending, so . . . they divided the $400,000 up among other projects across the country. [That way] the stockholders wouldn't realize what they were actually spending on the office renovation." (See video at the end of this post.) 

The iPhone includes contact info for a number of celebrities, including musician Rosanne Cash, basketball great Julius Erving, and pro wrestler Hulk Hogan. Just for fun, the caller said, he called the number for Rosanne Cash to see what would happen. When she answered the phone and identified herself as "Rosanne," the guy got flustered and said he must have the wrong number. "I called Julius Erving, too," the man said.

As for less famous people, photos of Birmingham resident Theresea Kilgore show up throughout the iPhone's contents, the man said. Kilgore has been a curious character in the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case. We described Kilgore's role in attending a settlement conference and encouraging Sherry Carroll Rollins to accept several outrageously low-ball figures. That was in a post titled "Here Is More Evidence That CEO Ted Rollins Lied Under Oath To Reduce His Child-Support Payments." 

Why would Theresea Kilgore show up in photos, apparently taken at locations around the country, on Ted Rollins' cell phone? We have no idea. "She's in a lot of pictures," the caller said. "She went on a lot of vacations with them."

The man again expressed alarm about images on the phone that he considered to be child pornography. "If I turn this phone over to authorities, [Ted Rollins] will be arrested immediately."

I expressed doubt about that because, based on descriptions of the images, I'm wasn't sure they amounted to child pornography. 

The man admits that one reason he called me is that he had a contentious relationship with a Campus Crest employee and ultimately felt he had been treated badly on the renovation project.

What was the outcome of all this? Our story will be winding down with the next post in our series.

(To be continued)

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Anonymous said...

A CEO deceiving stockholders? Now that could never, ever happen.

Anonymous said...

This Kilgore chick looks like a . . . well, maybe I'd better not finish that thought.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody is using accounting trickeration.

Anonymous said...

I want to know who this guy is that called you. Somebody has to recognize that voice.

Anonymous said...

Great story about the guy calling Rosanne Cash and Dr. J. This guy might be a fraud, but he sounds like a pretty funny dude.

Anonymous said...

I smell a trap, LS. I'm sure you are smart enough to smell it, too. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 11:48: no it isn't a grat story....he flies them around on his planes.

Unknown said...

Michael Hastings OBVIOUSLY murdered by bomb on gas tank


This report is now finished and VASTLY improved. Please re-copy and paste, after a LOT of analysis it's really damning

LS, again, you be careful. This site of freelance journalist is the best I've seen for what happened to MH

food for your soul, careful!

Anonymous said...

absolutely go to this link and see the photo that goes with this, you are so perfect for each other

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I open up the New York Times and there’s a page one story about Anthony Weiner, who is now ahead in the race for Mayor of New York.

The article is 17 column inches long. I measured. The entire profile of the candidate – every bumpy, veined inch of it – is about Mr Weiner’s penis.

It is, I admit, a really famous penis. Weiner was a Congressman until two years ago when he resigned because he sent a 21-year-old woman photos of his wiener (modestly bulging from his underpants) via Twitter. Weiner was forced to resign from Congress.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear, @4:48. I didn't mean that it was a great "fake" story. I believe that those people are on the cell phone, but I just thought it was funny that the guy who says he wound up with the phone actually called Rosanne Cash and Dr. J. And when Rosanne Cash answered, he got flustered and hung up. I just laughed to myself because that's the kind of starstruck thing I probably would have done. Me? I would have called Hulk Hogan and struck up a conversation.

Anonymous said...

Zacherydtaylor said...

I haven't kept up with all of your writings on Rollins but recently I read an excerpt from "Dumping in Dixie" by Robert Bullard who wrote about a Rollins hazardous waste company that was dumping in minority neighborhoods. These people were getting sick and possibly even dying. The3y were pressured into accepting a compensation package that amounted to about $3,000 each but they had to sign away their rights to sue for medical damages, if I remember correctly.

I get the impression that this might be some connection but am not sure what. Does this ring a bell? If so it might be worth a closer look for someone although Robert Bullard may have already done that.

legalschnauzer said...


