Monday, February 24, 2014

Mrs. Schnauzer, Carol Shuler, Remains Under Threat of Arrest in Rob Riley's Lawsuit

The wife of Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler remains under threat of arrest because of a lawsuit filed by Republican political figure Rob Riley.

Carol Shuler never was a participant in the Legal Schnauzer blog prior to Riley's lawsuit and the subsequent arrest of Roger Shuler on Oct. 23. Riley included Carol Shuler as a defendant in his case, claiming she was a "contributor and administrator" for the blog. 

In court papers Riley claims that Legal Schnauzer "purports to be a joint enterprise" between Roger and Carol Shuler. The blog, however, does nothing of the sort. It lists one author, Roger Shuler, and it lists no contributors or administrators because there aren't any.

Carol Shuler clearly is not a lawful defendant in the case, but she remains under threat of arrest because of the Riley lawsuit. Here is language from an Oct. 21 court order in the case:
"4. The Court reserves determination on whether to remand Respondent Carol Shuler to the custody of the Shelby County Sheriff."



Anonymous said...

Using the proverbial carrot on a string.

The Alabama court is keeping their option open to jail Carol Shuler. For what? The larger message is: "do as we say and you won't be jailed". "Do not write unkind things about the Riley Klan". Take down your husband's blog.

Rob, Bob, Luther et al are all dancing around the fire afraid someone might remove their hoods and expose them.

Careful boys' your feet might get burned. National attention is shining its spotlight on your crooked, illegal ways.

It is time that the corruption in the Alabama legal system is exposed.

Dare an attorney in Alabama not march in lockstep, they will feel the wrath of being removed as a practicing attorney for ridiculous trumped up charges as with Ginger Emfinger a former Alabama attorney.

Emfinger wanted to run for a judicial position in Houston County, but the "courthouse crowd" closed her down and kicked her out.
The real reason: Ms. Emfinger would not have agreed to follow the corrupt ways of the incumbents and most likely would have had them exposed.

The Riley Klan is no different then the currently in the news, Ukrainian former president Viktor Yanukovich who recently fled the country he had so perversely looted.

Yanukovich had jailed Yulia Tymoshenko, one of his fiercest rivals. She was jailed over a controversial deal with Russian energy company Gazprom, in which a court decided she had abused the powers of her office. (Sounds and smells just like Alabama's former Governor Riley and his rival Don Siegelman.)

If and when the gates of the Riley compound, like those of Ukraine's Yanukovich, are ever opened, I am sure the vastness of corrupt based wealth would be just as unsettling.

Anonymous said...

The people of Alabama better wake up to the antics of the Riley clan and all those involved with them. That's probably why no one wants to take them on. Now is the time to get rid of these crooks, lawyers, judges and all.

e.a.f. said...

yes, Anonymous makes some very good point. they don't have anything to put Ms. Shuler in jail for, but they do want to threaten her. Now that she is publishing the blog, they want her gone. However, they have nothing to put her in jail for. of course that didn't stop them putting Mr. Shuler in jail. We can only hope Mr. Shuler finds a lawyer who will have him "sprung" and he and Ms. Shuler get back to their lives.

The people of the Ukraine obviously are more courageous than those living in Alabama. The people of Alabama just let it all happen and then re-elect the idiots who continue to use the state as their personal fifedome.

Unknown said...

anon 2/24, excellent post.

I'll challenge you though on the Ukraine. Here's why - we don't actually know in America what is going on in the foreign policies that are forced into the world earth via our 'owners'.

We are slaves and have been since the 'money sovereignty' was stolen and that was in 1907, actually.

Karen Hudes' talks about how much gold the USA is owed, and how much art of great value. BUT, we hear about the Ukraine and the booty stolen there.

Not one puppet remains standing in the Global War On Terror that was put into positions before the GWOT.

MEANING: Woodrow Wilson was somehow made incompetent and the man HOUSE took over and we got lots of bad policies.

We're living the worst of the Presidency of House-Wilson, the ZIONIST secret cabal takeover of America, right now.

Reagan, Bush and then the Clintons, Ruby Ridge, Waco, OK City, failed NYC 'small 1st false flag', preparing for the Big Bear, Russia after the collapse of Communism.

