Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Peter B. Collins interview

I just discovered that my interview yesterday with Peter B. Collins is now available on the Web.

Peter's show is based at KKGN, Green 960 in San Francisco, and you can find his podcasts on the station's Web site. Scroll down to the third segment for Tuesday (7/15), which is Hour 1. Click on "listen," and my segment begins about halfway through that podcast.

I get the impression that Peter B. does not yet have the audience of some other progressive radio hosts. But I was very impressed with him. He's an excellent interviewer, and his show has a nice mix of the serious and the funny.

Really enjoyed my time with him, and I hope my little segment will help spread the word about his program.

And for those of us in Alabama, what can we do to get Peter B. on the actual radio here, with sponsors and the whole works?

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Unknown said...

Just listened to the Peter B interview. Very nice. The army of people watching your back is growing by the minute. You are clearly a good man. Too good of a man to be intimidated into backing down when you see someone has been wronged. See, usually if someone sees they will have to pay a personal price for standing up when another is wronged they back down. You are a true American hero. We will soon see if UAB has anyone else brave enough to risk their job in the name of standing up for justice and decency.