Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Time for Democrats to Parrrrrty!

We've been dealing with some fairly heavy subjects lately, so we could use a good belly laugh. A conservative friend from Mississippi provided one the other day.

(Did you expect us to have a liberal friend in Mississippi? Actually, I do have a couple of liberal friends from Mississippi, but they are in federal prison right now. That's what happens to liberals in Mississippi.)

Anyway, our friend sent this animation that apparently is making its way around the Web. I think she meant it as a negative commentary on the folks in the cartoon. But I thought it was both positive--and hysterical.

In fact, Mrs. Schnauzer and I almost wet ourselves when we saw it.

All of the characters are a scream, but I particularly love Joe Biden doing the boogie or the shimmy or the funky chicken or whatever you call that in the backseat. That's how I felt on election night. Except Biden has more rhythm than I do--it would be hard to find a human being who doesn't have more rhythm than I do.

Michelle Obama has that cool, funky, urban-chick thing going on. Hillary Clinton looks more real than the real Hillary Clinton; we didn't know she could appear to be having that much fun. And Obama is not paying a lick of attention to the road, which places him in company with about 85 percent of modern drivers. Who says he's not a mainstream guy?

Would love to know who did this, and how they made it work.

It's possible this already has gone "viral" on the Web. It would be unusual for me to be on the leading edge of something. Either way, hope you enjoy.


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Anonymous said...

hey LS, i was born in mississippi, yes indeed and this is why i call myself 'biloxi' ... AND the best part is i was born during a hurricane. real story. i'm a liberal, i guess, but i'm also a conservative. it's about balance when one is riding the memory of a hurricane all one's life, after mother drove over 700 miles and was 9 months, pregnant - to birth me there.

so you can say you have a liberal friend from mississippi -- who, since living all over the planet earth, considers self to also be a conservationist of the universe.

conservative on one end of the scale and liberal on the other.

balance is the key. don't put too much HOPE in "democrat," etc., and "obama," et al.