Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Briarwood Christian Connection

We will go into considerable detail later about the role Briarwood Presbyterian Church apparently played in my legal travails. For now let's chew on a few possibilities related to Briarwood.

I suspect my unruly neighbor, a guy named Mike McGarity, might have had grounds for a legitimate lawsuit against Briarwood. Why do I think this? The previous owner of the house next door to me was Fred Yancey, the highly successful football coach at Briarwood Christian School, a ministry of Briarwood Church. Yancey's former players include Simeon and Tim Castille and Charles Hoke at Alabama, Andrew McCain at Auburn, and Joe Craddock at Middle Tennessee State. Briarwood used to be terrible in football. But when Yancey came on board, some serious talent started showing up.

The Lions started winning state championships, and I have a feeling the Christians enjoyed that. I think they were seriously determined to see to it that Yancey and his talented players stuck around.

In December 1998, Yancey moved under mysterious circumstances (no for-sale sign in the yard, no ad in the paper, apparently no MLS listing) and wound up living at a house on the Briarwood campus, evidently free of charge. Sweet deal for Fred Yancey; not such a sweet deal for me, his former neighbor.

The buyer of Yancey's house, and my new next-door neighbor, was Mike McGarity.

Evidence suggests that Briarwood played a major role in the sale and purchase of Yancey's house, the transaction that caused me to wind up with Mike McGarity (and his substantial criminal record) as my next-door neighbor. Evidence also suggests that the transaction was not handled properly, allowing McGarity to build a fence on my yard, essentially stealing 300-400 square feet of my property. And finally, evidence suggests that Mike McGarity bought a house with some possible structural problems. I know for a fact that the house has had problems with water coming in the basement.

Much more on Briarwood coming down the road. But these are some issues to chew on.


Anonymous said...

Well, anyone who was only 99% sure that this guy is a nut, now knows for certain. Man, you are seriously messed up.

Anonymous said...

Curious...what are the next steps for the Schnauzer in his case? Is your case still active or on appeal? I suppose what I am asking is - what are you doing next to fix your situation?

Anonymous said...

I actually am a student at Briarwood Christian High School and I find this very interesting. Any student at Briarwood can tell you that football is far superior to academics in Fred Yancey's mind. It's just ridiculous how much emphasis is placed on football at Briarwood. It's messed up. I am interested in hearing more on Briarwood. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am a student at Briarwood Christian High School and I find this very interesting. Any student at Briarwood can tell you that ever since Fred Yancey has come to Briarwood, there has been way too much emphasis placed on Briarwood football and not enough on the actual academics. I look forward to reading more about your dealings with Briarwood. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

i am a student as well and i dont find it the least bit supriseing that they would do this its just like a christain republic dumnass. if u ask me christains are the worst i hope the rapture comes and takes them all away cause then it would be like heaven