Tuesday, May 8, 2018

What did it mean when my 88-year-old mother said, "Oh, Roger, you shouldn't have named names," not long after my arrest and our wrongful foreclosure?

Legal Schnauzer
In the roughly 18 years we've been fighting corrupt lawyers, judges, cops, and prosecutors, we've heard quite a few individuals make peculiar, even mind-blowing, statements. But the most curious statements of all might have come from -- of all people -- my 88-year-old mother, Gondy Shuler. Didn't a wise person once state you must be careful what you say around kids and old people because they have little or no verbal filters, and the truth (or something very close to it) is likely to spew from their mouths at any moment.

All three of my mother's odd statements came in the summer of 2014, after a college "friend" (who has proven to be anything but a friend) deposited me in Springfield, MO -- while Carol remained in Birmingham, packing our belongings for a move to the Midwest because of the wrongful foreclosure with which we had been targeted. All of this came just a few weeks after I had been released from a five-month stay at the "Shelby Sheraton," otherwise known as the Shelby County Jail in Alabama.

My mother's comments certainly are open to interpretation. But as probably the most observant of her four children -- I'm the one who went into journalism, after all -- I think I can come as close as any living person to making an accurate read on my mother's words. I must say, however, that I barely recognize the person she has become over the past several years. But I suspect there still is at least a sliver of the wonderful mother I thought I had for the first 35 years or so of my life.

With that in mind, here are her three curious comments, plus my analysis of what they might mean:

(1) "Oh, Roger, you shouldn't have named names" --  My brother-lawyer, David Shuler, regularly spins the yarn that nobody in my family knew or cared much about my blog and the legal woes Carol and were facing because I dared to report, accurately, about legal and political corruption in Alabama. My mother's statement suggests that's not exactly true. What does it tell us specifically -- or, more accurately, what does it tell me.

a. She knew quite a bit about my blog, and the abuse that prompted me to write it. Since I've seen no sign that she's ever had a computer or an Internet connection, that information almost had to come from my David, my brother.

b. By saying I shouldn't have "named names," my mother indicates she has a general idea of who is behind the abuse Carol and I have suffered, probably going back to being cheated out of our jobs, maybe earlier. I doubt my mother knows the specific Alabama legal and political names involved -- or if she once did, she's probably forgotten -- but I have little doubt my brother knows the specific names. And he almost certainly has shared at least some details about them with my mother -- enough that she knows they are dangerous, corrupt people. My mother said this in a tone that suggested she was talking about the Mafia, and she probably was -- at least a Southern version of it, known as the Dixie Mafia. Given what we've learned about Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration, she might have been (unknowingly) talking about the Russian Mafia -- or what some have come to call the Eurasian Mafia.

c. My mother has some idea of what my reporting has been about -- and she knows it has been accurate. She could have said something like, "Oh, Roger, you've written a lot of untrue stuff about these people, and it has really made them mad." But that's not what she said. The only problem with my reporting, from her perspective, was that I "shouldn't have named names."

(2) "Why did Carol let you stay in jail all that time?" -- This is part of the "evil mother-in-law" act my mother has been practicing -- at least to our knowledge -- since at least 1992. It probably dates to our marriage in 1989, and maybe to our two-year period of dating before that. I swear, if the moon's glow suddenly went out -- and the sun lost its ability to produce warmth -- my mother would find some way to blame Carol.

But I think this statement involves more than my mother playing the bitchy, "no way to please 'em" mother-in-law role that she has perfected. What else could be going on here?

a. Part of me is grateful for this comment because it indicates my family has no clue how jail works -- and that's because we generally have no experience with that kind of thing. The notion that Carol had the power to magically get me out of jail is absurd. But it sounds like the kind of thing someone in Alabama might have said to David, and he passed it along to my mother. Never mind that political thugs Rob Riley and Liberty Duke, via a baseless defamation lawsuit that ran contrary to 230 years of First Amendment law, were the reason I was in jail. And a corrupt judge named Claud Neilson, who clearly was a patsy for the state's white, racist, right-wing political machine, was responsible for keeping me there. I know, from experience, that jail cuts you off almost totally from the outside world -- and I was lucky if I could get one 15-minute phone call a day with Carol. I could only hear a few words here and there amidst the relentless and ear-splitting noise in our jail block; I doubt Carol could hear much of what I said.

