Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Unlawful Incarceration of Legal Schnauzer Publisher Roger Shuler Places Him in a Volatile Situation

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Six fights have broken out in a recent two week period at the cell block where Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler has been housed in the Shelby County Jail. Shuler has not suffered any injuries and he's not aware of any injuries to anyone else, but it's a sign of the volatile conditions in which he has been unlawfully placed.

"I want the public to understand that my physical well-being is in danger, and that also applies to other inmates here who can be in a peaceful environment one moment and in an ugly situation the next. The change usually happens when one or two guys make bad decisions and it can make the situation dangerous. Most recently I had a fight break out near my bunk when I was sleeping in the middle of the night and fortunately no blows happened, but if they had it would have been inches from my head."



Anonymous said...

To what extent are the qualifications for the person employed at the newspaper media in northeast U.S.; compared side by side with NYT's Robertson's article where he fails to give credit to Shuler's qualifications; i.e. that he was, I believe, ranking department manager with Birmingham Newspaper; wasn't it the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

In closer reading one can further notice the slant and bias against Shuler; While true, or not, for whatever the reasons his personal filed litigations, regardless their outcomes has been in their very own special ways venues to at least, himself, a media of one, attempting to make a difference.

Is Robertson a recognized investigative reporter for through indepth details story presentation; or a paperboy on a salary; apparently Robertson having some ties with Alabama gives impressions as being a company man, rather than an off-shoot from a lot more well respected journalist predecessors.

Robertson and the New York Times when having had the opportunity, many believe, chose to ignore the Shuler story's dedication/determinations quest for equal rights, freedom of speech.

True, now, better than never the NYT has thrown Shuler's story a bone or two, noticeable in their last article.

Isn't it bad enough that Alabamians have to live day in day out exposed to control media environments without having to proof read NYT, THE GRAY LADY, for truthfulness and accuracies?

Is there some type of taught sliding scale evaluating the amount of time and truths and facts, if any; undermined by media bias, prejudice, and discrimination orchestrated on top floors use as guidelines for stories as Shulers'?

Shuler will survive to have the last laugh, political scientist may very well say its about time, and historians will mark well in Alabama history this place in time that caused to be exposed, the unimaginable...........

Support Murph, Roger, Carol, and their supporters through the race's finish line

Anonymous said...

Roger Shuler legally deserves to be released immediately from jail.

I too fear intentional harm may come to him.

The Shelby County Sheriff deputies are holding a man being punished by power intoxicated persons.

It would not be unheard for an inmate to be set free in exchange for harming or worse, another inmate at the request of law enforcement.

Considering Shuler's situation and those involved, I would not be surprised by anything.

It is time Alabama's corrupt justice system is exposed.

Roger Shuler and his situation constitute the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein

Anonymous said...

"We must return Alabama to the people and take away power from the special interest groups that continue to control this state."
Former Alabama Governor Bob Riley

How many are they; where are they located; who are they; why are the tax payers never told of these things, demanding be corrected, better stewardship of tax payer's coffers!

Pryor's nomination to federal judgeship.

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby: "A man of the law. highest regard for intellectual integrity." Consistently followed the laws courageously even when doing so brings him personal or political complaints from friends or others." Must have been talking about tobacco relationships with other attorney generals who thought he was more representative of their case than the states, so says Mississippi AG.

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions: "Kennedy Democrat, inaugural address; EQUAL UNDER THE LAW TODAY, EQUAL UNDER THE LAW TOMORROW, EQUAL UNDER THE LAW FOREVER." Why doesn't that same publicly advocated dedication then not now hold true to Pryor's obligations; i.e. Shuler?

Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor about himself: I UNDERSTAND MY OBLIGATIONS TO THE LAW AND I HAVE A RECORD OF DOING IT. You don't just have to take my word that I will follow the law. You can look at my record as Alabama Attorney General and see where I have done it."
If after giving official oath before the senate judiciary committee, and fails to be forthcoming; does that not rise to perjury?

Did the Times even bother to investigate Pryor's history based on Shuler's facts and evidences? Or merely elude to events as if were of no consequences?


Why, when asked by SENATE JUDICIARY COMITTEE about judicial history, Pryor, according to transcript never mentioned that he and Sessions had been engaged in an investigation involving Democrat Jim Folsom; but according to Washington reporters at the time when Sessions took office as Senator he refused to respond about their "quietly dropping the case"; subsequently by then Attorney General Pryor approached with similar questions about their investigations of Folsom and Pryor's response, paraphrasing that he never knew of any investigation, and that he did not have one ongoing to close. Enter Don Seigelman into Pryor's subsequent investigation, another Democrat. There was too at same time paralleling Sessions' and Pryor's investigations a federal apparently as result of Sessions at first seeking out additional fire power; but according to feds, after Sessions went to Washington, and Pryor new AG they wasn't all that quick to pack up shop and move.
Here again during these particular points and places in time and Alabama politics; think about key players tied to AG's office, elected/employed; and likewise those engaged in litigating Shuler for exercising his first amendment rights.

Anonymous said...

the news, probably every mainstream source, does not want the Schnauzer to even begin to be out, let alone free to write some more.

your comments prove to mainstream news that the ploy has worked.

no more comments at the site, none that can enlighten the public like when Roger was allowing the people to have lots of freedom at his blog, why he was 'taken'!

he had some incredible sources that could get to the dark side.

get some people to get to the site again and that has to be an innovative campaign of marketing.

without exposure that can do what the great leader who wrote the book on how to win wars taught, there isn't going to be a win for the Legal Schnauzer's Blog Owner Roger Shuler.

the way of life - either get the power to get to the psychology of 'win' or there isn't any real 'win'.

Anonymous said...

Governor Bentley is the national figure head politically for the State of Alabama; within past couple of days or so there was a all states' governor's gathering in Washington; did Alabama's governor Bentley discuss these matters with the president, meet with Shelby and Sessions; or make in advance an appointment with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder about the political and judicial injustices and malfeasances having been allowed to go unbridled since wrongful imprisonment of Seigelman?

Shuler's well being, livelihood, and future restricted by too being wrongfully jailed continues to expose the longtime running practices and patterns; Shuler's welfare thought to be responsibility of his jailers, WRONG; are of the tax paying voters citizens who if continue to know, but do nothing to demand that his constitutional rights, due processes, and protections be guarded against being corrupted, should take a closer look in the mirror; for our deafness and muteness; that we did nothing to help him that would have helped us, "the little people"; that is to say equality under the law.

Are the law books, criminal/civil codes, titles, sections, chapters,
paragraphs written differently and separately for the State of Alabama to live under?

When Shuler is the only journalist in Western Hemisphere [?] believed wrongfully imprisoned and its a national main stream media non-issue news story; there is something tragically wrong with these

It no wonder that the State of Alabama was ranked towards the bottom of survey when compared to all other states, which was the "happiest".

Governor Bentley is defined as the Chief Executive of the State of Alabama.

Attorney General Luther Strange present day claim to fame that he's State of Alabama's "Top Cop".

This so, why is state so corrupt when involving violating and denying individual's equal rights?

Shuler's bravery to publicly stand to speak aloud making known facts and evidences he alleges to support his position for all Alabamians is due for recorded history; for those, like on so many occasions, do nothing, should he fail, other's rights too are contaminated, don't complain, you didn't come to the opening of the dog and pony show making a mockery out of justice FOR ALL!

Anonymous said...

lobbyist bob riley is behind the jailing of roger shuler