Sunday, December 7, 2008

An "Honor" for Alice Martin--And a Mention for The Schnauzer

Two Alabama representatives are on this year's list of the "Top 10 Worst Prosecutors," as awarded by the Bennett Law Firm of Houston, Texas.

Alice Martin, of the Northern District in Birmingham, and Leura Canary, of the Middle District in Montgomery, are front and center.

I'm not sure two individuals ever have more richly deserved such an "honor."

You can check out the complete list of bad prosecutors, along with their "Certificates of Underachievement."

The entry on Alice Martin notes her wretched prosecutorial efforts against former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman and Huntsville businessman Alex Latifi.

And the entry even makes an apparent reference to Legal Schnauzer. "Unfortunately, it has not been easy to criticize Martin for her antics," the report states, "considering she brings charges upon those who do criticize her, most notably an individual employed at the University of Alabama."

Hey, I guess that's me. Actually, Martin didn't bring charges against me--yet. But substantial evidence suggests she played a role in costing me my job.

Either way, I'm proud to be in good company on Alice's hit list.

I'm even more proud that the report goes on to state that Martin is "being investigated by several Government organizations on many levels." That's something you won't read in The Birmingham News.

The report also states that had a straight-shooting attorney general been in place during Martin's reign, she probably would have "been disbarred and perhaps punished severely a very long time ago.

"Maybe this will change with a change of administration."

I like the way these folks at the Bennett Law Firm think. Bully for them-- and may 2009 be a most unpleasant year for Alice Martin, Leura Canary, and their brethren in the "Alabama mafia."

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