Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Smackdown for Siegelman Judge

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller of Montgomery to promptly rule on former Governor Don Siegelman's request that he be released from prison while he appeals convictions on corruption charges.

The circuit court said Fuller should consider and rule on Siegelman's request in an "expeditious" manner and that Fuller's order "should explain the reasons" for whatever he decides.

The circuit court seems to be saying this to Fuller: "Do your damn job or we'll do it for you, pronto."

Siegelman attorney David McDonald seems to interpret the order the same way. "It's great news for Governor Siegelman because what it means is , we actually have to have a consideration on the actual merits of the bond pending appeal," McDonald said.

Glynn Wilson of Locust Fork World News and Journal has an interesting take on the Siegelman decision, plus a copy of the court document.

The 11th Circuit ruling is one small step in unmasking Fuller for what he is--a biased, lazy Republican appointee who never should have been in charge of the Siegelman/Richard Scrushy case. And Fuller is hardly the only GOP slimeball in positions of authority in Alabama. Our state courts are infested with them, like roaches, and Legal Schnauzer will be unmasking them in the weeks and months ahead.

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finally something good is happening.