HuffPO and KOs (Daily KOs) are funded from the SOROS' OPEN SOCIETY and other really dire human filth.

I'd say the game in Russia has just really begun now that the SOCHI games are over.

Putin couldn't do anything while the Olympics were on and the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS that fund the State of Israel that is the owner of America, did whatever to stop the Olympic SOCHI games. NULAND, VICTORIA was over there embarrassing the dignity of U$?

Shaming the last thread of reality.

The owners of America spend zillions of American's blood, guts and so called 'money' for the criminals to represent wherever and to do the worst possible vile acts of evil.

Don Siegelman knows and, Mrs. Schnauzer?! U$A would do the same to Schnauzers as to Snowden. Why he sought asylum in the Soviet Union that has become not a ROGUE FAILED STATE.

Now, they have threatened you. I too, was threatened. I went to a different court and filed the paperwork, you need to do the same.

FACEBOOK. Get a Facebook going on this immediately. You Carol must also step up on the Facebook Account as a VICTIM OF TERRORISM.

You are basically a political prisoner in your own home, welcome to Palestine.

FACEBOOK as many as can in Alabama to support this, do so.


The Attorney General in New York also lived in Seattle, Washington. He is setting up the prosecution to go after the lawyers NATIONALLY, who were and are, involved in the FRAUD of the foreclosures. The time span is for length of time the Federal Reserve System (FRS) was planning this big heist (1970s late and Savings & Loan 1980s).

Write to the AG, NYC:

Back to the Ukraine: Toynsbee explained the phenomenon we are experiencing. My way to explain what I've read is, simple: Fish.

Big fish eat little fish.

Big fish eat schools of little fish and then bigger fish eat the big fish that eat the littler fish.

The EMPIRES are all subject to the crumbling of an empire. Wars are typically how the empire eats the littler fish and then, the wars exhaust the empire and then the obvious, the weakened fish is also always eaten. History proves this is happening now.

America and Israel-Europe have made too many 'Western' wars for the takeover of the planet.

Met China and Russia and so Iran has a power bloc now which did not happen in the Ronald Reagan coup d'etat and coup d'grace, 1980s.

Crossroads time because of the nuclear winter threat.

Unknown said...

continued >>

Thus, there isn't much that these criminals don't know and so, do they care about the people that aren't 'Big Gov Global'? No.

We are where Russia was and China, too, when their 'civilization death' happened.

EXCEPT, we have the internet so we aren't (with the power of the majority) going to experience the full blown communism to kill our Constitutional Republic.

The intention was to own the USA as a super power 'HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE EXTENDED' with the GOLDEN ARMY (NATO), to control the societies of all earth.

Obviously the other people agree with the majority of the Americans:

The 'leaders' -- those that want control IE EG, *JURISPRUDENCE, aren't mentally competent at best See also, Congresses and Supreme Court Et Al, and at worst they are the Riley of Alabama old and corrupt beyond redemption.

USA the unfortunate biggest bubble that has popped -FRAUD-LAWYER-.

77,000+ lawyers in the State of New York all by itself. Now what happened to that State due to the POLICE doing what they do?

Corruption there as same story in Alabama regarding Don Siegelman and Roger Shuler, so the Attorney General should understand.

Cyrus R. Vance, Jr.

HuffPO is porn lite and KOs is pablum, both are via the SOROS' cult of Metzitzah b'peh practitioners' -- truly an abomination of mutilation of our species. Cliff High, Half Past Human, The Grand Penis Conspiracy.

Absent knowing how really VileEvil the horror is, we can't get angry enough to begin the deepest healing that must happen.

Unknown said...

Best information for also, the Ukraine:

CSEC functions under secret Defence Minister directives known at most to a handful of cabinet members and a cabal of national-security operatives. Much of what is publicly known about CSEC’s activities originated with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who released the first batch of his exposures last June. One of his most recent leaks shows that in 2012, CSEC, working in conjunction with the NSA, developed and field-tested a program to tap into the wireless devices of travellers at Canadian airports and other public spaces and to track them for up to two weeks afterward.

The Conservative government had, since last June, steadfastly refused to confirm reports that CSEC is spying on Canadians, systematically collecting and analyzing the metadata of their electronic communications