b. My mother was unaware, or didn't care, that Carol was subject to arrest, too. Riley and Duke included her as a defendant in their lawsuit -- even though Carol had nothing to do with my blog, at the time -- because they wanted both of us to be captured. That clearly is because they wanted something they thought we had, and I believe they were prepared to kill us if they didn't get it. At the very least, they wanted both of us out of our home, so someone would be free to go through all of our things. With both Carol and me in captivity, that would have meant sure death for our two kitty kats at the time (Baxter and Chloe). Carol was willing to fight through fire to make sure that didn't happen. And that's why, at my insistence, she never came to visit me at jail. Had she come for a visit, I had no doubt she would have been arrested -- and Baxter and Chloe would have starved to death, or been killed by bastards ransacking our home.

c. My mother's comment is not the only one I've heard that indicates someone was frustrated at their inability to capture Carol. During out trip to Missouri, my college "friend" asked, "Does Carol drive?" I thought it was a strange question at the time, but I said, "Yes, she drives, and she's a very good driver, probably among the top 10 percent in Alabama (although that isn't saying much)." It later hit me that the "friend's" question probably was driven by law-enforcement types who were frustrated because they had not been able to nab Carol -- and that allowed her to get news out to the world about my arrest, causing whatever plans they had for us to more or less fail. This suggests the "friend" is compromised -- and probably has been for a long time -- receiving "intel," directly or indirectly from Alabama thugs, possibly via my brother.

d. The "friend," like many others underestimated Carol. The title of this blog comes from a genuine love of our pets -- and animals in general. And Carol demonstrated that love by her actions while I was in jail. Carol knew Baxter and Chloe's lives were on the line, and she took extreme measures to go underground. I'm not going to reveal what those measures were, but I'm pretty sure cop/thugs never came close to capturing her, even though they probably had regular (maybe constant) surveillance on our house during daylight hours. Comments from my mother and "friend" tell me that quite a few people were highly frustrated at their inability to grab Carol. Needless to say, I'm damned proud of Carol that she outsmarted them and kept our pets alive. Others might not have cared about their well-being -- or ours, as a matter of fact -- but we sure as hell did.

(3) "Maybe You and Carol shouldn't be together" -- This wasn't the only time my mother and brother brought up the subject of Carol and I splitting up. It happened several times in the days before Carol arrived from Birmingham. ("Oh, she'll never come up here," my mother said; news flash: She did come up here, and she's still here.) Given my family's increasingly conservative religious leanings over the previous 20-plus years, I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Are you suggesting divorce as a way to solve our problems?" I asked my mother.

"Well, if two people are miserable together . . . "

"Who said we're miserable together? We're miserable about the stuff evil people have done to us, but that doesn't mean we're miserable together -- that we're miserable with or toward each other."

She didn't have a response to that one, as if the notion never had occurred to her. I'm not sure if I said this or if I just thought it: "You've never shown any respect for Carol and me and our marriage -- and you wonder why we haven't been up here in 25 years?"

What was with this divorce talk. Was it just another sign of the dysfunction that has engulfed my family? Or was it the product of some warped political/legal mind in Alabama, thinking Carol and I would be less of a problem (threat?) if we were separate rather than together?

Quite a few folks reading this probably are dealing with screwed-up families too, so I will close with a thought that many of you might relate to. I mentioned earlier our love for our pets, and how it drove Carol to make sure cop/thugs did not apprehend her in Alabama. Well, that goes not just for the animals who belong to us, but for domestic animals of all types. I can't tell you how many times we've been driving and seen what appears to be a stray dog or cat and stopped to see if we can learn more about it -- and possibly help find it a good home. These often prove to be some of the most downtrodden, sickly creatures on earth, usually too skittish to let us get near.

We've not had much success at trying to help these creatures, but we have tried. Here is the sobering part: Carol and I care more about stray animals than my mother and brother (or anyone else in my family) care about us. They've proven since summer 2014 that they literally don't care if we live or die, if we even have a roof over our head.

They undoubtedly know who has abused us -- who has taken criminal actions against us -- but they refuse to speak up or do anything about it. They have sided with political/legal scum like Rob Riley and Liberty Duke (and probably Doug Jones and Jessica Garrison) over their own flesh and blood. I can only assume they've taken that stance because they believe it somehow furthers David's interests in the legal "profession."

That's sad, but I think I've come to grips with it -- realizing my family is "bad company" that "ruins good morals," the kind of twisted individuals of which The Bible warns us. I would help them if I could, but I've seen numerous signs that they are beyond help.

My mother, by the way, is not the only family who can spew some mighty curious statements. We'll look at another in an upcoming post.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

Your mother sounds like a real "sweetheart."

Anonymous said...

Your mother obviously didn't go to journalism school. She wanted you to write articles without naming names?

Kildare said...

Perhaps your mother has some type of cognitive disorder. Could be something she's had for a long time. They can develop very gradually.

