Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Grievance Project: The Power of Shame

I've been intrigued for some time by a blog called Grievance Project.

It is written by a lawyer who goes by the initials "E.M." (Ethics Matter?), and you can learn more about the author here.

The main idea behind Grievance Project seems to be this: Bar associations and judicial oversight groups don't seem to be up to the task of policing their own, so someone needs to step in and help shame wayward lawyers and judges back onto the right track.

Not sure I'm stating E.M's goals accurately here. But if that is the general idea, I'm all for it. And it's refreshing to see an attorney acknowledge that the self-regulating profession of law does not do a very good job of policing itself.

Grievance Project has a particularly interesting post today about Kyle Sampson, who was at the heart of unlawful hiring practices in the Bush Justice Department.

E.M.'s efforts hit close to home for us here at Legal Schnauzer. As someone who has been repeatedly cheated by multiple attorneys--both my own and the dirtbag on the other side--and seen unlawful rulings issued by some 20 judges, I have enough material to keep Grievance Project going for months.

It would be nice to see other lawyers join E.M. in an effort to shine light on a profession that badly needs to be sanitized.

Unfortunately, most lawyers I'm aware of are making a pretty good living with the system the way it is. They don't want to upset an ugly applecart that is compensating them far better than some other profession (journalism?) would.

I don' t look for a rush of lawyers to join Grievance Project. But it would be nice for the public to help E.M. along in what seems to be a noble effort.

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Anonymous said...

Confused asks, can we file a grievance about the lawyers you mention only, or are you encouraging us to file against any and all of the lying bastards (lawyers) who ripped us off?