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Tennessee developer Franklin Haney, with boost from Alabama's Congressional GOPers, asks Trump admin to help speed up deal on Bellefonte nuclear facility

Bellefonte Nuclear Plant
 A Tennessee developer, with the help of Alabama Congressional Republicans, is asking the Trump administration to expedite the purchase of an unfinished nuclear plant near Scottsboro -- based on foreign investment from the Middle East. A prominent Alabama whistle blower and researcher says the deal, if completed, could be a disaster of Biblical proportions.

Franklin Haney, of Chattanooga, has a history of dumping cash on Alabama governors and receiving favorable treatment on the back end. He joined Trump lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen at a meeting last month in Miami with an official from Qatar. Haney bought the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in 2016. Construction on the facility started in 1975, and it has been sitting idle and uncompleted for 30 years.

Bellefonte likely has been a drain on Haney's substantial resources, and he wants Trump and the federal government to help him out -- all while possibly placing nuclear technology into the hands of financial elites in the Middle East and putting the environment and public health at risk in northeast  Alabama. From a report at

A company led by Chattanooga businessman Franklin Haney is seeking the help of President Trump to move along its purchase of Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Jackson County.

Nuclear Development LLC has also applied for federal loans of about $5 billion to help pay for completion of the mothballed facility so it can produce its first watt of electricity, according to U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, the Huntsville Republican whose district includes the plant site outside Scottsboro.

That's the same Mo Brooks who recently suggested sea levels are rising, not because of global climate change, but because of rocks falling into the oceans. We really want this guy involved with issues of nuclear power? Here's more from

Brooks said officials from Nuclear Development approached him and asked if he could send the letter to Trump. Dated May 14, the letter was also signed by Republican Alabama Congress members Robert Aderholt of Haleyville, Bradley Byrne of Mobile and Martha Roby of Montgomery as well as Tennessee Republican Congressman Chuck Fleischman, whose district includes Chattanooga - about 60 miles northeast of Bellefonte.

"I said, 'What can I do to help?'" Brooks said. "(Nuclear Development) said a letter to President Trump signed by you and other congressmen would be beneficial. So I've added my name, along with the names of other congressmen, to resume of a project I hope will bear fruit and generate thousands of short-term and long-term jobs for Tennessee Valley residents."

Jill Simpson, a retired lawyer who testified before Congress about corruption related to the Don Siegelman prosecution, says (in so many words) that Brooks and his colleagues are a bunch of dangerous loons. She says several Alabama GOP con artists -- Jeff Sessions, Bob Riley, Robert Bentley -- have been seeking to benefit from the Bellefonte deal. From a post at Simpson's Facebook page:

We found out that Mr. Sessions, the Riley folks, Bentley folks, Alabama Gang folks and Mr Franklin Haney were in cahoots trying to get control of a nuclear facility . . . I must admit I was pretty clueless as to why, but now it appears the picture is getting clearer. They are trying to take in foreign Arab investors and let them see the whole uranium-making process at a facility in northeast Alabama. . . .  
Who knows what this crowd will do next, as their ability to exploit our country's industries and resources are endless and beyond the imagination of most folks. These are evil dark forces, selling out our country's technology. I have a feeling this time they are caught in a deal to make nuclear equipment for foreigners and nuclear material for Trump's foreign buddies -- or at the very least to show them how it is done here, when they invest and get the plans to complete the facility. 
I might add it is dangerous to let foreign investors in on our nuclear facilities, even if the plants are eventually torn down or completely modernized after being studied by foreigners. Haney and his associates are caught in a trap of their own making about nuclear technology, of how to enrich uranium, and are just now starting to be exposed to the world.

Simpson grew up not far from the Bellefonte site and says her neighbors need to think hard about what this deal could mean to the area. From another Simpson Facebook post:

Everyone in northeast Alabama needs to be thinking about whether we want to put our beautiful environment at risk for some Trump and Alabama Republican Gang members to bring up a nuclear power plant that TVA says we don't need.
I don't want an Arab country's nuclear plant in my back yard, dumping into our beautiful Tennessee River when a tornado goes through. Every Jackson County citizen with good sense knows Bellefonte is right in the middle of the tornado alley that runs through our area. Can you believe this is where the Alabama Gang wants to teach countries in the Middle East how to build nuclear reactors capable of enriching uranium for weapons? 
Wonder what Sessions, Riley, and the Alabama Gang are going to make off being traitors on that deal? First, we deal, literally, with New York shit being driven into Alabama on trains. Now, we are to teach Middle Eastern investors how to make weapons-grade uranium, U.S. style. I certainly don't see how the Alabama Creeps can do much worse, and their asses are busted on this deal.

Because of Michael Cohen's involvement in the Haney/Qatar meeting, this all could land in the middle of the Robert Mueller investigation, Simpson writes, and it points toward treason:

Now you all know how Cohen got his office raided. The jackass was plotting to help foreign investors get in our uranium-enrichment reactors and get the plans for them. What dumb asses these Alabama Gang thugs are. Wonder how big a campaign donation these thugs got, promoting this deal in recent weeks. Mo Brooks has been all for this deal, as have many others. Selling uranium reactor plans to Middle East folks I hear can be very profitable. 
This is the kind of crap the Alabama Resistance has been outing on this bunch ever since I first came forward, and we outed them for training Saudi pilots to create wars all over the Middle East -- and selling out our refueling-tanker deal. The Alabama Gang is a bunch of dirt bags who would sell their dead grandmother's bones out of her grave for a few pieces of silver from a foreign investor. 
The way I see it, the Alabama thugs are traitors and should be treated as such. Selling nuclear-reactor info to the wrong folks in the Middle East can cause the end of planet. I generally am not an advocate of the death penalty, but when folks sell out the planet and all the people on the planet, I am for the death penalty for those kinds of traitors -- and that is what we dealing with. 
We must protest with all of our might before these end-of-time, far-right extremists own a nuclear reactor in northeast Alabama -- in cahoots with investors from the Middle East.

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