Tuesday, September 4, 2007

GOP Sleaze: A Dishonor Roll

Our discussion of Republican sleaze, prompted by Senator Larry Craig's escapades in a Minnesota restroom, would not be complete without giving some idea of just how many GOPers have been naughty boys in recent years.

Several compilations of Republican misdeeds exist on the Web, but perhaps none is as complete as this one. You've got to love the inclusion of serial killer Ted Bundy. What, no Jeffrey Dahmer? With his taste for red meat, he had to be a Republican.

If you look under the "Bs," you will notice one George W. Bush. Wonder how many God-fearing Americans who have voted multiple times for Dubya know that he was accused in a criminal complaint and a lawsuit of raping Margie Schoedinger? Wonder how many folks with a "W" on their SUV know that former stripper Tammy Phillips claims she had a lengthy affair with Bush that ended in 1999.

I keep up with the news pretty closely, and I had never heard of either of these cases. You would think the liberal media would have played these up.

You can read more about the case of Margie Schoedinger here. Her case is particularly troubling because she died of an apparent suicide in 2003. Mode of suicide? Gunshot wound to the head. That is a form of suicide overwhelmingly practiced by males.

Here is a story about the Tammy Phillips story. This sounds similar to the Gennifer Flowers story, which dogged the Bill Clinton campaign. Why did the Tammy Phillips' story have no legs, and whatever became of this woman? Did she, too, meet an untimely end?

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