Thursday, May 10, 2018

In documentary about the Don Siegelman prosecution, Rob Riley serves as a "Forrest Gump" character, the guy who is always around when big, ugly events occur

I recently watched the Don Siegelman documentary for a second time and noticed something I missed on initial viewing: The movie includes a Forrest Gump-type of character, a guy who always is around when key events are about to happen -- especially if they are underhanded acts designed to harm Siegelman.

The character is Republican operative and Homewood, Alabama, attorney Rob Riley. We often refer to him here as Rob "Uday" Riley, the oily son of former Gov. Bob Riley. Let's review five key moments where Rob Riley appears in Atticus v. the Architect: The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman:

(1) "We'll win" -- Former Birmingham broadcast journalist Rick Journey appears in the film to recall his coverage on election night 2002, when a tight governor's race had been declared for Siegelman over Bob Riley.

"I would guess around 11 or so . . . Rob Riley came out, and I was live . . . , and Rob Riley looked at me and said, "Rick, do you want a story?"

On television, Rob Riley said: "Due to the fact the media has been reporting what we now can confirm is a 6,000-vote discrepancy . . . the numbers simply don't add up."

From Rick Journey: [Rob Riley said] "We win this race," and at that point, it was off to the races."

Did Rob Riley know what was about to happen? Rick Journey's words indicate the answer is yes.

(2) "The hanging judge" -- From Bob Abrams, former attorney general of New York: "Jill Simpson indicated Rob Riley further went on to tell her that they had a judge picked out to preside over any Siegelman trial. And this judge was Mark Fuller, and he could be counted upon to hang Don Siegelman."

Rob Riley knew in advance that Siegelman was going to be cheated in court? Is this a crime, such as obstruction of justice? It sure sounds like it.

(3) "Hiring Rob Riley?" -- Narrator: "Bob Riley summoned Milton McGregor, owner of VictoryLand, the state's largest casino and primary competition for Indian casinos, to his office and had a point-blank demand."

McGregor: "Within 10 minutes of walking into that conference room, he made it real clear what he wanted to talk about: He wanted me to hire Rob Riley as one of my attorneys. It wasn't a request; it was like a demand, which didn't sit very well with me. I didn't tell him I would think about it. I told him no."

Did Bob Riley seek extortion money, via legal fees for his son? Sure sounds like it.

(4) "The Prosecutor-Rob Riley affair" -- Narrator: "During the House investigation into the matter, an email surfaced from an unidentified federal prosecutor, sent to Rob Riley, who was working on his father's campaign. In the email, the sender complained that he had been "thwarted" for beginning an investigation into the Siegelman administration.

"That person also stated it was 'frustrating for me and a small group of like-minded conservative prosecutors to fight the tide in order to do the job we were going to do.' The question is why would a federal prosecutor who helped begin the Siegelman investigation make such a plea to Rob Riley unless they and the Rileys were united in their efforts. A bigger question arises: Why did this prosecutor identify himself as a conservative to another conservative if politics were not involved?"

The unknown prosecutor is widely believed to be Matt Hart, now with the Alabama attorney general's office.

(5) "Jill Simpson and Rob Riley" -- Whistle blower Jill Simpson testified that Bill Canary said on a conference phone call that "his girls" (his wife, Leura Canary, and Alice Martin, both U.S. attorneys) would take care of Siegelman.

Simpson also stated that Rob Riley would have Mark Fuller assigned to the case, and he was "willing to hang Siegelman."

If you have not watched the Siegelman documentary, we encourage you to do so. As you watch, we encourage you to make note of Rob Riley's role in the Siegelman case and ask yourself, "Just how sleazy is this guy?"


Anonymous said...

Rob Riley should have been in prison a long time ago. Perhaps his day is coming.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine why Rob Riley was so determined to screw over Siegelman. Oh, wait . . . it made Rob's daddy the governor.

Finally, figured it out.

Chuckles said...

Rob Riley would have to smarten up a bunch to be like Forrest Gump.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Jeff Sessions was in the middle of this, too. Siegelman has said Sessions hired two retired FBI guys to dig up dirt on him. And Leura Canary is a Sessions acolyte.

