Monday, April 4, 2016

The next time Gov. Robert Bentley tries to explain his sexual shenanigans, remember he already has lied about it--and shown he blames others for his problems

Gov. Robert Bentley, with mouthpiece Chuck Dean
The next time Alabama Governor Robert Bentley offers an explanation for the sex scandal that threatens to bring down his administration, the public should remember this: Bentley already has lied about his actions, and his false statements did not just start in the past week or two; they started last December.

Bentley also has shown a tendency to blame others--especially citizen journalists (like me)--for his problems. Just more than three months ago, Bentley flashed anger toward "bloggers" who fueled the story of his extramarital affair with former advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason. Does that explain press accounts that Bentley sought to use law-enforcement resources to discredit attorney Donald Watkins and me--for reporting the public now knows was accurate and has attracted national media attention in recent days?

As for Bentley's "lyin' eyes" (not to mention his tongue), consider this from's Chuck Dean, published on December 27, 2015. Dean claims this was the first time Bentley had spoken publicly about "rumors" of an affair with a senior advisor (named Rebekah Caldwell Mason):

Throughout the ordeal Bentley, reluctant to talk about the deeply personal issue, would only say it was a personal, family matter.

And he never addressed the unfounded rumors of an affair.

Until now.

"The rumors were not true," said Bentley.

Oops, looks like we caught the governor in a lie. Then, Bentley and his mouthpiece, Dean, lay it on thicker:

The governor then seemed to let out months of pent up frustrations.

"There were people on blogs and people in the press who crossed the line. They truly crossed the line. People on talk radio crossed the line," said Bentley.

Bentley said it's hard as a public official to address the kind of rumors that were being spread and he said he felt to directly address them would only serve in some cases to give them credibility.

Bentley said the rumors hurt many people.

"There were many people – my own family and there were a lot of other families – many people, people that I love, that I care about, they went through some difficult times because people were able to say whatever they wanted to say. They were just ridiculous. I don't know how anyone could ever believe them."

How does the governor act toward citizen journalists he thinks have "crossed the line," by reporting accurately on his sexual hijinks? Does he sic law enforcement on them? We hope to learn more about that in the near future.

As for Bentley's claim that people who "were able to say whatever they wanted to say" had hurt families and people that he "loves" . . . well, governor, it looks like you were the one who hurt those families. Perhaps Chuck Dean could ask Dianne Bentley about the governor's treatment of the people he supposedly loves.

By the way, the bloggers weren't so "ridiculous" after all, were they?

Bentley wonders how "anyone could ever believe them." But here is the bigger question for the people of Alabama: How could anyone ever again believe a word Robert Bentley says?


Anonymous said...

So, back in December, Bentley said the affair "rumors" were not true, and this was long after he had been caught on tape talking about fooling around with Ms. Mason's boobs and butt--and God, knows what else?

Liar, liar, governor.

Anonymous said...

How does Chuck Dean still have a job as a "journalist"?

Anonymous said...

I see this a little different. I see Bentley/Mason sic law enforecemt on Roger. I also see Bentley and Hubbard as allies. I see Mason and Riley as allies.

Anonymous said...

So glad you found this quote: "The rumors were not true."

What does your beloved Bible say about "bearing false witness," Governor Bentley?

Anonymous said...

I suggest you watch the series Mary Hartman,Mary Hartman before trying to understand Alabama politics.But one Question. Why did mrs Bentley ask for and receive the two beach front homes, but continue to live in the Tuscaloosa home?

Anonymous said...

Mrs Bentley did not accuse her husband of adultery.We have a recording that she made.Question. How do we know Mason was who he was talking to or even if he was talking to anyone? That old coffin-dodger acts like an old coot and might be one. Mrs Bentley is the brain running this show.

legalschnauzer said...

I believe, @2:29, that Gov. Bentley has confirmed it was Rebekah Mason on the line. If my memory is correct, he referred to the person on the other end as "Becky" several times.

As for the divorce filing, it was brief and contained boilerplate language that you find in many such complaints. It's common not to include allegations of infidelity, abuse, etc. in a divorce complaint.

Those issues can, and often do, come up later in the proceedings.

Anonymous said...

2:29 here. It appears to me as an elderly couple protecting their assets from a lawsuit. Yes Bently said Becky. He wants you to believe he is having an affair.
We have a Governor in prison who does not belong there.A non- existent affair kept him there. I do not see Bentley being convicted with the phone call and right now that is all we have. He might be as guilty as a bird dog in the chicken coop,but until I see chicken feathers in his poop, I will give him the benefit of a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Dean still has a job because he doesn't work for a legit news-gathering organization. is devoted primarily to protecting the white, conservative, Republican status quo that runs this state, and Chuckie plays his part in the scheme.

Anonymous said...

If Dr. Freak Love had any class, he would resign. Wishful thinking.

MrsW said...

The Bentley affair,if true, is low hanging fruit. Similiar to hanging a head mount of a spike deer. Watkins claims this Spike deer, let him have it.

Jim March said...

Roger, Jim Simpson here - Jill Simpson's husband formerly known as Jim March.

