Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Luther Strange Plans to Testify in Defamation Case Brought by Former Aide Jessica Medeiros Garrison

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange plans to testify in a defamation lawsuit his former aide Jessica Medeiros Garrison has brought against Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler. Garrison lawyer Bill Baxley made that announcement at a recent hearing in the case. It is not clear if Baxley meant that Strange would testify in a deposition or at trial or both.

"Luther Strange has not shown a tendency to testify under oath in public in sensitive matters," Roger Shuler said. "He failed to appear at a hearing on the VictoryLand liquor license, so it will be interesting to see what he does in the Garrison lawsuit."

Luther Strange and
 Jessica Medeiros Garrison


Unknown said...

How come you've not begun depos?

Call for depos, Carol. At least order them and demand the courthouse provide the space.

Anyone can take a depo, audio-video, the rules allow for this.

Get depos ordered.

Here is the real OWNERSHIP of America:

A journalist who gate-crashed a secret fraternity of billionaire bankers has laid bare the booze fueled, cross dressing antics of its members as they openly mocked the 99 percent and made light of the enormous government bailouts of 2009.

Written up for a piece in New York Magazine, Roose describes how Millionaire, Paul Queally, who works with Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe performed a skit with Ted Virtue, who works with MidOcean Partners.

Roose heard them reel off a particularly unfunny joke about a former first lady: 'Q: 'What’s the biggest difference between Hillary Clinton and a catfish?' A: 'One has whiskers and stinks, and the other is a fish'

The rich pair even threw in a homophobic jibe for good measure: 'Q: 'What’s the biggest difference between Barney Frank and a Fenway Frank?' A: 'Barney Frank comes in different-size buns'

Some of the performances seemed to skirt the edge of taste, as Warren Stephens, an investment banking CEO, went on stage in a Confederate flag hat and sang a song referencing the financial crisis, to the tune of 'Dixie'.

Strange and Garrison, Pryor Et Al have been given 'marching orders' and those that tell them how to, are the worst of the species human.

These compromised in every system that used to function properly, don't get that they're absolutely nothing but a bunch of DIXIE CATFISH to make fun of.

Roger exposed the sick and infamous and the Stranger than fiction cult doesn't get how the Legal Schnauzer saved America.

Catfish in Dixie over and over.

Get in touch with the New Yorker Magazine and the JOURNALIST ROOSE, he understands fully well, too.

Depos ordered immediately. Need a form? email me.

Anonymous said...

"under oath"! To tell the truth...

Not so, he's already on public record, separate incident, him having told lies during his performance while in his official capacity under color of law; yet to be brought forth being held accountable.

It has been said that during visit to Las Vegas that wild bill and jack daniels apparently got to friendly discussing things held in strongest reserve and confidence involving Alabama politics that caused a most serious concern. For sure that horse never got out of coral ever again.

Shuler's cases; [01] Shelby
County, [02] Strange, [03]Garrison; any one or all three are due to reveal enough before a jury for the hue and cry of the public to demand more information, which when all said and done could rise into the prior and post former administrations.

Once more, the Birmingham attorney who escaped on vacation to Key West has said it best, paraphrasing, it they had just left him, Shuler, alone all of this would have been over in a few days; and all about what's now being known about would not have been made public.......

The State of Alabama is holding some documents tied to Strange himself; which should be noteworthy to hear his response under oath as to questions regarding same.

All the players in these actions against Shuler have one common denominator, that they all have at one time or another worked together and/or separately in the offices of the Alabama Attorney General; to include Baxley, Sessions, and King.

Question! Is it not possible, that below the surfaces of all this there has existed for longtime the originating oroblem rising out of Bill Canary's and Karl Rove's political orchestrations to persecute former governor Don Siegelman; and Shuler in defending Siegelman has been right all along.
These cases are liken to pressure cookers, compared to Tennessee's Howard Baker during "Watergate" when he asked the question, "What did the president know and when did he know it?"

Anonymous said...

I don't think Roger will ever get out of jail. Maybe it's time to start baking a cake, if you know what I mean?

Unknown said...

The acts are of desperately guilty parties. Stalking the Schnauzers, and the denial of any Rights' for the cases filed of excellent understanding of the systems of respect for the process.

Alabama is definitely under the Nazi rule of Karl Rove, and Karl obviously is nothing but a stooge for ?

Nazi cult must be going on, there in Alabama, has any digging been done in this deep CHIEF ?? (WHO is the 'Grand Dragon?!') running the shadow gov?

