Friday, September 7, 2007

Jill Simpson Goes to Washington

Glynn Wilson, of Locust Fork World News, reports that Alabama lawyer Dana Jill Simpson will be interviewed by staff members of the House Judiciary Committee next Friday in Washington.

Simpson, a Republican, signed an affidavit in May stating that the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman (a Democrat) was politically motivated and driven partly by former White House strategist Karl Rove.

Meanwhile, Scott Horton at Harper's reports that the Georgia Thompson case in Wisconsin joins the Siegelman case at the heart of the Congressional investigation into selective prosecution by the Bush Justice Department. The Wisconsin case involves a U.S. attorney named Steven Biskupic, who has a record of bringing dubious cases that appear to have been pushed by Rove. The cases tended to target Democrats and minority groups in inner-city areas.

That's a topic we will be covering here at Legal Schnauzer. The Bush DOJ has shown no interest in pursuing clear criminal actions by Republican judges in Alabama. But we will show that the Bushies have no problem going after corrupt judges in the South when the judges appear to be Democrats and/or inner-city minorities.

In fact, sentencing is going on now in a Mississippi case involving attorney Paul Minor and former judges Wes Teel and John Whitfield. (Mississippi has nonpartisan judicial races, but it is understood that the three defendants are Democrats.) We will keep you posted on that case--and others.


Nancy Swan said...

Anyone with any real knowledge of the facts of the Paul Minor case would know that the guilty verdict was decided by a jury of their peers, not the republican party and not the U S Attorney's office. I was there from the beginning and sat through both trials.

The Democrats were in power when the facts of this crime were first brought to the US Attorney's office. The Democrats did nothing to stop the bribery or curb Minor. They shielded and protected Minor from prosecution. Perhaps it is the Democratic party that should have been held guilty as well.

Bush's pardon of Libby was brought up by Minor's attorney Abbe Lowell during the final phase of the sentencing hearing. I am sure Minor is looking for a presidential pardon as well.

markg8 said...

LS maybe you should look at the US attorney in northern NJ too. This clown announced an investigation against Menendez in Sept 2006 two months before the election that amounted to nothing. That got him off the firing list. You'd think being a Bush pioneer would have protected him
but you have to perform in the Bush DOJ.