You and Donald Watkins were not the only victims of Bentley's tendency to investigate critics. Jill Simpson is also a victim, and likely going all the way back to late 2013 in her case. We know that Ali Akbar (one of Karl Rove's lieutenants) threatened Jill on Oct. 23rd 2013 at Stacy McCain's blog (The Other McCain) that Ali was going to "dine with the governor" and "meet with lawyers" to get Jill. Well one of Ali's lawyers in Alabama is one Byron Coleman, somebody now tied to the investigations of you and Donald Watkins. Coleman is also a former co-worker of one John E. "Tripp" Vickers, a snake in human form who inhabits the Alabama state bar and did massive evil to Jill. We also know that the lawyer for Liberty Duke (the gal you named in a sex scandal with Rob Riley) is on the state bar's disciplinary committee and Jill has to go through THAT lawyer to get her license fully back - conflicts of interest be damned. That's the same lawyer that helped get you arrested. We also know Jill was being investigated by state-level law enforcement people (according to our local law enforcement telling us they were sneaking around) as early as Nov. of 2013.

As you well know, when you were in the crossbar hotel various officials assumed Jill was behind your sex scandal reporting. You told them otherwise, which was the truth, but they pretty obviously didn't believe you. So your reporting put Jill in the crosshairs of the Rileys, Luther Strange and obviously Bentley. She's been hit multiple times now. Plus, even though she had nothing to do with the stories that got you so much heat, she helped get you out after the fact - WHILE WE WERE ON OUR HONEYMOON I typed up Jill's article describing you as a political prisoner, the first such in the country. Even after Jill broke her neck she connected Andrew Kraig to the story, got him talking to your wife and got it worked out with your wife to pull the articles which is what got you out of the pokey. I remember Jill in a neckbrace and bedridden worried more about you than herself.

And now just as a measure of vindication seems to be coming via a DOJ probe into the governor's actions, you and Donald Watkins seem convinced you're the only two victims. Sorry but I gotta call bull on that idea. Please, when you talk to the DOJ, tell them they need to look for other victims starting with Dana Jill Simpson. Hell, they may have targeted me too by now.

You and Donald also need to consider the possibility that investigations into you two long precede recent events if Jill was under sneak attack going back to late 2013.

Roger, my wife has lost everything because of your stories. I talked to Stacy McCain by phone (and recorded it!) and he was clear they link your actions straight back to Jill. Which is not true where the Riley and Strange sex scandals are concerned. We've lost everything over this Roger - please help get us a measure of vindication by helping point the DOJ to looking for damage to us and God only knows how many other victims of wrongful state police probing.

My wife wouldn't leave you behind if you were in trouble. Don't leave her behind now when our side finally has a chance for some vindication and a full accounting of what was done to us.

Jim Simpson

e.a.f. said...

A nice place to begin, is always fallow the money. We now have the Panama Papers and it may be more than a few citizens involved in Alabama and such things, might be listed in this papers. We know 140 Canadians are and we only have a population of 36 Million. given the corruption in the U.S.A. one could expect to find a few American names there also. Like what happens to all the money. It has to go somewhere and now the Panama papers tell us where some of it went and with whom.

Give the allegations regarding the Govenor and some others linked to them, isn't there a way to re call him?

Anonymous said...

alabama yutes need to run for them hills like Roger.

Anonymous said...

Bentley should be thankful this is still just a sorry about infidelity and possible missuse of funds. The affair is bad enough, but to me silencing journalists, misuse of funds, asking people to lie to the government etc is just as egregious as what is the headlines. The public is still at the part well he cheated on his wife and his wife caught and she divorced him. So end of story right.

Alabamians have to be he worst judge of character in the United States. You've got a governor who was politically assassinated and if you do talk about it your life is destroyed like Rogers was or completely ignored by the press. I mean 60 minutes did a hard hitting piece back in the day on it, but where is the follow up on it.

Rove through a fit about it just like he did about Dan Rather and got his way I would bet.

Excuse me I got off topic. Like I was saying Alabama likes to blame all there politicians for everything but eventually they need to look at themselves.

Bentley seems to

legalschnauzer said...


Thanks for your comment. I certainly would like, if I can, to help bring justice for any number of victims who have suffered over the past 10 years or so. At this point, I don't know what form a DOJ investigation might take, or if it even will be a serious probe. I have little confidence in the Obama justice apparatus, so I'm taking an "I'll believe when I see it approach." I don't know if the DOJ will speak with me, much less take my suggestions. We will have to see how this plays out.

I am well aware that Donald Watkins and I hardly are the only victims in all of this. We have been front and center, in recent days, probably because Bill Britt's original report on the subject said Watkins and I were the targets of Bentley's fishing expedition. But that doesn't mean governmental abuse has been directed only at us, or is limited only to times since the Bentley/Mason affair became public.

In my case, it's obvious someone ordered law enforcement to attack me in fall 2013, and that's how I wound up in jail for five months. Bentley was governor at the time, but I don't think I had ever written anything critical of him at that point, so I'm not sure why he would participate in a scheme to essentially have me (and my wife) kidnapped. That, to me, sounds like something Riley Inc. might do.

You note that Ali Akbar, one of Karl Rove's thugs, threatened Jill on Oct. 23, 2013. That, of course, was the day I was arrested (kidnapped) and thrown in jail. I don't think that is a coincidence.

Like you, I've had the impression that certain GOP types think Jill is my source on every post, that I essentially am her mouthpiece. That, of course, is not true; I've got a lot of sources, and specifically, Jill had nothing to do with my reporting (accurate) on Rob Riley/Liberty Duke, Luther Strange/Jessica Garrison, and Bill Pryor/

In essence, these GOP crooks are not very bright. They don't realize that they do a poor job of covering their tracks, and their misdeeds are known by many Montgomery insiders, not just Jill Simpson.

Anonymous said...


Exactly. Hubris has never been a good substitute for ignorance.