Monday, July 22, 2013

RealtySouth Agent Amber Darnell Tries to Squelch Reporting On Unlawful Sale Of Chilton Co. House

Amber Darnell
An Alabama real-estate agent has tried to put a halt to reporting on the unlawful sale of a house in Chilton County.

Amber Darnell, of RealtySouth, is listed in court documents as the agent for the sale of a house belonging to Clanton resident Bonnie Cahalane.

I contacted Darnell recently and informed her that Circuit Judge Sibley Reynolds had unlawfully ordered Cahalane jailed for five months last year as part of the fallout from a divorce case styled Wyatt v. Wyatt. The judge then orchestrated an agreement for the sale of Ms. Cahalane's house while she was under threat of being returned to jail if she did not comply.

When I informed Darnell that both the incarceration and resulting sales agreement were contrary to black-letter Alabama law, she didn't much seem to care. "I'm just doing what the court has told me to do," she said.

Darnell, however, did seem to care about any unsightly publicity that might come from the sale. (See video at the end of this post.) Here is part of our exchange:

"There's nothing I've said that you would need to publish." 
"Well, that's for me to decide." 
"No, it's not because I'm the one who's verbally saying it. And there's not anything I've said or anything that you need to publish." 
"I will publish what I feel needs to be done."

Darnell then referenced a statement I had made earlier about Cahalane's right not to be unlawfully incarcerated or be the victim of court-ordered theft. Somehow, Darnell equated that to her own alleged right not to be quoted about the sale of a house for which she is the listed agent:

"You're so concerned about someone else's rights, but when it comes to my rights, you're not worried about mine?" 
"What rights of yours [have I violated]? I told you who I am and asked a few questions." 
"And I said what I need to say and said you don't need to publish anything at this point." 
"Well, you don't have that right, to tell me whether or not to publish. I make that decision."

Since that approach didn't seem to be working, Darnell decided to try insults:

"I've read your blog--it was brought to my attention by the ex husband (Harold Wyatt)--I know you are attacking RealtySouth and anyone you can attack." 
"I'm publishing information that is right from the court file. You are the listed agent, and that's fact."

It seemed Darnell could use a refresher course on some basics of the law. So I decided to give her one:

"A woman is about to lose her house, and I consider that kind of important. The law is what's written; it's not what Sibley Reynolds says it is. . . . This is a judge who throws someone in jail for five months on a supposed debt? You just can't do that. 
"Then you can't have a contract with the threat of the person going back to jail if she doesn't agree to it. That's Law School 101."

Darnell tried, without much success, to distance herself from inconvenient truths:

"I was not part of her being in jail. I don't know anything about that." 
"How did the house come to be listed with you?" 
"It was court ordered."
"I would encourage you to look beneath that court order because it's unlawful. I'm sure you wouldn't want to have your house taken from you unlawfully. I wouldn't want it done to me, and I don't want it done to Ms. [Cahalane]. We have lots of problems with judges who don't rule according to what the law says. That's what I'm trying to shine light on."


Robby Scott Hill said...

Alabama is a one party consent state for telephone conversations & you get to marry your 1st cousin! I mean with all the class warfare, Worker exploitation, racism, bigotry and hate in our great state, they had to throw us a couple of bones somewhere to offset that long laundry list of things Poor White Trash & Negroes can't do in Alabama. She needs to turn that frown upside down, get glad instead of mad and hurry along to the next Country Club Republican Women's Meetup where all the other rich, White women are getting drunk on $10 margaritas & crying about how all of us po' folk are preventing them from maximizing their profits; how all of us will soon be taking up hospital space they so desperately need to continue getting their tits enlarged, their doughy, fat asses lipo sucked & their knees replaced so they can keep on working out in hopes their husbands won't step out on them with the dreaded younger woman.

Robby Scott Hill said...

The Statutory definition of eavesdropping excludes the recording of a conversation with the consent of one party. Thus, the citizen has a right to record his own conversations. Alabama Code 13A-11-30(1)

Anonymous said...

Who is Ms. Darnell's broker? An agent is to be acting in the best interest of his/her broker. I am not so sure that following through with the listing of this property is in the broker's best interest. I have family members in Chilton County who are about to list a large tract of land. I assure you,it will not be with Realty South.

legalschnauzer said...

During our interview, Amber Darnell said her supervisor at RealtySouth is Patti Bingham. Not sure if that means Ms. Bingham is the broker, but she is the person to whom Amber D. answers.

Anonymous said...

Obvious question: If the sale of this house is on the up and up, why does Amber Darnell object to publicity?

Anonymous said...

You can't hide your lyin' eyes . . .

Anonymous said...

What do I take from this interview? Amber Darnell knows the Cahalane home is being stolen, and she actively is playing along with the game, as is her employer. In the law, I think they call that a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Amber, Girlfriend, you have a nice hot listing, with a big-ass commission check coming down the pike. Scream it from the rooftops, Girl!

Sharon said...

A real-estate agent who doesn't want publicity about one of her listings? And didn't I read where the list price is in excess of $300,000? I know people in the field, and they would kill for publicity about such a listing. Something doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

With apologies to Don Henley and Glenn Frey:

"You can't hide your lyin' words

Like spraying fragrance on a bunch of turds

They might be nouns, they might be verbs

There ain't no way to hide your lyin' words"

Anonymous said...

