Monday, September 14, 2020

With a titanium rod in his leg, "Iron Man" Burt Newsome vows from his hospital bed to hold Drummond, Balch, and Alabama Power accountable


Birmingham attorney Burt Newsome appears to have come through emergency surgery well and is on a challenging road to recovery after being the victim of a head-on vehicle crash that shows signs of being deliberately set up, according to a report at Publisher K.B. Forbes, writing under the headline "From Hospital Bed, Iron Man Newsome Vows “Pursuit of Justice,” reports:

Eight years ago, Burt Newsome, an innocent lawyer minding his own business who had no issues with Balch Bingham was allegedly targeted, falsely arrested and defamed by the once-prestigious, silk-stocking law firm in an alleged attempt to steal his business servicing banks.

His unwavering tenacity to pursue justice against the odds, against the bullies at Balch has made him a hero in the legal community who have had enough of the consistent abuse of the judicial and political system by Balch stooges.

On Sunday, from his hospital bed recovering from reconstructive surgery of his shattered leg and other serious injuries, Newsome vowed the pursuit of justice not only for himself and his family, but for his client, ex-Drummond executive David Roberson.

If anyone, senior partners at Balch should be to blame for this eight-year odyssey that has crippled the firm.

Alan Rogers (pictured above, left), the former Managing Partner at Balch, allegedly scoffed at settling the Newsome Conspiracy Case for $150,000 back in 2015.

Stan Blanton (pictured above, center), current Managing Partner at Balch, appears to have intentionally ignored our phone calls and emails, even after Balch’s sister-wife Southern Company requested that we, the CDLU, reach out to him. Blanton has yet to apologize to the North Birmingham African-American community about convicted felon and ex-Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert’s criminal conduct.

Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr. (pictured above, right), General Counsel at Balch and son of staunch segregationist and former Balch partner, appears to have let his ego and rage drive an illogical path of sheer stupidity that has cost the firm millions.

Culminating in a horrific head-on collision that nearly killed him, Newsome underwent reconstructive surgery Friday morning that put a titanium rod in his leg.

Ironically, hours later in Lee County, Alabama, former Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard reported to jail for his prison term.

Once the most powerful and feared politician in the state, Hubbard used every legal trick in an attempt to circumvent his conviction. His efforts failed.

Even Hubbard’s friends and political allies on the Alabama Supreme Court had enough and affirmed the rule of law and justice.

 Was the vehicle crash driven by Newsome's court skirmishes with corporate titans Drummond Company, Alabama Power, and Balch Bingham? That is one of many questions swirling around the crash. A police report on the incident is expected to be released by the Shelby County Sheriff's Office in a few days, and that should answer some questions, which include:

*  Who was the driver of the SUV that hit Newsome?

* if the SUV hit Newsome intentionally, who put the driver up to it?

* Was this attempted murder?

* If so, what kind of penalties -- both civil and criminal -- could face those who are found to be responsible?

Here is more from K.B. Forbes:

Now with a titanium leg, “Iron Man” Newsome will continue his fight, with heightened security and safety protection, to hold Balch, Alabama Power, and Drummond Company accountable.

Physicians are amazed and impressed with Newsome’s progress and recovery.

Newsome is driven; even after walking near the Valley of Death, he will not be silenced or intimidated.

Rogers, Blanton, and Baker underestimated Newsome, and even their closest allies look like they are questioning Balch’s foolishness.

Now investigators will look deep into the car wreck that almost claimed Newsome’s life.

In the meantime, Iron Man will enjoy time with his four beautiful children and wife, while returning to work more determined than ever.

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