Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New York Times' Experts Unanimously State Judge is Taking Unlawful Actions in Legal Schnauzer Case

This is Carol, Roger's wife. A New York Times article on the incarceration of  Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler quotes several experts who all state that Judge Claud Neilson is acting unlawfully in the case.

Two legal experts are quoted directly in the article and several others apparently were consulted. The Times does not cite any legal expert who agrees with Judge Neilson's actions in the case.

"The Times experts are unanimous that Judge Neilson is acting way outside the boundaries of the law in this case," Roger Shuler said. "The law is clear that an injunction is not allowed in a defamation case and the Times' experts point that out. That Neilson has placed an injunction on me and held me unlawfully in jail for four months should be mind-boggling to anyone who cares about the rule of law in the United States."

The New York Times - New York, NY


Unknown said...

The way to keep honesty honest.


New York Times appears to have gotten the reality, again.

Wasn't the Times due to not being the more respectable journalism.

Not history recorded as factual and reality, when the journalism isn't in the face of communism, fascism, and the corporate criminal insanity of this time.

Do the Times' journalists with the highest integrity (SEYMOUR HERSH CAN YOU WITNESS THIS?!) resurrect the truth in justice?

YES, and the Alabama people that thought this was the backwoods of darkened Apartheid Palestine need to realize the 21 Century was never about going backwards.


Garrison, be very ashamed of yourself and the man who picks up high school girls in limos to vote for him while wearing a penis nose?

Strange you should hang down your head you buffoon.

Pryor you hypocrite get your toxic shame into a healing center.

All who stole American Citizens' homes, lives, liberties and the pursuit to happiness, robbed US of our personal properties and killing our beloveds unnaturally:

May you reap 100x what you've sown.

Unknown said...


How to get that old fashioned egg beater, the one that was hand held and yet wow did that fine tool work as a very handy working the egg into a fanciful meringue for only one example.

How to get the egg beater up the asses of those that are sitting on the worst possible cracking up of history!?

Put a world class journalist into a lock-up, Assange, Snowden, Barrett Brown, Shuler, Et Al, and get enough people getting what this really is and IT certainly is a GLOBAL MAFIA according to Karen Hudes' www.kahudes.net TOO!

The TIMES knows the time is running on the clock to when the strike of your're no longer a worthy source of JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY and the world does not bother to click the url ever again.


Redeye said...

"That Neilson has placed an injunction on me and held me unlawfully in jail for four months should be mind-boggling to anyone who cares about the rule of law in the United States."

It's scary.

Unknown said...

search karen hudes twitter account, she is being censored too

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised retired Judge Claud Neilson was brought in to handle the Shuler case after all Shelby County judges recused themselves.
It is unfortunately standard operating procedure involving certain politically charged Alabama proceedings that hand selected, like minded, malleable judges are seated by the powers at play. And that those same powers write Orders for the compliant judge to sign.
I am of the opinion, due to experience, that there is potentially no justice in Alabama’s corrupt justice system.
Too many Alabama judges have become very wealthy while seated on the bench.

Those same politicians loudly and proudly profess to being a good, honest, bible thumping________________( fill in the blank with any religion) while engaging in criminal activity to enrich themselves.

I too have experienced Alabama’s unlawful strong armed judicial proceedings. Four years ago I left Alabama suddenly; concerned my exposure of criminal activity within Alabama’s justice system would leave me in a situation not unlike Roger Shuler’s or worse.

Dear Rileys' et al; showing up for Sunday services doesn't erase your consistent questionable conduct.

Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 5:16 PM -- There was absolutely zero reason for all the Shelby County judges to recuse themselves. And even if there were, there had to be a sitting judge from a nearby county to handle it. There was no need to dig up Claud Neilson from under a rock and bring him out of retirement. There is a mandatory retirement age for state judges here and he exceeds it. It was a ruse.