So former husband Harold Wyatt, who stands to benefit from the unlawful sale of Bonnie's house, alerted Amber about your blog.

My, how interesting.

I thought Amber was supposed to be representing the seller--and that is Bonnie. Sounds like Amber is more interested in pleasing Harold Wyatt.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 9:39--

Your version of "Lyin' Eyes," or should I say "Lyin' Words," is a major hoot.

Anonymous said...

LS what a great journalist work.

Funny the comic literary, absolutely wonderful.

There are videos on youtube with the 'Elders' speaking, Native Americans.

Part Two of the Series the Elder said we have the Bill of Rights to our Constitution, but it should be the Bill of Responsibilities.

The 'Government' that also was the same when Wounded Knee was, are not going to be able to continue on as we know.

Ghost Dancing was happening back in that time, when the Americans were being forced to not be free.

We are the United States, but America has never been given up by those that were the true 'land owners'. The story about Ghost Dancers, Jack Wilson, Black Elk, Wounded Knee, absolutely enlightening.

These Realty South 'people' do not believe they have responsibility and, therefore, they cannot be in control-charge of 'leading'.

Scary reality RealtySo and GovAla are the 7 Calvery after a fashion, and doing to the women and children now as when Wounded Knee happened.

Bonnie, her children, house to be burned, same story modern.

Sad, Ghost 'Spirit' was and continues to dance.

Anonymous said...

Realtor's are a nonessential interference into the process of buying and selling property. They - by the nature of any beast working on straight commission-are only driven by What Is In It For Them! This must be kept in mind at all times-no sale=no commission!I don't know this real estate company or this agent-they are in the cat bird seat and if it wasn't this agent or agency it would be another...Real Estate agents are 2 levels below car sales people and those that sell burial and cancer policies door to door ! And this gal is not sharp enough to back off engaging with you in conversation! Just keeps talking and digging the hole deeper with each word! Amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Robby made me spit out loud and maybe the Realty South lady needs to lose her home and see how it feels.. What goes around comes right back around.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Fo' real. She should be paying us to comment & tweet this article.

e.a.f. said...

well that was a fun read! She objected to you publishing the conversation? Now that is sweet!

it was even funnier when she referred to the former husband--now wouldn't we like to know more about that one.

Ah, sweet home Alabama, the corruption just keeps on giving.

Obviously Ms. Darnell thought she was capable of talking you out of publishing the conversation. She isn't that bright. If she knows about this blog then she ought to have known there isn't much which will keep you from printing the truth. Ah, poor, poor Ms. Darnell. Perhaps she needs a new career or new friends. Mr. Wyatt doesn't sound like he is the type your mother would want you to hang out with.

David in S. Alabama said...

A good question is just who is RealtySouth. A google search shows offices in several cities but not in Chilton Co. The Sec. of State doesn't show it as an AL corp. The other question is who else at RealtySouth is connected to Sidley Reynolds?

Anonymous said...

OMG~ You guy's should know she is doing her job... She's not sitting on her butt living off who ever she can screw over like Bonnie.... GET A JOB PEOPLE and leave Angie and Amber out of this. Bonnie walked away with the same amount of money as Mr. Wyatt even though she never paid any money until Jan. 2013... That is 6 months. Mr. Wyatt paid 3 years and did not live there. They only lived as husband and wife for 10 months... AS SOON AS HE FINISHED BUILDING THE HOUSE BONNIE KICKED HIM OUT ILLEGALLY!!!!! Why don't we talk about this??? Why because you guy's are freaking non working Liberal's!!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI~ The house was in Mr. Wyatt name only.. He added Bonnie's name to the house in sept. 2008 just a week before his back surgery. Which FYI Bonnie never went to the hospital when her husband was having surgery but when he came home he was illegally kicked out... Bonnie has been married to 2 other men since MR. Wyatt.... Get your freaking facts straight. Why is it that everyone is bad but Bonnie? Mr. Wyatt was husband number 5

Anonymous said...

Amber Darnell and realtysouth have nothing to do with this case just asked by court to sell house signed by both parties to do so Bonnie got 97,000 plus cash out of house sell!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie's name is not Ms. Wyatt she has been married 2 times since her divorce from Mr. Wyatt.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody is riled up enough to take a hatchet after Bonnie Cahalane. I wonder why.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 3:36 etc.--

Can you do either of the following?

* Cite a law that shows Bonnie Cahalane's incarceration was lawful;

* Cite a law that shows the contract for sale of Bonnie Cahalane's house was lawful.

If you can't do both of the above, the information you provide doesn't mean a thing under the law.

legalschnauzer said...

To Anonymous:

I notice that you continue to send ad hominem attacks on Bonnie Cahalane, but you refuse to answer the questions I posed to you. I've given you some leeway to post your allegations, but I think it's time you reveal your identity if you are going to continue this sort of assault. Feel free to contact me via private e-mail at if you wish to address these issues in a serious manner, as opposed to popping off from behind the cloak of anonymity. Otherwise, your comments will be deleted.