Anonymous said...

I believe Jill Simpson and John Caylor have both reported that Leura Canary met Bill Canary in Russia. Hmmmm . . .

Anonymous said...

Rob Riley has a story for Rick Journey, and it turns out to be that Don Siegelman didn't win, and votes disappeared from the Siegelman side.

How did Rob Riley know about this if he wasn't in on it? It just happened to be Rob Riley's father who benefited from the vote change?

Gee, the whole thing doesn't smell in the slightest.

Anonymous said...

John Caylor has a fascinating piece at The title is "Alliance of Shadow Men," and it includes lots of dirt on Jeff Sessions and his associates. From the article:

"Russian KGB records reveal the Soviets implemented a plan to ship thousands of their trained comrades and spies to the United States in the 80's and 90's during a period where they implemented a Trojan Horse movement by feigning the false collapse of Communist ideology and the Soviet Empire.

"Huntingdon College at Montgomery, Alabama was the site chosen to establish many of their trusted assets. United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his protege's in the federal court made that trip to reunite at Moscow in the 90's.

"Huntingdon College was chosen because Montgomery was home to the Confederacy a renegade outlaw government that established slavery in America and was home to Lehman Brothers cotton brokers and bankers. Lehman Brothers financed the Civil War to protect their cotton gin and brokerage industry in a bid to destroy Egypt's cotton industry. Lehman Brothers viewed their acts as payback for time their own Hebrew ancestors were slaves of the Egyptians picking their cotton in Biblical times."

Anonymous said...

Had never seen that archival footage of Rob Riley announcing to the world that the "numbers don't add up."

Like most Alabamians, I'm sure I was in bed, while Rob and his buddies were stealing the election overnight.

Anonymous said...

From John Caylor's article. Does this sound familiar, Schnauzer?

"With the rapid hostile takeover of America by Neo-Nazis and the slide into Fascism and Eugenics, members of the press have been targeted for extra-judicial murder, extended incarceration and lockup in county jails, mental hospitals, without trials after being picked-on for publishing articles and investigations unfavorable to government officials and members of the Trump administration and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions."

legalschnauzer said...

@10:37 --

I was thrown in jail (for five months) for blogging, and my lawyer-brother in Missouri tried to have me declared a ward of the state, which probably was first step toward placement in a mental hospital.

So, yes, it sounds very familiar.

I believe Caylor himself has been the target of a curious arrest or two, and his mother was killed under mysterious circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Interesting info from Caylor about Billy Canary, the Alabama Truckers' Association, and cocaine trafficking . . .

"Prior to that move in the early 90's I lived around the corner on Kingfish Lane in a condo unit directly over Thomas Bledsoe of Dothan and Eufaula, Alabama to spy on him but gained little after he found out I was his neighbor he sold the condo and moved his Yacht to Fort Lauderdale.

"Bledsoe is a director of (CIA's Tepper Aviation) at Crestview, Florida financed by the Israeli government military to export weapons to African revolutions using (19 C-130 cargo planes), importing blood diamonds to Israel and exporting Cocaine back into the United States from Colombia distributed by the Alabama truckers association which Bledsoe and United States Attorney at Montgomery Laura Canary's husband Bill Canary were overseeing.

legalschnauzer said...

@10:43 --

I believe Dax Swatek was involved with Canary and the ATA at that time. Dax, of course, went on to become a Bob Riley campaign manager.

Anonymous said...

Caylor has dirt on Karl Rove, Trump, and more . . .

"During 2007-08 I moved to the area at Seaside in order to study the people and spy on Republican Party strategist Karl Rove. Rove was Bush's White House Chief of Staff. Karl and wife Darby were deeded a house at Rosemary Beach by the CIA land company which came in and setup townhouses at Inlet Beach during the early 80's as a DIA and Russian Mafia joint venture linked directly to President Donald Trump through BayRock Group's attorney Robert Wolfe of New York and Miami. Trump has much to worry about when FINCEN starts nailing down the financial transactions in proving conspiracies you must follow the money. The company's name was changed to Rosemary Beach Land Company.

