Thursday, February 6, 2014

Paul Bryant Jr. Battled Hepatitis on His Path to Corporate Riches and Political Influence

This is Carol, Roger's wife. University of Alabama trustee Paul Bryant Jr. contracted hepatitis during his youth. That is the most personal revelation from a Bloomberg Markets investigative article about the Bryant business empire in the January 2014 issue.

From the Bloomberg Markets article:
"Bryant, who is 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) tall, would like to have followed his father into football. That dream ended when he contracted hepatitis, possibly from a dirty dental instrument, and missed a whole year of high school and most of two others, he says."
"The Bloomberg article does not say what form of hepatitis Bryant had, whether he still has the disease, or what impact it has had on his life," Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler says. "The article raises more questions than it answers about hepatitis, but it does give a rare personal glimpse into Bryant's life outside the office."

Paul Bryant Jr.
Photographer: Glenn Baeske/The Huntsville Times/Landov


Unknown said...

This is why we have to have compassion for America and our Americans, all.

Not that I am one iota supportive of the criminal insanity that is quite obviously running the 'show'.

The show isn't America. America is and are the Legal Schnauzer Murphy Spirits and that is the real fact.

The other fact is, Bryant is the exact age when the VIRUS was intentionally put into Americans and the HIGH SCHOOL AGE were intentionally 'infected'.

Gosh, the Federal Reserve System "FRS" wants Americans to do what IT dictates?

How to ensure this? Split the body in the physical, mental, emotional and then of course the spirit is owned by the monster that has engineered the human.

VIRUSES and other DRUGS are intentionally in the everywhere, Americans and the one which Bryant got, well his central nervous system was 'BENT'.

What does this mean?!

First, we need chemistry beginning in the first beginning and this can be accomplished without forcing children into an artificial learning.

Rudolph Steiner taught how to bring the greatest teachings to children, we can too, Steiner has schools all over the world.

Now, the system which begins with our GLANDULAR SYSTEM is a CRITICAL OPERATION and when this 'system' is BENT, we get insane humans.

During the time Bryant 'Jr' was doing his follow the father dictate, there were very evil forces in the USA.

The virus to make the EPSTEIN BARR VIRUS [EPV] caused a high crime against all that were INFECTED.

My sister was one and our father was top SECRET SERVICE, and then CIA. Brother was killed for writing a book about all this for outing horror 'BIG GOV'.

Why we must all concern about ROGER in that JAIL because the VIRUSES are such a convenient: "caught it from some other carrier." Sis didn't die, but her brain isn't at all able to critically think and that was and is truly a heinous crime.

Again, brother is dead on father's birthday to teach a lesson.

Not nice people, FRS and ITS' ilk of 'criminally insane' and the CRIMINAL FRAUD is so huge we can't count the damages.

Anonymous said...

Coyote, Once again your comments are spot on. What a brilliant post!

Unknown said...

anon 2/7 8:14 AM, thank you, mighty powerful, honorable comment.

I am a true admirer of Roger Shuler. Of all the Journalists in the USA, he is the ONE, the one to out the horror of how Paedophilia is one of the most dark secrets of the world, it always has been.

The cult running the country, is a cult of the worst of the paedophiles, the Metzitzah b'peh is indeed proven in a MRI to be a serious 'apartheid' in the BRAIN.

Naomi Buchwald, USDC Judge NYNY, ORDERED the Metzitzah b'peh AGAINST THE LAW. Babies are dying of herpes and worse. What did the RABBIS tell her? OFF. They told the JUDGE they were going underground with the practice of 5,000 years. Well do the maths, how long has America been under this insanity? Too long and how?

BAPTIST CHURCH bought via "Rockefeller" AND the first one 'bought for the cause' (but, of course), was in MA, and 'the best investment ever made'. How many "Christians" practice the stupid blood ritual as 'circumcision' ?! Well we are not exactly 'enlightened' according to the Europeans that believe America is barbaric for that practice on our males of MUTILATION and it is this indeed.

BLOOD RITUAL: gets to take as many male 'brains' to then make this power in a sense, powerless to the RABBI/s' dictates OR that VATICAN which is indeed the biggest stealer of the PINE CONE. The "Pine Cone" is a sculpture of BRONZE the largest in the world: Vatican.

