Thursday, October 20, 2011

Republican Thugs Send Vulgar Messages to Legal Schnauzer

Leura Canary

Editor's Note: The following post contains vulgar language that some readers are likely to find offensive. We generally try to run a clean shop around here, but we feel a full description of certain language is necessary to tell the following story.

I'm used to receiving ugly anonymous responses to some of my work here at Legal Schnauzer. Cockroaches don't like it when someone turns on the light in a dark room.

But even I was taken aback by the nastiness of certain comments to a recent post about the rocky marriage of GOP power couple Bill and Leura Canary.

I've debated about whether to bring attention to the ravings of individuals who appear to be pretty disturbed. But I think this provides insight into the mindset of certain folks in conservative Alabama circles. And the more people know about such thugs, the better.

The first comment came on the post itself. Here is how it read, including some curse words I've never heard before:

Anonymous said...
fuck ass don't open your shit filled mouth before researching your fucking facts dick cheese.

October 12, 2011 11:20 AM

Dick cheese? Is that something you find in Wisconsin? I never heard that term in the Ozark woods where I grew up.

A little research on my blog analytics revealed that the comment almost certainly came from the Business Council of Alabama (BCA) in Montgomery. It even revealed an IP address:

That was the second of two anonymous comments, and I wasn't sure if "Mr. Dick Cheese" was responding to me or anonymous commenter No. 1. Here is how that one read:

Anonymous said...

Oh the secrets that will come out! I wonder if Freddie is worried - or if Billy even knows about Freddie?
October 10, 2011 9:10 PM

This person seemed to be taking special delight in the subject matter of my post, and I suspect that's what really set off Anonymous No. 2. "Billy" pretty clearly was a reference to Bill Canary; I'm told that's what Leura Canary calls her hubby. But what about "Freddie"? I expressed my confusion with this comment:

legalschnauzer said...
Anon No. 2:

I detect some hostility. Is it directed toward me or toward Anon No. 1, who referenced "Freddy"?

Who is "Freddy"? I asked a trusted source about that, and the best guess seems to be that it's Frederick Menner, a U.S. Justice Department official who worked for a while as Leura Canary's chief assistant before being reassigned not long before Canary stepped down in spring 2011. Why would someone at BCA become incensed over an apparent reference to Frederick Menner? I have no idea.

Ron Burgundy
Here is an article that references Mr. Menner. Looks like he has ties to Louisiana. Why did he wind up in Montgomery, Alabama? Not sure.

Another nasty comment came in the form of a message to my regular e-mail account. The sender called himself "Ron Burgundy" and took steps to disguise his digital footprint. Other than the fact that he must be a Will Ferrell fan, I don't have a clue who it might be. Here is "Ron Burgundy's" message:

Dear, Sir.
Your slanderous comments regarding the Canary's marriage are completely uncalled for. I know that you liberals tend to pull random information out of your asses, but I highly recommend you know your facts before you post them on you amateur blog. Of course you are entitled to freedom of speech, but you are not entitled to slander. I would like to know, sir, where you got your information regarding the possibility of their divorce? I know for a fact that your post is nothing but moronic, scammed lies. Either you have been incredibly misinformed or you are intentionally misinforming others. I am reporting your blog to google. I hope that the Canary's file a lawsuit against you and that you are sued for everything that you are worth. Next time you think about posting anything that is complete BS, remember that you are being watched.

These people seem to be obsessed with dicks and asses, don't they? And I'm being watched? Imagine that.

I replied to "Ron Burgundy" thusly:


I received my information from multiple sources in the Montgomery area, people who are well informed on legal and justice matters in Central Alabama, and the post is not slanderous. If you would like to discuss these issues, I would be glad to do that. I also would be glad to interview Bill and Leura Canary, on this and other topics, if they are willing.

Assuming that your real name isn't "Ron Burgundy," I'm going to need your true identity before any meaningful discussion can take place.

As you can see, I offered to sit down for interviews with Bill and Leura Canary. I've received no reply from them--or from "Ron Burgundy."

Update at 11:45 a.m. on 9/20/2011--A helpful reader has educated me about the term "dick cheese," through the Urban Dictionary. You can check out the link here:

Dick Cheese

Gross, isn't it? Kind of made me want to lose my lunch--and I haven't even had it yet. I've got to keep up better with slang. I just recently discovered what OMG means. Anyway, I figured "dick cheese" was not a compliment, and I was right about that.


jeffrey spruill said...

dicks and asses

Which one do you think he or she is watching?

David said...

dicks and asses? Maybe some Freudian analysis is in order here.
Does this suffer from penis envy or the fact that he has a weeny size organ? Is this person (I'm this word in as loose sense, not being sure at all of his/her humanity) posterierly obsessed because he/she is in fact an actual asshole?

