Monday, February 10, 2014

New York Times Inaccurately Claims that Legal Schnauzer Plans to Bring Legal Charges Against Judge

This is Carol, Roger's wife. The New York Times in a recent article about the incarceration of Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler inaccurately claims that Shuler plans to bring federal criminal charges against the judge.

From The New York Times article:
"His wife spoke of collecting damages when this is over, but Mr. Shuler is thinking beyond civil remedies this time: He is planning to bring federal criminal charges against the judge."
"I know of no provision under the law where any citizen can bring federal criminal charges against anyone else, much less a judge," Shuler said. "My understanding is that any citizen can contact the FBI about alleged criminal activity, and then it's up to the Bureau to take that claim to the appropriate U.S. Attorney. I have no means to bring criminal charges against anyone, and it baffles me how one of the world's foremost newspapers could make a statement that is so contrary to the facts."

The New York Times - New York, NY


Anonymous said...

Ms. Shuler: You may want to telephone, or better yet, send a certified letter to the publisher REQUESTING A RETRACTION[S] providing the reasons why SHOULD; and maybe raise the issue WHY, when such a large newspaper as the New York Times there has been an obvious abandonment of a retired fellow united states native American university of Missouri college journalism educated journalist.

If NYT reporter decided to take time to contact both of you; why aren't both of you entitled the professional courtesies via retraction apologies and rewrite correction.

Furthermore, would providing you editor's response to your request; an explanation from the NYT why a journalist wrongfully jailed in other countries is newsworthy; but a journalist since October 2013 still in jail, now February 2014, arrested in residence without ever having had a warrant signed for his arrest, now being held in contempt.

Is this judiciary practice commonplace in New York, why the NYT takes Shuler's case as if water off a duck's back.

Contact Huffington POST,
Aljezera [?spelling] California radio talk show host.

I don't know what it is; but I've contacted the Washington Post 3 times, their responses were all paraphrasing,
there just to much wrong going on down there, things out of line; not worth their time to go up against so far away from home base.

Anonymous said...

The Gray Lady may have sung out of key, or? Judges, see Orly Taitz, can be sued.

Not that criminal charges are going to be productive for Roger against the 'Judge'.

And certainly not productive for Roger, published in the news so the judge can do what the New York Times' propaganda intended?

What an incredible power protecting the criminal racket.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Shuler: Regardless the immediate situation involving Roger without an attorney, HE HAS NOT forfeited his rights for preparing his case's "due process" preparation.

Although jailed he can petition the court, even be handwritten, for all copies of documents filed in his case from whatever their sources. An inmate cannot be jailed without bond, without set trial date, and too not being given access to copies of documents in case.
Assuming [and you know what they say about assuming] in my opinion Roger doesn't really know all the court's case summary's history nor knowledge of all discovery held by prosecution, or not; i.e. the arrest warrants claimed to have, yet in court had to admit never had.............
Paper trail, paper trail, paper trail........
"The law is clearly established that those tendering false information to a prosecutor to believe he had probable cause to prosecute when he did not violated the Constitutional Rights of the defendant."
Doe vs State of Louisiana
974 F .2d 36 [5th U.S. Circuit]

".....the information sought was within the control of the police, the affidavit plainly identified the information sought and ...articulated a plausible bias which would raise a trial worthy issue. That the requested information was within the control...was a factor "which weighs heavily in favor of relief under..."
Reid vs State of New Hampshire
56 F .3d [1st U.S. Circuit]

Unknown said...

Carol, won't be long now, the reality was and is about The King of Jerusalem. I'd put the YOUTUBE link here, but only works when downloading into blogger, you may want to download Karen Hudes most recent 'interview', the reality is now international mainstream has gotten the news.

I've listened to her interview several times and began the investigation into the matter.

Putin met with one of the Kings, Spanish, he is supposedly THE King of Jerusalem.

America was to be taken down as we can all assess in this time of Global War On Terror.

The people like Garrison, Strange, Pryor, Bryant, Et Al have all been on the 'gravy train' of what they actually believed was George W. Bush and 'Jr' the American fascists' "New World Order".

The cult of corruption are worship mongers for the kings and queens that our U.S. Constitution banished, but not exactly well enough - until now.

The JAIL personnel and this includes all the lawbreakers of the US Constitution & Bill of Rights, decided to be too stupid to read history.

YouTube can be the necessary speeds of lights to get caught up so we can have LIFE again, and that means the career criminals can also have a life - where they can't harm others.

Karen Hudes is truly our American Patriot and we're mighty blessed she has had the courage to 'save' our 'Republic'.

Anonymous said...

Carol, do you need people to write some letters or ?

post what you need

we must get Roger free

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 4:50 AM -- Yes, if anyone would be willing to write letters, send emails, call etc that would be most appreciated. The FBI needs to be contacted, the DOJ, other high-level media outlets along the lines of The Washington Post etc. If anyone knows of any good constitutional law or civil rights attorneys especially in states outside of Alabama, please feel free to forward me the contact info or to contact them yourself. This travesty should have already been on MSNBC and CNN etc. The fact that it has not is highly disturbing to me & should be to every American citizen. There are so many media outlets and lawyers that I still am working to contact, it is unreal. There simply are not enough hours in the day for me to do everything. Please pass this along to anyone you think is interested in helping. Please email me at anytime privately if you wish. Thank you.