Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can Anything Kill This Radio Star?

Mrs. Schnauzer isn't sure she likes being married to a radio star.

Thanks to the power of Raw Story's article about my termination at UAB, I appeared on both the Thom Hartmann and Peter B. Collins shows yesterday. It's possible this "radio star" gig is going to my head.

"Don't you think you need to take out the trash?" Mrs. Schnauzer said, after I had hung up last evening with my new friend Peter B.

"Can't, babe," I said. "Got to check my bookings for tomorrow."

I think my wife's eyes are still rolling.

I probably used up more than my allotted 15 minutes of fame--all in one day!--so I'm due to head back to earth pretty soon.

But I must admit that I'm enjoying my time on the progressive radio circuit. For you guys out there, I'm learning one of the benefits of being a liberal/progressive: The radio shows tend to have female producers who sound great, seem smart, and I'm guessing they look pretty nice, too.
In fact, I regaled Mrs. Schnauzer last night with tales about my new best friends, Shawn Taylor (producer for Thom Hartmann) and Katrina Rill (producer for Peter B. Collins).

"I'm getting a little tired of hearing about what babes Shawn and Katrina are," Mrs. Schnauzer said.

"But if a woman is named Shawn or Katrina, and she lives on the West Coast, and works in progressive radio, don't you think she has to be a babe?" I said. "Isn't there a federal law about that?"

"Maybe I need to figure out a way to turn you into a conservative. Ann Coulter looks like a skeleton with a blonde wig. And Laura Ingraham always looks like she's got a bad case of indigestion. You wouldn't be calling them babes."

"You've got that right. Hey, maybe this is what Democrats need to do to appeal to all those middle-class white guys who automatically vote Republican. Come up with a slogan like 'Become a Progressive: That's where all the smart, hot babes are.' You know, something that appeals to a guy's core instincts."

"There's only one problem with your plan," my wife said. "Too many of these 'conservative' guys have core instincts that appeal to Troy King."


Anonymous said...

You're also becoming a pretty big star on Check it out.

TimeHit said...

Re Troy King and the Al AG's office: One of the last things Jeff Sessions did before he left the AG's office (Nov '97) was to issue an Opinion through Solomon, the head of the Opinion's Div. This Opinion says that the AG's office has the right to control all Alabama institutions which includes all Universities and 2 yr colleges. It cites insurance case(s). At the time all Univ and 2 yr colleges were in a massive employment (Title 7 & 9) discrimination suit(s). The AG's office took them over. The Univ and 2 yr colleges formed PAC's to fight the assertion that the AG's office can control all state institutions. Auburn and AL had more money to fight it than the 2 yr colleges.

I wonder if what is going on w/ Troy King is a reflection of something having to do with this.

Perhaps your employment problem w/ UAB might have this AG's Opinion as one of many factors.

legalschnauzer said...

That is a very interesting thought. I've given a lot of thought to what happened in my situation, but the AG's office had not entered my mind.

Thanks for this insight. Perhaps other readers will be familiar with this.