Monday, September 10, 2007

GOP Sexcapades Continue

You don't often think of Republicans as a sexy bunch. But when the good ole boys of the Grand Old Party get behind closed doors (or bathroom stalls), they evidently can really let their hair down.

With the case of Larry "Wide Stance" Craig still in the air, let's take this opportunity to get right down in the gutter with the "family values" crowd.

First, we have a report that four GOP congressmen are on the verge of being outed. The Fabulous Four are Senators Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) and Representatives Patrick McHenry (North Carolina) and David Dreier (California). Hmmm, looks like three of the four are from red states in the South.

McHenry brings us to the gay-tinged double murder-suicide in Florida (the South again) that claimed the lives of Republican consultants Ralph Gonzalez and David Abrami. Police evidently have established that Jason Robert Drake shot Gonzalez and Abrami and then turned the gun on himself. A Web site called North Carolina Conservative reports that Drake had ties to the murder of a Pennsylvania entrepreneur who dealt in gay porn. The businessman evidently was killed at the behest of a Virginia-based rival in the gay porn industry.

Another Web site says Drake had ties to McHenry, the North Carolina conservative congressman.

It's hard to keep track of these players without a scorecard. But one can only wonder if, and how, the mainstream press will deal with this story.

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