Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Media Coverage of Legal Schnauzer First Amendment Case Gains Traction with HuffPost Live! Interview

This is Carol, Roger's wife. The media coverage of Roger Shuler's beating and unlawful arrest on Oct. 23 gained some major traction recently with an insightful video interview with Alyona Minkovski of HuffPost Live! The host of the daily Freedom Watch Zone broadcast of The Huffington Post interviewed me and Andrew Kreig of the Justice Integrity Project of Washington, D.C.

In the Nov. 1 TV segment entitled "Journalist Beaten & Arrested", Minkovski asked why the media had not provided more coverage to such a remarkable attack on the free press. Kreig emphasized that the state of Alabama's "kangaroo" court proceedings and bizarre actions grossly violate well-established national constitutional law both on free speech and freedom of the press, as well as, the rights to due process that any litigant deserves in court.

Kreig further noted that many mainstream media organizations face daunting financial pressures and have reduced staff as a result. The remaining employees are fearful of controversy and the risk of possible job loss and thus are typically very reluctant to report in any aggressive or adverse way on public officials and their wrongdoings. Also in the interview with Minkovski, I had the opportunity to describe exactly what happened to Roger on the evening of Oct. 23 when he was assaulted by four Shelby County sheriff's deputies in our garage and badly beaten and unlawfully arrested. At no time, was he ever told by any of these deputies that he was under arrest, being charged with anything, shown or even told about a warrant of any kind nor ever read his rights! He was merely attacked inside the four walls of our home, beaten up and abducted into the night.

The interview on HuffPost Live! is shown below:


Anonymous said...

Too bad we have things like this happening,just pray that God steps in and takes control of them ,,he is the only one who can help.

Steve said...

It is unfortunate there were no video cameras to record the events although there may be dash cam videos that may give a clue. You can get those using FIO legislation if they haven't been wiped. Do you have a friend who could put some cams around your home? Even dummies could act as a deterrent.

Anonymous said...

The prayer is to return the DUE PROCESS LAW and this means PROBABLE CAUSE has to be.

There was no probable cause against the Shulers, Roger and Carol, other than the truth of exercising our Constitutional Rights' AND

OUR MORAL OBLIGATION is in the U.S. Constitution TO DO exactly what the Legal Schnauzer did-does: Brings the whole truth to the U.S. Americans so we can obey the fine good law, that is still even after Rove Et Al, the law and there isn't any doubt.

Took away life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without any due process law.

That is a high crime against our U.S. Constitution.

LAWYERS, ANDREW KREIG ET AL, have awakened to the reality there is to be no lawyers other than those that do what was done to Roger.

Not exactly a civilized nation state especially in 2013.

It's about the 'money' and how the USA has done fraud on We The People as the Federal Reserve so called 'Banking System' that is about killing US should we not obey the final nails in our coffins.

Murphy's Spirit does not want to be bound to the time of the dead walking and that is why Roger Shuler cannot be other than fully protected in the truth-justice and finally at long last -- REALITY in the darkness via Clarion Calling Angels in Big AL.

Excellent work, Carol. You keep on in the word army scene, they-them-those in the Rovian Cult of Corrupted Criminally Insane did not expect to drown in their own cesspool of toxic shame.

GOD BLESS US ALL even the turds in the punchbowl cause they just don't get the party is over!

Ken Bonerigo said...

This isn't gods fight. It has to be the American peoples fight.

Our revolution and constitution both took place just to stop these kind of abuses. The elite and judicially corrupted who use their power and privilege to stifle dissent and free speech bring us closer to a new revolution with each new outrage.

The fact that our media ignores this shows just how far our country has fallen from our founders original ideals. You can bet when it is their turn they will be at a loss for words when they are beat and thrown in jail for exercising their rights as free people and as American citizens.

Anonymous said...

GOD is a term of art.

SPIRIT is "God" and "Dog".

MURPHY IS DOG-GOD, and so are ROGER & CAROL SHULER pure love for the reality of Murphy and their love for one another.

Don't fall victim to the Hillbilly religions and don't be a politically perfect 'American'.

Do IT yourself and take the burden off GOD, that is the concept.

In other words, what Murphy Schnauzer's SPIRIT has danced into the now is the Roger and Carol Shuler for the LOVE of the U.S. Constitution's GOOD LAW because the reality is, IT doesn't get better so far in earth world.

GOD backwards is DOG and either way the Guardian or Divine Of We The People IN ENERGY of consciousness is an idea worth protecting and honoring.

e.a.f. said...

You are left wondering how a country which spends so much time, money, and effort defending the second amendment could just skip over the First Amendment.

You do wonder how this publicity is working for the Rileys et al?

legalschnauzer said...

So very true e.a.f. @ 12:10 AM -- I have wondered the exact same thing myself. Huge masses of the populace spend such great amounts of time and energy yammering on incessantly about the second amendment and getting all hysterical about their guns being taken away...which I for one do not believe is happening or is going to happen. But yet, the first amendment shows obvious signs of being in very real danger in 2013 & yet no one seems to care about that. Could it be that it is because there is NOT a massive lobbying & propaganda effort on the part of a powerful group like the NRA to whip people into a frenzy about the first amendment like they do so often on the second? But you can't sell the first amendment & make money off it like you can guns & ammo. The second amendment has BIG money behind it, however, the first does not. How sad for us as a nation! And for the record, I have no problem with law-abiding citizen having guns to protect themselves. But people act like need some stockade of guns and ammo to supply a small army. Yet they don't raise an eyebrow when a law-abiding journalist is beaten and jailed merely on the petulant demands of a privileged & spoiled son of a former governor.