Anonymous said...

I've lived through being the target of a mother-in-law from hell, and it sounds like Carol is going through the same thing. I feel for her.

Wish I had some good advice, but avoidance is the only tactic I know. It puts a son through hell, too, but selfishness is what drives the MIL from hell, so she doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

Your mother actually thinks Carol had the ability to get you out of jail? The old bitty is warped.

Anonymous said...

Like @9:07, I've seen the MIL from hell problem in an up-close way. Agree that avoidance is the only solution, and it sounds like you'all have been practicing that for years.

Agree that selfishness is part of it, but I think the biggest factor is the MIL's desire to control her son.

Anonymous said...

I can answer the question in your headline. A legal-political person (probably from Alabama) contacted someone from your family (probably your brother) and tested the waters to see if they could get your family to work against you and Carol.

This is tribe-like thinking, and because your brother is a lowlife scumbag, it worked. Your brother and mother gossip, and that's how she came to open her yap.

May your brother rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Blaming the daughter-in-law for something over which she has absolutely no control.

That's No. 1 in the MIL From Hell playbook.

Anonymous said...

Must be a real joy to have a conversation with your mother.

legalschnauzer said...

@9:33 --

You can't have a conversation with her because she doesn't listen to a word you say. And if she does listen some, she takes anything you say and twists it through her own judgmental prism.

I look at it this way: The mother I thought I had was a great person, but she essentially died a long time ago. The person who still exists in her body is just a shell, and she is totally unfamiliar to me.

Anonymous said...

It takes a brave person to write honestly about his own family's dysfunction. Thanks for sharing this story. You probably provided insight that might help others.

Anonymous said...

Trying to get the son and daughter-in-law to split up. That's No. 2 in the MIL From Hell playbook. Your mother's got it all down pat.

Anonymous said...


Where did you come up with Carol being in the top 10% of drivers in Alabama, do you have a background in drivers education to make such a statement?

Anonymous said...

It's my opinion. I've seen how bad drivers are in Alabama, over 30-plus years, and I've seen how Carol drives, and she is very good. I like a lot of things about Alabama, but driving there is not fun.

Since we've been back in Missouri, I've noticed drivers here are bad now, so bad driving is not just an Alabama thing.

Anonymous said...

@10:00 . . . Why does it matter to you? It's obviously just Schnauzer's opinion -- it may be right, it may be wrong. What difference does it make? Did someone stick a red-hot poker up your ass?

Anonymous said...

Hey, 10:00. Have you ever heard of hyperbole? It's a literary device where you intentionally exaggerate something to help make a point.

Most semi-literate people are familiar with it.

Anonymous said...

Truly an awful situation. I feel your mother has likely been influenced and brain washed by your brother. Remember the good times as older people are easily influenced as their cognitive abilities deteriorate. Prayers for you and Mrs. Shuler and your animal family.

legalschnauzer said...

@10:59 --

Thanks for your kind thoughts. My brother absolutely has used and brainwashed my mother. It's sad, but it comes under the heading of "accept the things you can't change."

Anonymous said...

The point that jumps out at me is that your mother didn't say anything about your reporting being false. She just said you shouldn't have named names. That tells me the following:

(1) Rob Riley did have an extramarital affair with Liberty Duke;

(2) Luther Strange did have an extramarital affair with Jessica Medeiros Garrison;

(3) Bill Baxley did file a bogus lawsuit against you on Garrison's behalf;

(4) Judge Don Blankenship did issue an unlawful $3.5 million default judgment against you, on behalf of Garrison/Baxley, likely because of under-the-table payments or other favors;

(5) Riley and Duke did file a bogus lawsuit against you, that landed you in jail -- thanks to Baxley crony, Claud Neilson;

(6) Bill Pryor did pose nude for photos that showed up at the BadPuppy gay porn site;

(7) Jeff Sessions did make late-night visits to Bill Pryor's apartment in Montgomery for gay trysts.

(8) Your house was stolen via a wrongful foreclosure -- probably at direction of Garrison, Strange, Riley, Baxley, and Doug Jones.

Anonymous said...

@3:23 . . . I think the general public, and certainly people who read this blog, know items 1-8 are true. But you make an excellent point and spell things out in an orderly way that people can easily understand.

Anonymous said...

@3:23 -
Agreed. Thugs don't kidnap a journalist and throw him in jail for writing false stuff. They just ignore a journalist who publishes untruths. It's the accurate and legit journalist that they try to shut down, via extraordinary measures.

Anonymous said...