I will look into this. Rollins family has a bunch of business entities. They used to have an outfit called Safety Kleen, and that might have involved removal of hazardous waste. Think they got into some legal trouble over that and may have dumped the company. Let me check.


legalschnauzer said...


Here is URL to a post I did about Safety Kleen, which grew out of Rollins Environmental. Safety Kleen apparently was involved in accounting fraud:

Anonymous said...

ACCOUNTING FRAUD caught my attention and look where the Pests all get their poisons to kill us all, it's about the 'money' alright

ALGORITHMS we all get this because the truth be told, it's our own 'credit script'.

And here we are with the Zombies Rollins getting to be insiders and poison US, as paid to, CLEARLY!

92 QUADRILLION just with the auto pilot FED's power.

Rollins family and the rest of the 'government' USA aren't all receiving auto-digital dust to dust us into oblivion!

LS, demand your account get algorithms immediately, you are the greatest of the southern journalists and deserve to be paid well for saving US All!

Time for change!!

Anonymous said...

Bank of International Settlements owns America, it's said

Enjoy Dire Straits playing in Basel, Switzerland where the BIS IS that owns US

you can embed it LS

get a photo the the Tower of Babel cause it's the BIZ too

Great weekend to the L Murphy S community

Anonymous said...

FISC judges are rubber stamp. Challenging them is virtually impossible. So is any chance for justice.

More than a dozen Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) "classified rulings created a secret body of law giving the (NSA) power to amass vast collections of data on Americans while (allegedly) pursuing not only terrorism suspects, but also people possibly involved in nuclear proliferation, espionage, and cyberattacks, officials say."

Unknown said...


could never have done what that link is, should you not have been one of my greatest leaders

thank you eternally and my son is working on his great talent of drawing, the tide is still so far out and swimming to shore a long hard drag


Anonymous said...

nice rack to titillate kill and gore


Zacherydtaylor said...

Roger, I took another look at the source; it was from a 1990 book so it is out of date. It refers to Rollins Environmental Services and their activities near Alsen which is several miles north of Baton Rouge. It appears as if it is the same. Here's a quote from an article on their merger, "The new company's board would have 10 directors, consisting of Rollins chief executive John W. Rollins and three others designated by his company,"

If they had been held fully accountable for the damage they did they almost certainly wouldn't have all their money anymore. They almost certainly made it through legal, political and other means that avoided paying for the damages they did. They may have gotten away with an enormous amount of environmental damage that had major impacts on health, and this is just one of the cases they were involved in.

Here is a Wiki page on the story.

Judging by the excerpt I read my best guess is that there is more to this story that might have happened after the settlement although i don't know if Bullard did any follow up. If the environmental damage was as bad as indicated then it almost certainly led to further health damage that happened afterwards.

Googling Rollins Environmental Services indicated that they had many other lawsuits as well.

legalschnauzer said...


Thanks for letting me know about this case. I plan to write on it soon. It's a major part of our country's environmental history, and I knew nothing about it, much less that it involved Ted Rollins' family.

Zacherydtaylor said...

The excerpt I read was cited in "American Earth" edited by Bill McKibbon, if that helps. I couldn't find a copy of it on line but if I have anything more on it I'll let you know. I might also write a couple blogs related to the subject although except for what I found in that except I probably won't focus on the Rollins family. I get the impression that for the most part you know much more than I about them anyway.

Anonymous said...

Glen Rollins and his soon to be ex-wife are scheduled go to court in Atlanta on Sept 16, 2013 to resolve the divorce Danielle filed for. You may want to circle back on that as you have had some reporting on that in the past.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for the update on that. Had not heard anything on status of that case in a while. Do you know if it's set to go to trial? That kind of case usually is settled, I think, so will be interesting to see how it shakes out.

Anonymous said...

It is set in Fulton County Superior Court-Domestic Relations Trial-for September 16, 2013. Info can be followed by doing a Civil Case Search in Fulton County, Ga. website-type in last name then first and it pulls it up.