Sunday, December 7, 2008

Meanwhile, in Birmingham, Alice Martin Receives Praise

Is Alabama a "Through the Looking Glass" kind of place or what?

How else can you explain the fact that while Alice Martin is being named one of the "10 Worst Prosecutors In the Country," she is receiving praise here in Birmingham.

You heard that right. Robin DeMonia, a columnist for The Birmingham News, lauds Martin's efforts at "Battling Corruption in Birmingham."

Never mind that loads of evidence indicate Martin is far more corrupt than anyone she has prosecuted.

Martin is being investigated by multiple government organizations for possible ethical violations. The Journal of the American Bar Association reported that, during the investigation of Huntsville businessman Alex Latifi, one of Martin's lieutenants said prosecutors wanted to run Latifi out of business whether he was guilty of crimes or not.

But Robin DeMonia and her cronies at The Birmingham News clearly are not interested in scrutinizing Queen Alice. They are too busy heaping praise upon her.

DeMonia recites a list of Martin's targets for public corruption. But she doesn't note that almost all of them are Democrats.

Among the few Republicans, was former County Commissioner Gary White. And his wife testified under oath that her husband was targeted when he refused to provide damaging information about former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman.

The other prominent Republican is former County Commissioner Mary Buckelew. And Martin's own public statements indicate Buckelew was targeted only in an effort to go after a "bigger target," which apparently was Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford, a black Democrat.

Our local fishwrapper wants you to believe that Alice Martin practices her prosecutorial craft with the utmost of objectivity. But I know otherwise--and that's probably why I no longer have a job at UAB.

In numerous posts here at Legal Schnauzer, I've chronicled my own experiences with Martin, which clearly show how she practices political prosecution. I've shown that Martin took evidence of wrongdoing by Alabama Republicans and intentionally sent it to the wrong investigative agency.

In fact, I have more evidence coming up about steps Alice Martin took to sweep my allegations under the rug. And she did it because the charges involved folks with ties to her GOP buddy, Governor Bob Riley.

Did Martin's actions rise to the level of obstruction of justice? That's a question we will be examining in detail.

Now that a new administration will be in place come January, we are going to make sure federal authorities are plugged in to our firsthand encounter with Alice Martin.

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