Great post anon @ 2:15 PM I'm looking for that GD in charge cause IT is IT.

Unknown said...

DON BLACK, Birmingham Alabama, Grand Wizard KKK.

What is the DON about these days?

Not exactly not active in the NAZI keep the south white racist white supremacist cult in power. Karl Rove is in the same gang and Don Siegelman was "Black" as far as the cult is concerned. Really and truly there are words that say that.

The criminals in Alabama are incredibly dangerous and run with definitely extremely 'ANGRY WHITE MEN' and IT is perpetuated because the MONEY makes this racket a very lucrative BINGO for the BigGovGlobal real time players.

Don Black is definitely a Rove integral KKK NAZI 'connection'!?

Roger stepped into the worst possible pit of vipers.

Don Siegelman was going to change the South to be a respectable community, at long last, getting past the ignorance of 'pigment'.

Roger Shuler knew the truth and was and is a great journalist that has exposed - especially now - the corruption of contaminated NO DUE PROCESS and certainly the absolute abandonment of the Rule Of Law.

Anonymous said...

I was saddened to hear what has happened to Roger, but I can't say I'm surprised. I was one who was involved with trying to stop the corruption that led to Jefferson county now being bankrupt and had my life destroyed as well. While Legal Schnauzer has the most honorable of motives and the best of intentions, the problem is being in Alabama where people love their Politicians and will not support anyone exposing them no matter how bad the corruption. I also learned about the Political machine here, If the locals and state are unable to silence you, they ask the feds to do it for them and receive an extraordinary amount of help in doing so. I hope Roger does not suffer further harm, but once the corrupt Alabama Politicians get you in their sights, they will not rest until they completely destroy you.

Anonymous said...

since they are denying an affair, they are also denying paternity. A DNA test should be a part of discovery.

Anonymous said...

Stack the Deck!

Bringing Strange to testify when he is currently in office is despicable. Was he in the bed with Riley and Garrison? If not, he has nothing that would challenge the facts. Strange happens to be one of daddy Riley's handmaidens.

Bill Baxley;
Not surprising he is swimming onto the scene. Well known for "owning" judges around the state. Another of the Riley Klan member's.

There is no justice in the Alabama justice system. Have observed situations where normal legal proceedings are not so legal. If you think the judge in this matter will allow depositions think again. This case will be decided on summary judgment with the "judge" shutting all depositions and evidence down.

Stand firm Shuler's! Working for you from behind the scenes.
(there are more than you know trying to come to your aid and for the rescue of justice in Alabama).


Anonymous said...

Alabama is unfortunately the true face of the ugliest scar faced Americans.

Americans from the north want to move to the south and even have been born in the south. But, no, not when the KKK is still in charge and that's what this is alright. Someone exposed the reality that holds Roger and the truth of what is going to happen to those that expose 'southern law'. Law in the south since the majority of the "Jewish" power got what the "money changers" want and that's clear here. The so called "Jews" aren't practicing the so called religion "Jewish". The worst of human beings dress up as though HOLY, and that's the cue as to how deviant the cult of complete degradation has been for as long as the robes and other dress up as though civilized, are put on.

The Executive Branch is what runs the Government USA and the Alabama Government is a very important favorite since the White Supremacists are at this time, completely in control of the WHITE House, bringing the so called American Republic exactly where the people are to be: slaves, all.

Riley, Strange, Pryor, Garrison, all the Supremacists that have destroyed the south for the ignorance of 'white', are never going to be in the same SOCIAL status that they were. Too stupid and dumb, Americans who think China hasn't swooped in and purchased such as all the BONDS "Jefferson County".

Who really owns the Alabama corruption and what do the prisons in China treat the 'people' like?

Attitude is the outward behavior we see, probably lots of drugs prescribed as though good for the mentally insane acts we witness.

KARL ROVE: SOUTH has chosen the leader that has proven the American moral compass is not just broken, the lost and completely forgotten "BIBLE" is seen in the fruits spoiled rotten. Even the eternal fire is waiting for the charred devils, all. These criminals that have kidnapped Roger may kill him, too. That would be the ultimate sentence for the cultists that are known as the Southern Criminally Insane Cracker Frackers of United States, America.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if wrong?