Anonymous said...

could this be aKIN,to an attack like brad's blog?

Redeye said...

"These people seem to be obsessed with dicks and asses, don't they?"

Yes they do. I wonder why?

Kristen Conner said...

I know this is a serious issue, but I laughed out loud several times while reading! WOW,'ve written numerous articles about people and issues that are controversial, but I've never seen any comments as harsh and hateful as these! Maybe these people are ingorant about what it means to be an investigative journalist.'s not like you were writing this for the front page of the Birmingham News! Keep up the good work and continue to do what you do best....embrace your critics and never stop writing!

Anonymous said...

The REALLY Bad thing was I was eating some cheese I bought at Whole Foods while I was reading this article!!! You must have hit a nerve somewhere!

Mack Lyons said...

"Dicks and asses?" Sounds like someone's trying to claw their way out of a closet.

You must have hit a nerve with a moron or two. Idiots one and all.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Roger is merely broadcasting to the world that which has been known to an increasingly estranged circle of insiders in Montgomery for years. I don't possess a law license yet, but will be glad to assist any attorney who sees fit to defend Roger on this. The People of Alabama must defend the Legal Schnauzer because he's one of the few who dare to report the truth about corruption in our government. We won't have a government staffed by good people until we shine light on all of the darkness. These people put their pants on just like us every morning & need to be knocked off their pedestals.

Anonymous said...

"How did Menner end up in Montgomery, Alabama?" Quite simply, Leura Canary asked that he be assigned there to work as her second in command. Why? Because Menner and Canary have been "close" for several years. She trusts him to have her back - and he does. Some say he has a lot more than just her back and his loyalty to her knows no legal or ethical bounds.
As for the profane response, it appears to have a distinctly juvenile male flavor. Wonder if young Will Canary works at the BCA or has access to the BCA network?
There appear to be a lot of ugly secrets at the BCA, such as the "suicide" of Ralph Stacy. If I were head of the RSA, I'd be worried about my recent personnel choices.

Anonymous said...

you go schnauzer, air there dirty laundry,keep up the good work , and remember, you also have many anomymous, backers also, some who cant speak any other way ,some who are intertwined, in your own closet, Peace and love,Barb tries

Ishmael said...

What can one call anyone who uses the term "Dick Cheese" except,


It even means the same thing, but is much funnier.

"Smoke me a kipper, Skipper! I'll be back for Breakfast"___Ace Rimmer

Legal Rottweiler said...

Legal Schnauzer is a run in the mill autistic human being. He has not produce a single citation/ form of evidence showing who his so called "informants" are, and that he has requested an email. I honestly feel sympathy for all of the followers of this blog who believe all of the BS he says. I, being close friends with the Canary's, can truthfully inform you that all of the information provided by Legal Schnauzer is false. I do agree with what Ron Burgandy previously said about him lying.
PS- If your gonna name your blog after a dog, don't name it after a "pussy of a dog"

legalschnauzer said...


You appear to be a rottweiler with no teeth, afraid to reveal his real identity. I can hear you shivering all the way from your post in Montgomery.

I would be happy to interview you, Billy, Leura and anyone else you would care to bring along.

Let me know when you want to set it up.

Anonymous said...

LR: Your grammar and vocabulary are two of many things that belie your claim of being "close with the Canary's." In the future, keep in mind that juvenile vulgar slang in a legitimate argument does nothing for your credibility or your position. Your parents are spending a lot of money on your education. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn some basic grammar.

Legal Rottweiler (with teeth) said...

If you would like to know my identity then i would like to report you as an internet predator, you sick fuck. Do you honestly think i would put my name and information on this blatantly shady and misinforming website? I think that this all reinforces my previous statements, you sir are in fact autistic.

Ishmael said...

Wow! You go away for a few days and the excrement hits the fan. What I wonder, as a non-attorney, is WHY, if the stories presented about the Canarys and others on this blog are so demonstrably False as claimed by LR, that no civil suits have been filed for Slander, Libel and Defamation of Character to date. I would think that a REAL, PRACTICING Attorney would be combing these pages for evidence to support such a suit and provide chapter-and-verse to list such evidence in the form of a cease-and-desist letter at the very least.

Unless, of course, the information detailed on these pages is actually Factually Correct. Then THAT would make all of LR's protestations, to quote Shakespeare,

"Sound and Fury, signifying Nothing."

So let me put Legal Rotweiller(with or without teeth) on the proverbial spot. What about these stories are factually incorrect? In what WAYS are they Demonstrably False? Please provide evidence to support your assertions. As my broken-down merchant seaman Daddy used to say,

"TALK is Cheap. It takes MONEY to buy Whiskey."

Anonymous said...

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