Monday, October 10, 2011

Leura and Bill Canary: The Marriage of a GOP Power Couple Is on the Rocks

Leura Canary

The marriage of Leura and Bill Canary, a Republican power couple with connections to several scandals of the Bush/Rove era, is on shaky ground. Sources tell Legal Schnauzer that the Canarys might be headed for an acrimonious divorce. If that happens, it could have implications for several justice-related stories from the past decade or so.

Leura Canary was the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Alabama until she announced her retirement on May 27, serving throughout the Bush administration and for more than two years of Barack Obama's term. She was at the helm for the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, perhaps the most notorious politically driven case in American history.

Bill Canary is president of the Business Council of Alabama and has long-term ties to GOP guru Karl Rove and U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue. Jill Simpson, an Alabama lawyer and whistleblower, stated under oath before Congress that she participated in a conference call in which Bill Canary outlined a plan to prosecute Siegelman, with the apparent knowledge of Rove and the Bush White House.

Both Canarys have strong ties to former Alabama Governor Bob Riley, who "defeated" Siegelman in a 2002 election that almost certainly was determined by vote fraud, with votes for Siegelman mysteriously disappearing overnight in Baldwin County.

Bill Canary
A thirst for power in conservative circles seems to have fed the Canary marriage. But now it is on the rocks, sources tell Legal Schnauzer. Could the Canarys wind up like two snakes, coiled and hissing at each other? That's what we are hearing. Could the question become: Who will strike first? If it does, consider some of the dirt they probably have on each other:

* Leura probably knows about Bill's role in planning certain political prosecutions;

* Bill probably knows about Leura's role in executing certain political prosecutions;

* Leura probably knows about Bill's efforts, along with Rove and Donohue, to essentially buy state supreme courts in the Deep South;

* Bill probably knows about the massive GOP corruption to which Leura turned a blind eye;

* Leura probably knows how former BCA executive Ralph Stacy really died--and why.

If the Canarys go down the divorce path, our guess is that heavily monied interests will try to keep the dirt from slinging too far and too fast, making sure it stays out of the public domain.

But if that containment effort fails, and the Canary marriage continues to crumble, it could become a story of national significance.


Robby Scott Hill said...

This blog is very closely monitored by the powers that be. From Google search - "6 minutes ago.."

Max Shelby said...

"Could the Canarys wind up like two snakes, coiled and hissing at each other?"
Masterful use of verbiage LS. Let us hope the 'canaries' will sing loudly.
Could this be a remake of the "War of the Roses?"

choggs said...

odd timing or just pure coincidence.

jeffrey spruill said...

Bill Canary outlined a plan to prosecute Siegelman, with the apparent knowledge of Rove and the Bush White House.
They also would send out Erik Price's hit teams for government involvement deniability.

@Robby Scott Hill:This blog is very closely monitored by the powers that be. From Google search - "6 minutes ago.."


Redeye said...

@Robby Scott Hill~FISA, if you aren't doing anything wrong it shouldn't matter if the government is listening to your phone calls and monitoring your email etc. it's only the terrorist who have to worry. Remember?

Anonymous said...

Oh the secrets that will come out! I wonder if Freddie is worried - or if Billy even knows about Freddie?

Anonymous said...

fuck ass don't open your shit filled mouth before researching your fucking facts dick cheese.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon No. 2:

I detect some hostility. Is it directed toward me or toward Anon No. 1, who referenced "Freddy"?

Max Shelby said...

With the abrupt ouster of Bob Lowry from the Huntsville Times, which left a gaping hole in state investigative reporting, it's good to know that the other Bob, as in Bob Martin, is still on the job and bringing it.

He alerts us all to Leura's new job.

October 12th Wetumpka Herald:

"Bronner Pulls A Few Surprises From His Hat"

Then a Montgomery surprise

This week the political newsletter, Inside Alabama Politics, (IAP) reported that Leura Canary, the recently retired U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, will join Bronner’s RSA staff in January at a salary “in the $175,000 to $200,000 range.

Bronner told IAP he will hire Canary in January to “beef up” his legal department and because she will bring courtroom experience to his legal staff and replace the retiring Lindy Beale, who has handled legislative and legal matters, and Bill Kelly who will transfer from the legal office to handle another RSA Division.

Two capitol observers told me they believe Canary is being hired because of other reasons; one of them being that Bronner needs to improve RSA’s relations with the Republican-controlled legislature.

Anonymous said...

you clearly don't know how to use fucking facts. Name some sources, I guarantee my contrary evidence is more legitimate than anything you can pull out of your well laid ass.

legalschnauzer said...


If your evidence is so strong, please share it--along with your true identity.

Also, I would be glad to interview both Bill and Leura Canary on this and other matters. I assume you know them, so please feel free to relay this offer. Would be glad to interview you, too.

What do you say?

jeffrey spruill said...

your well laid ass.

Have Mercy!!!

Anon is without a doubt in dire need of Freudian analysis.

Mr. Schnauzer:

Think this person goes to bed at night thinking about this post-- just gritting their teeth?