Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Newspaper Industry Is Hemorrhaging

The outlook keeps getting bleaker for America's newspaper industry.

Now we have word that Detroit, one of the few cities that still has two newspapers, will see a major change in its market.

The Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News will slash home delivery to three days a week, printing small editions on other days and encouraging readers to get information online.

Since 2002, the Detroit papers have lost 19 and 22 percent of their print circulations, respectively.

Why is that? The reasons are varied and complicated.

But I suspect one reason is that the mainstream press, over the past 25 years or so, has been pelted with charges of "liberal bias" from right wingers. And editors have either begun to believe it--or they have been intimidated by it.

As a result, they have largely called off their reportorial dogs on Republican corruption that has infected our country for the past eight years--and beyond.

History will show that George W. Bush has presided over the most corrupt administration America has seen. But how many truly ground-breaking, enterprising stories have been written about Bush scoundrels?

Precious few.

Consider this: In the United States, at this very moment, we have at least three classic political prisoners--and I'm talking about in the Josef Stalin sense of that term.

Their names are Paul Minor, Wes Teel, and John Whitfield, three Mississippians who are spread out in federal prisons around the South. How many American mainstream newspapers have taken a serious, in-depth look at their plight, explaining to their readers the truth--that these innocent men were railroaded?

I can't think of a single newspaper. Certainly none in Mississippi has done it.

And don't forget: Don Siegelman is not out of the woods yet. He's out of prison for the moment, but a three-judge panel of appellate judges (all Republicans) could put him right back in the slammer.

What should be on the gravestone of American newspapers when the last one goes under?

"We were intimidated into extinction."


Anonymous said...

Another Republican screw up that is not being covered this CTRA midia (that is for Copver The Republicans' Ass) is that Riley's folks did not adequately research the law on pro ration before they wrote the Amendment 1 bail-out plan. They asked the citizens to vote on the plan to borrow from the trust fund but wrote the legislation in such a way that they can't borrow from it until the state's Medicaid program goes broke. You can bet that if any Democrat had done such a stupid thing it would be all over the front pages. You are right, newspapers are supposed to tell the public what is going on. They are not doing their job and they deserve to fold.

Anonymous said...

"... as our engineers and entrepreneurs take on jobs as Wal
Mart greeters, and our working class degenerate into soldiers and
prison inmates incarcerated for to make money growing and selling
addictive reality-numbing drugs in competition with the Money Power --
the lowest capital start-up business next to fingernail painting,
tatooing, massage and, of course, prostitution ...

From Dick Eastman

WHAT?! America's FOURTH ESTATE is degenerate????

Nah, more of the controlled demolition of free thought and this has been ongoing for so long now that we've lost track of the time for our brains to have slogged into the ether of zionist controlled thinking.

Karl Rove knows, he and his IT man who was a CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALIST in the rank and file of soldiers for the one world government cause.

But he's dead, the man who thought that setting up the shadow government for the Christian leader was an order from God on high.

There is GOD and there appears to be other so-called gods: Rove thought he was in this league of evil gentlemen alright and to-date, he is the outcome we do not want to have as our future dictate.

Scary word: Zionism.

Best study every LEADER who has ascribed to this particular belief system since ROVE is the litmus test of what it is.