Now that is a gigantic statement. The PINE CONE is our 'pituitary'.

Take the master gland and make that work in a fashion of 'insane' and that is a human slave.

Criminal is not strong enough a word to define the 'inhuman' in control of our 'brains'.

In a word, insane.

Thus, we must demand the horror wrought on US via this / these practices of destroying our brains, chemistry of endocrine and then of course, the "spirit": STOP, STOPPED NOW.

Roger Shuler is a great American hero for shining the beacon light on the horror.

We are in such trauma we can't get our verve to be ONE SINGLE LIGHT.

That was what the founders of the U.S. Constitution were about, America as an enlightenment and not this cult of Paedophiliacs that want to sacrifice our MEN on the alter of their Old Testament that may or may not be a legitimate work of real words.

U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights'?!

This can't happen what has happened to Roger.

But, ISRAEL isn't the slightest interested in LAW. That is, an enlightenment as was in 1215, and again in America 1776 or thereabouts.

Shouldn't be the State of Israel running the American nightmare for far too long, and the people compromised in the brains IN CHARGE, aren't sane.

How to DEMAND healing centers to put the people in that have incarcerated Roger.

Can't heal this nation until we heal the sickest that unfortunately are the so called 'leaders of the free world'.

Wanna hang 'em and/or shooting squads, but then this plays right into the Federal Reserve Systems "FRS" WE WILL REBUILD. That's what their 'man' Obama said.

It was intentional, the bending of the brains to make Americans mostly insane and then GREEN to bury the WOUNDED KNEE BIG LIE again and again and again.

Recycling flesh centers: USA and Palestine and that's not OK especially when 'money' is virtually nothing but FRAUD!

SO the FRS trades our flesh for the fraud of virtual digits and our brains can't think critically and so we all run around like literally chickens with our heads cut off - or Roger would be out of that jail!

Andrew Kreig, Jeff Connaughton, Neil Barofsky, ET AL, would write a WRIT and that PETITION would circle USA and then another and another until there are so many AUTHORS writing writs that the NEW WORLD ORDER is the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights' resurrected as GOOD LAW.

Unknown said...

We must get Roger free and the AUTHORS in America that have written about this horror need to get some WRITS to We The People and the tempest fugits!

thank you again anon, for such an honorable comment.

xo/Porn Pom Too

Unknown said...

I'm afraid to say that the evil "nanobot snow" theory- and alleged proof of it - is not going away, no matter how many mainstream media pundits try to ridicule
seekers of the truth.

Check out this ca-ra-zy video, showing microscopic photos of this weird Southern Snow, complete with fragments of depleted uranium, polymers laced with blood cells,
whose nuclei have been replaced by
pandemic viruses and anomalous polymer sheets and filaments and more things that don't belong in the "pure and driven snow" in which I used to love to frolic, until recently.

This piece also includes commentary related to her by a high-security US government contact, who would only respond to her questions about these weird snow phenomena in the most shrouded of terms.

I sincerely hope that this is the last time I feel moved to post a story about the "weird" snow that has been falling in the Northern
Hemisphere, this season. I hate this story and wish that it would just go away.

Don't we all feel like that? That it would just go away? Wouldn't it be great if the "bad snow" story and the whole chemtrails narrative, was just a bunch of baloney and that we could all rest easy and never give it another thought, ever again? I mean,
isn't the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe enough to be concerned about?

But after watching Rachel Maddow cruelly eviscerate the people of the Southern US, the other night, over their concerns about the weird snow they've been observing - four days after the story was already OLD NEWS on the Internet, I have to stand up for these people and defend them against
this horrid toady (and others) of the Criminal Mainstream Media.

It's a sad moment for me, because I used to be a fan of Maddow.

The fact of the matter is that these TV news agencies are fast becoming more irrelevant than ever, relying more and more on YouTube posts for their reporting,
with entire TV news segments, totally devoted to Internet chatter, while their cameras pan over to big flags, urging their viewers to "Like" their shows on
Facebook, prior to their commercial breaks...

Their business models would be completely run over by the Internet, like so many other
entertainment formats have already been (I've worked in all of them!), if it weren't for
their current ubiquitous utility as government propaganda outlets. It remains to be seen, if TV news will survive, within our lifetimes, as the Internet converges with TV - or conversely,
if alternative news will survive this inevitable convergence.

