Sunday, September 23, 2007

Teflon Bob Feels the Heat

Alabama Governor Bob Riley evidently is feeling some heat from a lawsuit filed by Alabama insurance executive John W. Goff.

Scott Horton, of Harper's, reports on the lawsuit and says some tough questions in Goff's interrogatories could lead to answers about Riley's ties to disgraced GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Goff alleges that Riley, former Lt. Gov. Steve Windom, and others conspired to destroy his workman's compensation insurance business.

Will Goff's lawsuit finally cause something to stick to Teflon Bob? Stay tuned. Horton reports that the governor is highly agitated about the case and is asking for help in making it "go away".

In another post, Horton comments on the machinations of Alabama's major news outlets and their intriguing effort to heap slime on Democrats and ignore Republican sleaze. To the Legal Schnauzer's great delight, Horton calls out Victor Hanson of The Birmingham News and hints that Hanson is behind efforts to cover up GOP wrongdoing.

Not sure if Horton is referring to Victor Hanson III, the current publisher of the News, or his father, Victor Hanson II, who is retired but probably remains a major voice in the paper's coverage. My guess is he's talking about Victor II rather than "three Is" (as News staffers call him).

I don't know much about Victor III, but my guess is that Victor II is the guy pulling the ideological strings at the paper. And Victor II is a member of Briarwood Presbyterian Church, a large, wealthy and extremely conservative congregation in Birmingham's suburbs.

As I've noted several times, I strongly suspect that Briarwood Presbyterian Church, and its private Christian school, are involved in the legal problem that has caused me so much grief. And I suspect that's why the News has gone out of its way to make sure nothing about my case reaches print.

But who needs their print? You can read all about it here at Legal Schnauzer. And speaking of Briarwood, let's examine the church's footprint on my legal woes.

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