Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bob Riley Takes Hypocrisy to New Levels

Alabama Governor Bob Riley two days ago announced a state hiring freeze and a 10-percent cut in the state budget.

So what did Riley do on the very same day?

He hired one of his cronies to an $80,000-a-year job.

We're not making this up, folks. We know about it thanks to some top-notch reporting by Sebastian Kitchen, of the Montgomery Advertiser. Maybe there is hope for Alabama journalism yet.

Kitchen reports that Riley hired Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh to work for State Finance Director Jim Main.

A Riley staff member said the process for hiring Cavanaugh started three or four weeks ago. But Kitchen reports that Riley told Associated Press as early as November 6 that budget problems likely would result in a hiring freeze.

Cavanaugh, who is in her third stint with Riley, apparently needed a job because she lost to Democrat Lucy Baxley for a seat on the Public Service Commission in the November election.

If Don Siegelman were governor and pulled a stunt like this, can you imagine the sniffing that would ensue from Eddie Curran of the Mobile Press-Register?

I wonder if Fast Eddie will be on top of this Riley story? Probably not. Guess he's got that Siegelman book to crank out.


Anonymous said...

she was hired a couple of weeks ago, she didn't start until December 15th. many throughout the state are in the same position. but conspiracy theorists will enjoy running with the misinformation.

Anonymous said...

The official word is: "...the process to hire Cavanaugh started three or four weeks ago." However the paper work was not signed until Monday. I will bet that there were other hires that were in process but the hiring freeze kept them from actually getting the job because the paper work was not done. For the political crony it is a different game.
Jim Gundlach

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jim - it is always good to get the facts before you "bet." Otherwise, you will lose more than you will win most likely. In this case, you would lose your money. All in the pipeline prior to the freeze were given jobs. And Jim, your close ties to the extreme conspiracy theory wing of the democratic party is noted, therefore your comments should be framed accordingly.