Monday, October 3, 2011

Here's a Nominee for "Stupidest Thing Ever Said by a Democrat"

We recently identified Alabamian Jere Beasley as a peculiar political animal--a DWDVD (Democrat Who Doesn't Vote for Democrats).

Beasley, the former lieutenant governor of Alabama and probably the best-known trial lawyer in the state, obviously is not a stupid guy. But that did not keep him from recently making perhaps the most stupid political utterance I've ever heard.

It comes from the May issue of The Jere Beasley Report, the monthly newsletter of the Montgomery-based Beasley Allen law firm. Beasley, the firm's founding partner, is discussing the Obama administration's appointment of George Beck as U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Alabama. In the process, Beasley offers his opinion on Beck's predecessor, Bush appointee Leura Canary.

Here is what Beasley said about a woman who orchestrated the political prosecution of former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman, a woman who might rank as the most corrupt federal prosecutor in U.S. history:

I may be the only “Democrat” in Alabama who believes that Leura has done a good job, but the truth is, she really has.

What do we know about Leura Canary? Based on the sworn testimony of multiple individuals, her prosecution team:

* Blatantly coached key Siegelman-case witness Nick Bailey;

* Repeatedly threatened and bullied Bailey into providing the desired testimony;

* Failed to turn over key materials to the defense.

We also know that Canary remained involved in the case after she claimed to have recused herself.

Does this sound like someone who did "a good job"? Has Jere Beasley been smoking some powerful weed?

Isn't it interesting that Beasley calls himself a "Democrat." Do the quotation marks mean he really is not a Democrat? That seems to be the case, especially given that Beasley's firm has made it a habit to work on legal cases with Rob Riley, son of former GOP Governor Bob Riley.

Beasley gives the appearance of being a deeply religious fellow. His monthly newsletters are filled with quotations from The Bible and stories with Christian themes. We are wondering if Beasley has developed a bit of a God complex. He constantly refers in his newsletter to someone who is "a good lawyer" or someone who has "done a good job" on a particular case. He almost never offers any evidence to support these conclusions; he merely makes statements, as if they are coming from Mount Sinai. The message seems to be: If Jere Beasley says something, it must be so--and no one should question it.

It's possible that Beasley has been breathing the rarefied air of the Beasley Allen firm so long that he thinks everyday Alabamians can't figure out his con game--that they will believe Leura Canary did a "good job" as U.S. attorney, just because Jere Beasley said it.

With elder statesmen like Jere Beasley, the Alabama Democratic Party probably is going nowhere fast.

Here is a link to the May issue of The Jere Beasley Report. The piece about George Beck and Leura Canary is on page 3:

The Jere Beasley Report, May 2011


choggs said...

Let's see his notes. Has the defense gotten his notes on his testimony, Roger. Has that happened yet.

Maybe they can get that straightened out soon.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Can I get a big AMEN?

jeffrey spruill said...

I went to junior high school with Pat Robertson's son Tim.

Its sounds to me as if Jere Beasley has been talking to that other self righteous crook-
Pat Robertson.

The network's Family Channel, which promoted family-friendly entertainment, was spun off in 1990to International Family Entertainment Inc., led by Pat Robertson and his son Tim. In 1997, that company was sold for $1.9 billion to Fox Kids Worldwide Inc., which later sold it to the Disney Co.

Anonymous said...

"I may be the only “Democrat” in Alabama who believes that Leura has done a good job, but the truth is, she really has."

Now you have to give him credit on this.. On what he said about the "bird" Lady.. She HAS done a good job of putting the screws in folks that did not deserve it! He was telling the truth!! In a sense.. He just did not specify what her dirty deed good job was!

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather..... Maybe he can defend Canary in her political corruption trial. No, wait! A home town boy wouldn't be "good" enough for Canary. She'll go for a high powered D.C. lawyer. For all the good it will do her, there are WITNESSES to her conduct. What karma it would be for those "WITNESSES" to take a plea deal in exchange for their testimony against her - just like her prosecution team did to Nick Bailey and Ronnie Gilley.

Matt Osborne said...

It strikes me that "older statesmen" precisely describes the problem in the Alabama Democratic Party. There are in fact two of them: one that wants to build infrastructure, welcome diversity, and grow, versus a bunch of self-satisfied dinosaurs from the Wallace era. Thankfully, the latter group WILL go extinct.

Redeye said...

Matt is right (no pun), there are two democratic democratic parties in Alabama;

one that wants to build infrastructure, welcome diversity, and grow, versus a bunch of self-satisfied dinosaurs from the Wallace era.

Unfortunately, the later group is in control and they ain't going no where no time soon.

James Greek said...

The man is so egotistical enough to name the newsletter after himself. *scoffs*

James Greek said...

He says it's time to make education a top priority. Well, I agree Beasley, but here you are kissing tbe ass of. Laura Canady the woman who prosecuted the education governor wrongfully.

James Greek said...

Beasley pointed out in the same newsletter that we need to make education a top priority. Well, I agree Beasley but here you are singing the praises of the prosecutor who wrongfully prosecuted our education governor. Mr. I never voted for a democratic governor in a good while.