Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Has Karl Rove Sabotaged State Employees in Alabama?

As someone who was mysteriously fired from his job at an Alabama university a little more than two months ago, I was intrigued by a post today from Robby Scott Hill at Revolution Magazine.

Hill used to work at the State Lands Division, and confidential sources tell him that Rove was aware both of Hill's status as a state employee and as an applicant to the Alabama State Bar. It appears that once Rove's intelligence network sprung into action, Hill did not have a very bright future as either a state employee or an Alabama lawyer.

Hill says that former Governor Don Siegelman is far from alone in being targeted by Karl Rove:

Rove used his intelligence network to sabotage not only Siegelman, but any State Employee or politician whom he saw as adverse to the Bush Administration. Confidential sources tell me that Rove was aware of my employment at the State Lands Division and my status as a Bar Applicant. Was I seen as a barrier to Jack Abramoff’s casino gambling plans or possibly adverse to Interior Secretary Gale Norton’s offshore drilling plans complete with kickbacks to Colorado lawyers with ties to Rove? Or did a certain State Official simply have it in for me and call on Rove’s team to make life hard on me?

Hill does have some encouraging news:

My sources also tell me that Rove is about to be thrown under the bus by more than one of his assets.

What does this say about my employment situation at UAB? Well, I think it's safe to say that Dax Swatek, who used to work for Rove crony Bill Canary, is a card-carrying member of any Rove intelligence network. And I think it's safe to say that Alice Martin owes her plum spot as a U.S. attorney to Rove and his like-minded lieutenants.

Given that I have reported reams of posts about unlawful actions by William E. Swatek (Dax's pappy) and Alice Martin, that probably puts me right up there with Hill in the target category.

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