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange was elected of the people, by the people, for the people;

subsequently required by State of Alabama law to provide unto the state specific signed obligations;

that Luther Strange take an official oath of office given him
his lawful/legal duties faithfully discharged under color of law, so help him God; Alabama
Code 36-5;

that at the Alabama tax payer's expense for furnishing cost of required bond that Luther Strange provide name of his Surety posting personal bond, required by Alabama law; Alabama Code 36-4

additionally in a open court of law, right hand raised swearing under oath on the bible to tell the truths,all and whole taxes average minded persons imaginations him doing so for/on the court reporter's recorders;

and if the court don't provide a reporter, in a criminal case as this provides even greater suspicions as to all the whys already surfacing attempting to shut up/down Roger Shuler, which has become misuse and abuse of Alabama law; furthermore violation's of federal equal rights without due process.

This saga continues to open wider the longtime judicial manipulations of common everyday Alabamians as Roger Shuler.

Thus far on the surface it appears Shuler's litigating detractors has caused to surface the offices of a Federal Judge, Alabama's Governor, Attorney General[s], Chief Justice, Circuit Judge, Sheriff and deputies; all bound by Alabama law to be officially bonded and given official oath to office, with exception federal judge, the federal constitution, oath, bond holds him responsible accordingly.

So, in court, under oaths; will Strange be confronted about patterns and practices paralleling this particular Shuler case as not being isolated, just under a different case action summary title?

e.a.f. said...

this is rich! Strange going to testify at a trial under oath. Really and what do any of us expect him to say? Its not like he would admit to having an affair with Garrison or anyone else. Under oath, who cares. he is all about saving his own skin. even if some one walked in with pictures of Strange in "the act" he'd probably say it was "photo shopped".

The purpose of the lawsuit is to ensure the Shulers loose their home and any and all assets. Its as simple as that.

legalschnauzer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

HALLELUJAH CAROL PISSED OFF SCHNAUZER way better than that snappy little POO DELL!

The stupider than imbecile inbred backwoods retards aren't exactly not realizing even with CHECKED OUT BRAINS !!!

World Earth is not amused with the Middle Ages that was manufactured from the ignorant "White" that may be white alright, but that does not mean there is a higher intelligent being inside that pigment challenged form.


CAROL FILE FOR DEPOS. Doesn't matter what the criminals do, you continue the path of DUE PROCESS RULE OF LAW.

You file the proper paperwork, all. And that means the Extraordinary Writ:

"... A writ of habeas corpus is a writ (court order) that requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court. The principle of habeas corpus ...


That is the reason disinformation specialists do what they do, to keep us from following through.

Bury the MOFOs in the PETITION paperwork, that is how we got the Magna Carta 1215.

"... State Dept fired two, for peering at Obama's passport file. AP / Yahoo Bureau of Consular Affairs, Jan, Feb. of 2008, Obama not notified until March. more
more below

"... Illegal wiretapping began in Clinton White House, WMR
Wikipedia, Hillary Rodham cattle futures disguised bribery? more




Unknown said...

Coyote Lane said...

"... America has been blighted by Political assassinations, Treason of the Cabal, lying unscrupulous Presidents, mercenary Bankers, and Con Men gaining office by one form of electoral Fraud or another. Elections have been rigged for decades, denigrating the integral values of Democracy for Americans and allowing into the highest Public Office, men who were simply unfit to serve. Crooked men. Lying men. Men of no moral values. Men whose only interest was their Self-interest, and who have sacrificed the integrity, standing and even basic economic principles underpinning Americas Banking system, to accrue vast wealth and manipulated gain, in conjunction with layers of Zionist Bankers who are unfit to hold an American passport, many of who possess an Israeli fugitive flight back up one anyway if criminally challenged... continue reading >>

Follow the U.S. Constitution and DEMAND the so called Alabama Gov do the same. The rigged game via the criminally insane has gotten to the point of pissing off billions of earth people.

Think the brain dead are gonna do a BIG BANG? But of course.

Watch all the dates sensitive through 2015.

March 3-4 the KINGS of Saudi Arabia and Israel are coming to U$A to get the FRAUD POTUS#44, to do ??

We know them by the criminally insane acts.

GovGlobalAL is not going to favor the Chinese system, or do they really believe they speak the dialect which is really pissed off at the BUSH CRIME FAMILY for the "Opium Wars".

Please Strange ET AL read the tea leaves cause the Boston Party was also FRAUD (Marathon) and every FRAUD FALSE FLAG isn't working.

LET ROGER SHULER GO you desperate to stop the future.