What did your mother and your lawyer-brother do to help get you out of jail? They apparently knew you were in jail, and that it was unjust, but did they do anything? Nope.

They blame Carol, but who has the law degree and the bar card here?

Your brother did nothing, even though he knew about it, because he was part of the scam.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you sue the old bitty and force her to cough up what she knows. That will fix her goat.

Anonymous said...

If Roger had been in trouble for writing false stuff about Riley, Pryor, Strange, Duke, Garrison, Sessions, Baxley, etc., I feel certain your brother would have told your mother that -- and she would have told you.

But she didn't, so your family knows you and Carol have been abused for standing up to corrupt thugs. Yet they've done nothing to help, and apparently have tried hard to hurt.

In my view, that makes them part of the corrupt thugs.

Anonymous said...

LS makes a reference to the Eurasian Mafia, and it should not be overlooked.

Jeff Sessions has been tied to the Eurasian mob for years, over the Air Force tanker deal and other underhanded scams. Rob Riley was tied to the Russian lottery. Balch Bingham have ties to Russia schemes. Jill Simpson has written about this extensively, and there is no doubt Eurasian-mob corruption has infested Alabama's political climate.

Have they been involved in attacking LS and this blog? I would not rule it out.

Anonymous said...

Imagine this: The Eurasian Mafia was involved in the kidnapping and incarceration of LS, perhaps because they feared his apparent ties to Jill Simpson and her vast knowledge on Russian criminals.

That happened in 2013, and we now have a president who was put in office by Russian bots and criminals, directed by Vladimir Putin. The kidnapping of Legal Schnauzer, in 2013, might have been a sign of things to come in the 2016 election -- and we all missed it.

Anonymous said...

I bet Eurasian criminals have used their ties to Sessions and Riley to infest the Alabama Supreme Court and Alabama State Bar.

Maybe they were involved in getting Doug Jones elected over Roy Moore.

Anonymous said...

Russia is a society where very few people have control over huge sums of money. They are called oligarchs. And they are attractive to scum like Sessions, Trump, and Riley because that's how they want the U.S. to be.

Also, don't discount the appeal of Russia's status as a "racially pure," white country. The power of racism is huge, and it's growing every day.

Anonymous said...

Most wild animals treat their offspring better than your mother has treated you. Shameful.

I'm sure she's a "pro life" Christian, but she doesn't value her own son's life, and she certainly doesn't act in accordance with New Testament concepts.

Anonymous said...

I think a deposition of your mother is in order. She should enjoy that.

Anonymous said...

Mueller's investigators are looking into Russian oligarch's payments to Michael Cohen. Commenters here have been talking about the Eurasian mob? Well, here you go:


legalschnauzer said...

Here is Jill Simpson on the Cohen-Russian oligarch story, and it's ties to Alabama. She has been on the story for more than a decade. Perhaps it's finally coming home to roost for some Republican SOBs in Alabama:


Dana Jill Simpson
1 hr ·
Cohen caught getting large sums of Russian money from one of Putin's wealthy Oligarchs. When I came forward in the Siegelman case and told folks about the Ruusian Oligarch money pouring into the Alabama Republican party they looked at me like I was from mars. As good fortune with have it folks like Wayne Madsen, Andrew Kreig, Scott Horton and Craig Ungar showed up and I got help getting out the Russian Oleg Deripaska refueling tanker story in 2008. That showed Alabama Rick Davis Manafort's partner was up to his eyeballs in bad Russian deals.

Anonymous said...

About Cohen-Russia payments:

"If you take this at face value, these are extraordinarily serious allegations that are being made," Mitchell Epner, a former assistant US attorney for the District of New Jersey and now an attorney at Rottenberg Lipman Rich, told Business Insider.

"This is at least at the type of the level of corruption that was made between Richard Nixon and Bebe Rebozo," he added, referring to the close friend of the former president.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Russians were using Stormy Daniels, and other sex scandals, to blackmail Trump?

Anonymous said...

A lot of Trump supporters are so fearful that blacks and Hispanics might get a fair shake in the US that they don't care what Russians do.

Anonymous said...

You've stated that you believe police trolls attacked your Facebook account and blocked your blog URL. I'm thinking it is Russian bots, and Facebook hasn't fixed it because they have so many Russia-related problems that they don't know which end is up.

legalschnauzer said...

@7:46 --

Interesting thought. Maybe police trolls and Russian bots are working in concert? Or Russian bots are working on behalf of police trolls? In today's environment, who knows?

Certainly, it seems Facebook is a mess right now.

Anonymous said...

Or Russian bots are working on behalf of certain republicans?

Not a joke.

Hard to tell what's possible these days!