Friday, July 18, 2008

Siegelman Says McCain Should Call Out Rove

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman today called on Republican presidential nominee John McCain to call for former White House strategist to testify before Congress.

Sam Stein, of Huffington Post, reports on Siegelman's comments at Netroots Nation in Austin, Texas.

"Sen. McCain should distance himself from Karl Rove," said Siegelman. "And I think it is important and a smart political move [for him] to call on Rove to go and obey the law and to show up before the Judiciary Committee, to put his hand on the Bible, and to try to tell the truth - or at least plead the fifth."

Siegelman, whose controversial trial for corruption contained many Rove fingerprints, would not go so far as to claim that by employing Rove as a consultant, McCain was sullying his own good-government credentials. "That's a question that is left to the people and the electorate and they will have an opportunity to express themselves in November," he said.

Siegelman didn't just direct his comments toward McCain:

"I would like to see Senator Obama speak out on this issue and call on Congress to hold Rove in contempt because no man is above the law," he said. "And I think its set a terrible example going forward if we do not hold Rove accountable."

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Anonymous said...

McCain is already using Rove as an adviser. At one of McCain's campaign meetings he was using some maps that had Rove's company logo on them. McCain will never disavow Rove. In fact, if we could look at the 75,000 documents McCain had locked up after his so called investigation, Rove would probably be locked up.
jim gundlach