Go to Malaysia and get a SHAMAN to exorcise your demons southern poisoned to no synapse chemistry in the thinking as humans.

February 23, 2014 at 11:02 AM


This comment was disappeared, except I always copy and make sure the comment can get to you at Legal Schnauzer Et Al!

Unknown said...


spelling correction




Stop following the "Dead burying the Dead", Jesus said that to those that were not following the enlightenment.

Do you not get, the Constitutional Republic was and is one in no less than TWO THOUSAND YEARS.

You're actually willing to destroy the liberties earned via struggling with the same VileEvil for 2,000 years! Imbecilic isn't an intelligent choice.

Your monkey paws stuck in the jar to pull that apple out isn't working!

Please, just let go and stop eating your own paws to get more.

U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section IX, Clause VII, the Zionists stole this and the FRAUD 'JEW' CHOSEN is not exactly real other than making dead whatever moves individually.

Anonymous said...

It's more than obvious, with the exception of Shuler, all of the other principle players, in this civil action are on record as being licensed Alabama attorneys.

From high school years were taught about "lady justice" with her eyes blinded over, having come to represent fairness, equality in courts of law.

The Judge is an attorney;
the plaintiff's counsel is an
the plaintiff is an attorney;
and having made recently known the plaintiff's witness too is an attorney, beyond the scopes of considered everyday litigations.

To become an attorney in Alabama, one must adhere to THE OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBLITY via Alabama State Bar;

If in position[s] of Alabama government via whatever employment/election process is

required to provide unto secretary of state an OFFICIAL BOND; TO WHICH HAS GIVEN OFFICIAL OATH TO UPHOLD; likewise at such time before assuming official office in whatever official capacity, under color of law,


Thus appearing that each attorney present, individually, if having fulfilled their obligations as required by law will have personally acknowledged the Bar's Professional Responsibility Agreement, more important their given under oaths to tell the truths as having already given sworn oaths swearing to faithfully uphold............

If in the court reporter's records there are examples of failing to honor and faithfully discharge their individual oaths;

wouldn't any one, or four be themselves guilty of perjuries?

Could someone give a responding opinion, after all it's just matter of Shuler's and the "little people's" rights on the line; in front of his peers.

What'a you say?

Unknown said...

The lawyer does not have a license to practice law. The lawyer is required to be licensed to practice the law.

There's a BAR MEMBERSHIP CARD. Start with this incredible FRAUD.


The outfit British Accredited Registry [B.A.R.]. This entity is basically owned via BANK OF AMERICA which is MERRILL LYNCH and of course this is how the VATICAN'S BANK [BofA] operates its money laundering global. RETIREMENT? Yes 'high on the hog' until the monkey stopped jumping, pop went the weasel.

So the Strange Et Al gang are not licensed to practice law, pay dues to a foreign entity that has contaminated the rule of law and due process is whatever this RICO global thuggery dictates.

Turdblossom is the nick name for Rove and, the Stink is Hitler's nickname. Nazi is very real in the so-called systems of 'America'.

Read the great historian Toynbee, now that is truly an enlightenment. Turkey and Greece fought long ago and Toynbee studied this by going there. Fascinating story of how the ideology of colonizing gets started and stopped via the wars.

Russia is really pissed off at what has been going on to the borders there. Toynbee addresses this exact situation we're in.

America is in serious decline else Roger Shuler would not be attacked by thugs in his own home, beaten and tortured, kidnapped and falsely imprisoned. The U.S. was supposed to have an enlightened legal system. Not. The Toynbee history book/s are a wake-up call as to how we actually became 'America'.

We lost America to the thugs that would rather be a society of Ghetto Hell, and certainly not the Republic that respects our individual rights'.

Turkey, Greece, and name a country where America not only competes for the worst of the society in decline, indeed uglier here in Century 21.

Anonymous said...

Coyote Lane @ 4:03 AM 02/24/14

Judges and attorneys all, being officers of the court[s] for the sake of conversation this court;

is not each one, individually, obligated, bound, and legally to be held publicly accountable before their peers when in the course of events situations exist or arise the Judge and attorneys are privy to unlawfulness and/or illegalities that they are required by law not to be complicit tainting or contaminating defendant's case?

Especially when public records clearly speak for themselves involving Canary, Rove, Sessions, Garrison, Pryor, Canary, King, Riley, Strange all from which Shuler from very first originated his present day information with assistance from other interested Alabamians' ongoing information,

"No man is above the law." President Barack Obama ?