First of all, it's not like it NEVER snows in the South - Southerners aren't totally ignorant about snow. By making them look "dumb," MSNBC and others have done a terrible disservice to a country that does not need of
any more manipulated polarizations of North-South and Left-Right.

These are divisive diversions from the real issue of Constitutional abuse by several Executive Administrations, in recent decades
and the fact that the above-mentioned divisions have become considerably less meaningful,
during these same decades, which witnessed the vast migrations of Northerner retirees to the
South and the domination of US politics by Southerners, since the 1980s.

To attempt to reinforce these alleged divisions is retrograde and destructive to the body politic and to the morale and to the general, cohesive strength of the US.

F***k MSNBC. I know some of their presenters, personally. They need better consultants - QUICK!

Unknown said...

The one thing that ALL thinking Americans can agree upon is that there has been a horrific desecration the basic premise of our country, namely, the Constitution; the very concepts enshrined, which give hope, not
only to Americans but to people who understand its principles and many of whom, whose countries, have incorporated similar ideals within their own legal structures,

It is more than clear that the US began straying from these principles, in earnest, post
WWII and that where we find ourselves today is at a precipice, whereby all could be lost, with the polarizing politics of alienated pundits, who care
only about their paychecks and the marching orders of their corporate paymasters.

But I digress...

It is still early February and the snow's not going to stop falling for a few more months in the
northern parts of the world...

This morning's clip comes from the YouTube account of Rev. Michelle Hopkins, whose videos are distinguished as being among the most hair-raising explorations of exotic, genocidal weapons, upon which few people have ever even

I cannot vouch for the actual existence of this personage and several things lead me to believe
that this YouTube channel represents a "White Hat,"
undercover, intelligence whistle-blowing operation.

Video (15 mins):

US Artificial Snow: Warned Against Sharing this Microscopic Analysis

- Alexandra

P.S. Please consider signing my petition to the White House, to de-classify the full Congressional 9/11 Investigation Report, including the 5-10,000 words President Bush (43) ordered removed, by going here.

Anonymous said...

Insanity brainless millions, buzzing bees
pollinating cognitive dissonance & dreamless nightmares imaging, deadly mind control imatating, sanity?

Aborting the Bill of Rights’!
screaming LIES: extraordinary- exceptional-special-chosen~NO
due process rule of law ...

Enlightenment ITS’ Old Testament Shafted,
shot U$, back of head dead,
corporate slavery tool branded virtual,

Digital Ghost, United States Constitution?
IMAGINATION is hereby ORDERED NO further Apartheid!
clean, whole-firm, Spirit Dance.

© PornPom/rkelly2/8/14

Anonymous said...


"imitating" not imatating :0

Unknown said...

When the liver, the largest organ in the body is infected, the 'mind' which is in every cell of the body is not exactly 'clean'.

Cognitive dissonance beyond confusion in the brain/mind.

The liver is our alchemy organ. Blood gets to be filtered via the liver. Therefore, the liver when infected as in hepatitis, when dogs have this they eat cigarettes and think that this is 'nutrition'. Nicotine becomes a poison in the liver diseased, as food.

That is how confused the 'mind' becomes in TOXIC BLOOD.

The 'people' who are in charge of the OBAMACARE are from the Dr. Mengele experimenters and we thought Nazi Germany didn't survive - George W. Bush family from the beginning was and is a White Supremacist 'Family' for the FAMILY/IES.

Americans have been sacrificed as have the Iraqi people and the Afghanistan people and name a people in earth not 'recycled' for the RETIREMENTS. That is the real awful truth.

The 'JUDICIAL' of America is the NAZI of Germany. HOW?

Retirement portfolios of the Congress and ITS' branch of 'government' IE "Checks and Balances" are not going to retire unless tanks kill, weapons maim, chemicals and poisons completely destroy the human being and the 'DISASTER CAPITALISM' lives on.

DIVEST all so called 'money' from the machine [pensions and retirements] and take all so called 'money' from any and all so called BIG BANKS. Watch every energetic verve cause the criminally insane want to steal our souls.

Where is Andrew Kreig with our PETITION? That would be one great way to get Roger home free where he belongs with Carol and kitty one and two. AS WELL, the obvious is journalism is our key to getting the liver clean 'blood'.