Friday, September 11, 2020

B'ham lawyer Burt Newsome --in court battles with Drummond, Balch, and Alabama Power -- is injured in vehicle crash that appeared to be intentionally set up

Burt Newsome

Birmingham attorney Burt Newsome, who is in court skirmishes with several of Alabama's corporate and legal titans -- Drummond Company, Alabama Power, Balch and Bingham -- is scheduled for emergency surgery today after being hit in a vehicle crash that, sources say, appeared to be intentionally caused.

Newsome was driving yesterday afternoon in "The Narrows" area of old U.S. 280 in Shelby County when he attempted to turn left on a green light. A large SUV from the other direction came straight toward  Newsome's Volkswagen Jetta, causing him to swerve in an effort to avoid contact. The other driver was able to maneuver the SUV into a position where he could hit Newsome head on.

Was this an attempted murder? It's too early to provide a definitive answer, but law enforcement is investigating, and Newsome reportedly is calling for an independent investigation of Drummond, Alabama Power, and Balch.

From a report on the crash at, under the headline "Breaking News: Newsome Gravely Injured; FBI Probe Demanded":

Burt Newsome, one of the leading banking lawyers in Alabama who has successfully challenged and humiliated Balch Bingham after he allegedly was targeted, falsely arrested, and defamed by a conspiracy allegedly spearheaded by a Balch partner, was gravely injured in a mysterious auto accident Thursday afternoon.

The incident comes hours after Legal Schnauzer published an article linking Balch to a Wallace-era highway scandal that involved the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Robert Shelton.

The late Schuyler A. Baker, Sr. was at one time a top attorney at Balch Bingham, and also a staunch segregationist who was part of racist Governor George Wallace’s inner circle. He was mentioned in The New York Times article about the highway scandal.

His son, Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr., is currently General Counsel at Balch and has been at the firm since 1974. Schuyler, Jr. vowed to fight Burt Newsome and the Newsome Conspiracy Case to the death.

The mysterious and near-death accident comes exactly two weeks after a hearing on ex-Drummond Executive David Roberson’s $75-million lawsuit against Drummond Company and Balch  Bingham. Newsome is representing Roberson.

According to sources, Newsome spent six hours with leading trauma physicians after sustaining numerous and severe injuries; and he will undergo extensive surgery early Friday morning.


Newsome's legal battles started when Balch officials allegedly framed him for a crime and distributed his mugshot to various clients in an effort to steal his lucrative bank-servicing practice. Newsome represents former Drummond executive Dave Roberson in a $75-million lawsuit related to the North Birmingham Superfund bribery scandal, in which two Balch partners were indicted.

The vehicle crash comes near the end of a week in which and Legal Schnauzer have reported on Balch's connections to the George Wallace administration, segregation, and a Wallace-era highway-funds scandal that reportedly involved Robert Shelton, imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

It also comes after a recent hearing in the Roberson lawsuit, which did not appear to go well for the defendants, sources say.      

Ban Balch publisher K.B. Forbes asks the pivotal question: Was the vehicle crash intentional?

We remind our readers that Newsome’s family was threatened with a “permanent vacation” when a package with luggage and clothing was sent to them in 2018 following the targeted break-in of his wife’s car. Newsome is the father of four children.

The accident also comes just two months after Balch Bingham buffoons attempted to smear us, the CDLU, and Newsome.

The orchestrated efforts by Balch defenders, including hiring a “burn down Hoover” rabble-rouser who was later arrested by three different law enforcement agencies, has completely and utterly backfired.

An email was dispatched late Thursday night to the FBI asking for a probe of the accident, Balch Bingham, their sister-wife Alabama Power, and Drummond Company to see if they were involved in any of the events targeting Newsome, his family, and his life.

We pray for the Newsome Family during this difficult time.

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