Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What did it mean when my lawyer-brother David Shuler, after we had expressed a desire to achieve justice, nonchalantly said, "It's not gonna happen"?

David Shuler
We've established that my elderly mother has made several curious statements indicating she has at least a general idea of who is behind the abuse directed at Carol and me in recent years -- and why we've been targeted. But my mother hardly is the only family member to make such statements. My lawyer-brother, David Shuler, has done the same thing. And given his status as a member of the legal tribe, it likely will surprise no one that he has engaged in flagrant falsehoods. In fact, we recently discovered evidence that shows David concocted stories that almost got Carol and me killed during an unlawful 2015 eviction that directly led to Carol's broken arm.

What about David's most peculiar statement? It came in summer 2014, shortly after Carol and I had arrived in Missouri, and I made a statement to the effect that, "Our No. 1 goal, in light of all that has been done to us, is to achieve justice."

David's response? "It's not gonna happen."

In addition to being rude and thoughtless, David's words could cause the following response in any rational human: "How in the hell do you know?"

As noted in the post about my mother's peculiar statements, these words from David perhaps can be interpreted in different ways, by different people. But I can conjure only one interpretation: David knows who is behind the abusive actions taken against Carol and me, he likely knows some of it is criminal, he has communicated with someone in Alabama (or elsewhere) who is closely aligned with the perpetrators, and he is determined to align himself with our adversaries -- probably because he knows some (or all) of them are fellow members of the legal tribe. Also, David has decided to stay silent about actions that likely are felonies, which can be a federal crime in itself.

As for David and falsehoods, it's going to take more than one post to deal with that subject. But here is one of the most alarming instances: A woman named Kathryn Mays, who was my social worker at Burrell Behavioral Health, said she had talked to David via phone after he called and said I had asked him to talk to her.

Just a slight problem with David's story: I never asked him to call Kathryn Mays, or anyone else. After Kathryn shared that story with us, Carol and I withdrew the releases we had signed allowing family members to communicate with personnel from Burrell. Once the releases had been canceled -- and Burrell knew exactly why they had been canceled -- the organization was strictly forbidden from speaking to David, my mother, or any other family members. We also withdrew the release for Don Schlueter, the so-called friend from my college days who convinced us to give up the fight for our house in Birmingham and move to Missouri.

Speaking of Burrell, it is involved in the evidence that suggests my brother's capacity for lying has grown to Goliathan proportions.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

I think it means your brother has sided with the crooks.

Anonymous said...

Your brother sounds like a "prince" of a guy.

Anonymous said...

It means your brother has been engaging in crimes or covering up crimes for quite some time.

That's a dangerous business to be in. As you correctly note, being aware of a felony and failing to report it, is a federal crime. It's called misprision of a felony. David Shuler might want to become familiar with it.

Anonymous said...

He's a lawyer, he's a crook.

Sort of like 2 + 2 = 4

Anonymous said...

This tells me David S has engaged in communications with someone from Alabama -- or someone tied to Alabama corruption.

If the communication was by phone or computer, that could point to wire fraud on someone's part.

Anonymous said...

Pretty obvious to me: Your brother knows about the cheat jobs you've experienced in courts, he knows why and how they've happened, he knows who is behind them, and he expects them to continue.

He clearly has knowledge about obstruction of justice and is keeping it under his hat.

Not smart.

Chuckles said...

I wonder how ole David would look in an orange jumpsuit.

Tater said...

Agree, @9:39. LS's comment was about justice, and Bubba the Brother's comment was a reference to judges. They are the ones who an ensure justice is "not gonna happen."

Sadly, Roger's brother is a crooked snake.

Anonymous said...

David knows who is pulling the judges' strings. That's the big story here.

We're talking about the kind of corruption you'd expect to see in a banana republic.

Anonymous said...

No doubt your brother was behind your problems with the landlord and his lawyer.

Can't imagine any motivation the landlord would have to oust a good tenant whose rent had been timely paid. But David's puppet masters wanted you ousted, so he helped make it happen.

Anonymous said...

I would call your brother a skunk, but that would be an insult to skunks.

Anonymous said...

I wish you had punched his lights out after that smart-ass comment.

Ed said...

Sorry for being nosy but ... what was Burrell Behavioral Health doing for you?

legalschnauzer said...


They were providing health care. That's what they do.

Where do you get your health care? What do they do for you?