"Robert Wolfe is also the attorney for Shores of Panama at Panama City Beach, Florida and BayRock Group. Shores of Panama is located at the old Pineapple Willey's motel site which was often used by gangs to manufacture Meth. Shores of Panama was built by the Russian Mafia and the Tennessee Mafia it is linked to the DIA rendition flights and tied to Daphne, Alabama builder developer Breland.

"BayRock Group is the group of Russian Mafia Kleptocrats who stole the Soviet nation's wealth and resources, embezzled their tax dollars and bought expensive condominiums in Trump Tower and other properties. Locally in Panama City Beach they built the Shores of Panama and many other local condominium projects with Russian Mafia money."

Anonymous said...

Caylor has some interesting info about familiar names in Birmingham business. Wally Nall certainly rings a bell with many. And I believe Meisler was the "ME" part, with Harold Ripps as the "RI" in RIME companies.

"Central Bank of Alabama was sister bank to Colonial Bank and the former President Wallace Nall was a general partner to Herbert Meisler whose family was from the Ukraine. Meisler was partners to Nall and others at Edgewater Beach Resort on Panama City Beach where Tump met wife Marla Maples."

Anonymous said...

LS, I know you generally are a Milton McGregor fan, but Caylor has some unkind things to say about the late Mr. McGregor:

""Mr. Big", Milton McGregor of Hartford, Alabama, above a Mafia gangster who was the protege of my father's protege William Howard Grice. Milton McGregor and Israel are in the dope business together. They funded the rise of Donald Trump's 30-A Tea Party with importation of drugs and gambling to raise enough money to buy the Trust of America's public officials and law enforcement. Milton's CPA's are the Barr firm from my hometown of Enterprise, Alabama. Routinely fly to Vegas together on Milton's Jet to do Sheldon's books."

Anonymous said...

Here is stuff from Caylor about Leura and Bill Canary meeting in Russia, with Jeff Sessions involved:

"U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sesssions was one of several persons to travel to the Soviet Union when the Communist's kicked off their plan. Jeff Sessions, Leura Garrett Canary, Bill Canary and others made that trip to Russia. Leura met her future husband Bill, on the first Russian trip."

Anonymous said...

Caylor much of the corruption in the South to the break-up of Phenix City gangsters, who eventually made connections with Nazi POWs who had settled here after being held at places like Fort Benning (GA) and Fort Rucker (AL):

"Many gangsters fled Phenix City after a relentless campaign against corruption by the Mafia's prostitution, drugs, gambling and murder rings. Alabama National Guard's General Hannah and FBI agent Owen from Daphne, AL. General Hannah whose son owns Hannah Steel in Birmingham told me the same gangsters and crooks his father locked up and others who ran off wound up living at Enterprise, Dothan, Alabama, Blountstown, Florida along the river valley.

"The newly displaced gangsters mingled well with recently released German Nazi P.O.W.'s held at surrounding camps. Fort Benning, Ga, prison camps like Fort Rucker, AL. Retired FBI agent Owen from Daphne who worked successfully cleaning up the gangsters stated the FBI lobbied Congress for years to pass the RICO Act, 18 U.S.C. giving the bureau a tool to put Mafia gangs away. The politicians, legislators and Governor's didn't want to stir them up and opposed RICO.

"Since Phenix City, the Mafia infiltrated the state and federal courts by placing plants inside the courts. The retired FBI agent noted, many people who were appointed federal judges were tied to Mafia gangsters and crime continued to flourish for the judge's lifetime."

Anonymous said...

More from Caylor about Robert Meisler, whose Russia Mafia business partner is ID'd as Wes Burnham:

"I have identified Meisler, of Mobile to the FBI as the Head of the Snake, I set up and maintained his business computers and accounting system at Edgewater Beach Resort on Panama City Beach in the 80's where President Donald Trump later met his wife Marla Maples working front desk for Herbert Meisler.

"Meisler gave then Governor Bob Graham a condo unit (not a time-share) as well as Bay County Sheriff Guy Tunnell who later became Florida Department of Law Enforcement Director. Tom Creekmore the property manager used to brag to me that they were the Mafia and they gave the politicians big money and they owned them."

Anonymous said...

Caylor says Alabama and North Florida are dominated by a Russian Mafia drug cartel, connected to Jeff Sessions:

"The Office of Inspector General at the Justice Department now run by Attorney General Jeff Sessions is investigating the Mobile F.B.I. Office and Director Comey of the F.B.I. to stop them from inquiring further into the many other Dope Bottom's in Alabama and North Florida where Russian involvement has established a powerful political Drug Cartel in America, one that has seized the reigns of political and judicial power."

Anonymous said...

Sorry, at 4:42, I referred to "Robert" Meisler. My mistake. It's "Herbert" Meisler. said...

You guys got it go after them. The Push Now is to go after the federal prosecutors, federal and State Court Judges in Alabama, Florida. We must remove them to save nation.

I want to thank Roger for posting the Naked Photo of federal appeals judge Bill Pryor, in my computer in late 2013, while I was fresh in VA waiting instructions, then I did IC-3 complaint against Roger with FBI.

Next I wound up in the looking glass inside Behavorial Analysis Unit at Quantico.

I uncovered DIA General Mike Flynn's international Pedo Chid Sex Trafficking network. DIA hosted network on their computer servers in Downtown, DC and VA.

Judge Pryor and others were groomed by KGB. The KGB has Charm School teaches people agents they placed inside courts, military. I also unmasked Adrew Bringuel, II head of Behavorial Science Unit there as A Cuban Agent put at top by KGB. Bringuel is tied at hip to Jeff Sessions and CIA General Bowen Ballard.

See US General Mark Everet McQueen former NATO, from Enterprise, Al former business partner Ronnie Gilley, now City Manager for Panama City,Florida, will ride Shotgun on Major Florida Casino Progect by Russian Mafia, Kleptocrats at now Privitazed City Marina.There are others I am off-Grid doing what I specialize in BULL IN CHINA SHOPE..

I am back in South FBI had me flee to Ohio date Mueller unsealed first indictments against Flynn, Manafort, October 30,2017.
Thanks Roger and crew.

legalschnauzer said...


For the record, I did not post the naked Pryor photo to your computer. I have no idea how it got there; in fact, I was angry that it got there because I was working on the first story on Pryor and BadPuppy and did not want it out before publication, as most journalists would feel.

I've told you I had no idea how the photo got on your computer, so your IC-3 complaint was based on false information. I wouldn't know how to put the photo on your computer even if I wanted to. And I plainly told you I didn't want to.

I have theories about who might have done it. But that's all they are. But I didn't do it, and you should know that, so I'm not sure why you are writing this stuff in a comment. said...

I want everyone to know that Roger did not post that naked photo of 11th Circuit Federal Appeals Judge Bill Pryor on my Facebook site in 2013. Roger is not guilty of any bad acts.

I did the IC-3 complaint to see if the FBI did it, the did. I had just come back East to VA since 2013, CA arrest by Homeland Security for spying on Paragon Security and other operations. I have floated as a sleeper for a time since 2010.

I later figured out that the FBI Counter-Intelligence Division did that to put me into play into DIA General Mike Flynn's KGB operation of grooming political leaders and court judges in the United States. In 1990-92 I worked the VANPAC mailbomb case in the 11th Circuit case for the FBI close to real co-conspirators.

After the naked Pryor Photo, I ran an article on my "".

General Flynn and KGB were setting up people like Bill Pryor to be federal and state judges in the U.S. using GROOMED people like Bill Pryor who posed naked for Bad Puppy. In the late 80's I did work investigating Pedophile rings and the Flyer reminded me of mailouts they sent to people in their network. On December 16, 2016, General Flynn had me arrested to be murdered in Bay County, FL. FBI dispatched Violent Crime - Gang Task Force to protect me for 5 days at Bay Medical Center before jail. General Flynn copped a Plea in Russian Investigation. Thanks to Roger things are hopefully working out he was unaware the FBI was running me in a clandestine operation see my old-new article "Unrestricted Warfare" at ""